Out of bounds: Adventurous art at [Re] HAPPENING 2014-attachment0

Out of bounds: Adventurou­s art at [Re] HAPPENING 2014

The event, now in its fifth year, will take place Saturday, April 5, at Lake Eden, Black Mountain College’s former home. The [Re] HAPPENING, a collaboration between Black Mountain College +Arts Center and The Media Arts Project, “reimagines Black Mountain College’s tradition of Saturday night parties and performances, and pays homage to the innovative artists of the legendary Black Mountain College,”

Smart Bets: The April Fool Show

This month would have marked the 60th birthday of the late (and much missed) local sculptor and painter Vadim Bora. The artist, originally from the Caucasus Mountains in Russia, came to the U.S. in 1993. At his downtown Asheville gallery, he “mounted an annual or sometimes biannual April Fool exhibition — celebrating a sharp wit, […]

The cast of Don Giovanni rehearses for Asheville Lyric Opera’s 15th anniversary production. Photo by Jonathan Ross

Seduction at the opera

When David Malis was invited to direct Asheville Lyric Opera’s season opener and 15th anniversary production, Don Giovanni, he was determined to accept. So determined, in fact, that he made arrangements to take leave from the University of Arkansas — where he is a voice professor and director of opera— and promptly headed east The […]

Smart Bets: Reagan Boggs

On Reagan Boggs’ new album, Quicksand, the country singer-songwriter examines “those mired living a routine existence, only to wake up one day wondering whatever happened to their dreams.” It’s a road she has walked herself, having left the music business behind in 2009 to care for her newborn son. “You kind of go through a […]

CLASSIC WITH A TWIST: Silversmith Ali Reznikoff wears a pair of her handmade earrings at her work bench. Photo by Dave Gilbert

Fresh, local metalwork

Tailgate market season is back, and while many Ashevilleans are eager to fill their baskets with local, fresh kale and baguettes, other shoppers have their eyes on a different prize: fine jewelry. Starting on Saturday, April 5, tailgate markets will begin to crop up at 17 area locations. One local artist, Alexandria (Ali) Reznikoff, is […]

Smart Bets: Majo John Madden and Tracey Schmidt

Though the styles of poets Tracey Schmidt and Majo John Madden are quite different — hers “beautiful, lyrical and haunting” and his “raw, sprawling and often very funny” — the local wordsmiths have much in common. Both poets are very personal, psychological and accessible in their approach, and both claim to write “poetry for people […]

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Smart Bets: Kishi Bashi

Composer/violinist/dream-pop artist K Ishibashi (known, on stage, as Kishi Bashi) is not only talented but stylish. In case his artful haircuts, pastel bow ties and elegant recent sets at The Orange Peel and Bele Chere aren't evidence enough, Ishibashi released new song "Philosophize In It! Chemicalize With It!" through Esquire.com. The track, from his forthcoming […]

Long-term memory: DJ Ra Mak (far left, with Philo, Doug Dew, Diggypop Malone and Rose Royce Rique) bought his first record in 1983 and DJ’ed his first show in ’96. He’s watched the local hip-hop scene evolve for nearly 20 years. Photo by James Mayfield


“When I put together a show, I think of it like a meal,” says Joseph Lepanto of Avlpromo. “You want to have a little bit of everything: a main course and sides that go really well with it.” In the past year, Lepanto (also known as Diggypop Malone, or simply Diggy) has organized roughly 30 […]

Boys & girls clubs: Local sketch comedy troupes performing at Carolina Sketchfest include all-male group Feral Chihuahuas and all-female group LYLAS. Offstage members from the two teams have worked together on LaZoom and on video projects, and there’s even one intertroupe romance. Photos courtesy of the artists

Funny business

It’s no secret that the Internet has changed the way we consume entertainment. And sketch comedy, with its compact, easily digestible format, is tailor-made for sharing on social media. Get on Facebook, and there’s a three-minute clip from Portlandia. Log on to Twitter, and someone’s passing around a Key & Peele skit. In a way, […]

"MLK Day Parade #8,” by Ralph Burns. Selenium Toned FB Gelatin Silver Print Images courtesy of Blue Spiral 1

State of the Arts

Narration, a new group show on view at Blue Spiral 1, opens with a portrait of beauty marred by death and consequence. In “Or Some of Those That Fly So High (Little Sparrow),” a 45-by-50-inch countryside rendering by Julyan Davis, a woman in a navy dress stands in front of a rusted red barn. She’s either […]

Smart Bets: LEO: The Anti-Gravity Show

LEO: The Anti-Gravity Show is "an eye-teasing, grin-inducing, deeply impressive work of sustained absurdist magic," says Time Out New York. In a playful, one-man performance, the acrobatic Leo lives at a 90-degree angle to the rest of the world. “With fluid, real-world handstands, tumbles and falls projected by an ingenious video stage concept, the simple […]

Bigger is better: A circuitous path took folk singer Jeff Thompson (far right) away from music to pursue a degree in transpersonal counseling psychology. But now he’s back to the stage with a full band and a beefed-up sound. Photo by Micah MacKenzie

Triumphant return

Singer-songwriter Jeff Thompson stands poised for big things in Asheville. In less than a year, he’s generated a sizable following through his weekly gigs at 5 Walnut and is preparing to introduce his BEEG Band at a much larger local venue, The Grey Eagle on Friday, March 28. The concert will not only showcase new […]

Smart Bets: Man and Superman

“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” So says George Bernard Shaw, the playwright who penned the Don Juan-themed, four-act drama, Man and Superman, in 1903. In the play, the beautiful, orphaned Ann is […]

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Animal planet

In a lot of ways, The Stray Birds and Wild Ponies (who both play WNC on March 22) are alike. Both are hard-touring folk music trios that revolve around the music partnership between one man and one woman. They boast classic folk harmonies, acoustic basses and feral fauna monikers. And they use similar instruments to play a similar sort of music — to the point where you might be forgiven for confusing the two.