To vaccinate or not to vaccinate?

In early March, the family of 9-year-old Hannah Poling of Georgia won a settlement from a federal fund that compensates people injured by vaccines. This news thrilled local Moms Against Mercury activists, especially Amy Carson, the group’s president and co-founder. Activist on wheels: Amy Carson of Asheville says her son was developmentally damaged by a […]

The green dress address

Green is the new white, when it comes to ecologically minded matrimony. Martha Stewart Weddings-touted lists sustainable couture bridal gowns by the likes of Annatarian and Olivia Luca. Luxe fabric choices include fair-trade hand-woven silk organza, soy knit and Hempcel. “Grace” pleated wedding gown: Organic-cotton jersey with floral embroidery, a center inset of cascading […]

Eating green on your big day

Even the most stalwart supporters of local and organic foods admit there’s a near-insurmountable problem with an all-WNC-grown wedding feast: winter. Wedding banquets are meant to be lavish and luxe, a description rarely applied to the hardy squashes and potatoes that permeate area produce sections come December. Visions of grilled Buncombe County lamp chops nestled […]

Green is gold

A thoroughly modern mother-of-the-bride won’t blink when her daughter announces she wants an eco-friendly wedding. But parents of a certain age may let their imaginations travel back a few decades, picturing a barefoot bride clutching a straggle of hand-picked daisies. However, today’s green weddings are just as likely to be haute as hippie, according to […]

Terre verte (outrageou­sly earth green) wedding ideas

You’re the kind of person who goes above and beyond the typical green-wedding plans. Those low-impact options the other bridezillas embrace—hemp wedding gowns, recycled paper invites, vegetarian cuisine, outdoor reception spots—those are green gimmes. You want that cloud of smog to become a cloud of smug, don’t you? Yes, you do. So I’m here to […]

The green honeymoon

“The honeymoon is supposed to be one of the most memorable occasions of anyone’s life, so picking a place that will make a those lasting memories is important,” says Allen Mitchem, a representative with Fifth Avenue Consulting in Hendersonville. For newlyweds who believe in the adage “begin as you mean to continue,” that memorable trip […]

A woman’s best friend

When it comes to furry companions, a possum probably isn’t the first creature that springs to mind. A lot of animal lovers keep cats, dogs, gerbils, maybe even rabbits in their homes. But wildlife rehabilitator Sondra Allison specializes in possums—many of which have narrowly escaped becoming roadkill. Allison, whose volunteer gig has earned her the […]

Animal house

“Any time one of those miniature animals gives birth, there’s a chance of something going wrong. If that happens, you’ve got to do a C-section,” says Margaret Pressley, founder of Fox Run Veterinary Services in Weaverville. Keeping things stable: Margaret Pressley tests horses at the WNC Agricultural Center for infectious anemia. Photo By Jonathan Welch […]

Furry Fads

The top two pets these days are cats and dogs, and among the most-chosen names are Max and Sam. No surprises there. But as long as humans and beasts have roamed the earth, they’ve been working out the finer points of the cohabitation arrangement. Beyond pooper-scoopers, “Best in Show” awards and matching dog-and-owner sweaters, hard-core […]

The long leash of the law

You may think it’s your pet, but both the city of Asheville and Buncombe County have ordinances regulating proper animal care and maintenance. Animal Services Supervisor Brenda Sears of Asheville offers the following advice on how to keep your pet on the right side of the law. (For details concerning the county ordinance, visit […]

Lost and Found

Lost a dog? Found a ferret? Two local Web sites help animal lovers deal with the horror of having a pet disappear or the heart-tug of finding someone else’s strayed companion. One enables pet owners to immediately announce a lost or found animal free of charge; another offers step-by-step instructions for maximizing one’s chances of […]