Cranky Hanke’s Weekly Reeler June 12-18: This Is Man of Steel Before Midnight

Man of Steel opens this week. It will be at nearly every theater that could get it and on as many screens as possible—both 2D and 3D. That is all an awful lot of people probably need to know. For those with a penchant for guys with large and sinewy muscles in tights, this is probably what summer is all about this year—at least where movies are concerned. It isn’t all that’s opening, however. There’s another mainstream release and one of the most anticipated art titles of the season.

Cranky Hanke’s Weekly Reeler June 5-11: Reluctant Sapphire Maisie Purge

It seems unlikely that we can hope for anything like the pretty spectacular disaster of After Earth this weekend — in large part because the mainstream offerings are less ambitious. Let’s face it, no one really wants the second week of their big shiny release going up against next week’s Superman re-boot. Still, there are two mainstream titles this week — and three art titles.

Cranky Hanke’s Weekly Reeler May 29-June 4: After Frances Ha You See Me (Updated)

A friend of mine who saw all three of last week’s releases (that’s one up on me) told me he’d convinced himself he didn’t see any new movies last week. His ability to block things from his mind is greater than mine. Plus, apart from this week’s art title, I see no great hope that this week is going to any better. However, that art film, Frances Ha, makes up for much.

Cranky Hanke’s Weekly Reeler May 22-28: Fast and Epic Hangover

You know it’s a pretty dire week when the thing I’m most looking forward to is Fast & Furious 6. (And you can imagine how much it pains me to type those words.) There’s not even a single new art title to brighten the weekend (no, last Friday’s ActionFest offering, Java Heat, going to a full run doesn’t count) — merely three mainstream movies I find it hard to get jazzed about. These are the conditions that prevail.

Cranky Hanke’s Weekly Reeler April 24-30: The Big Pain and Mud Company

It’s a two and two week again—two art titles vs. two mainstream titles—though you may notice that the distributors are doing their darndest to convince people that one of those art titles, Mud, has crossover potential. In fact, it probably does—depending on whether or not they over-saturate the market by putting it on too many screens. We shall see.

Cranky Hanke’s Weekly Reeler April 17-23: Like Ginger & Oblivion

The excitement of last week—the opening of Trance and Beyond the Pines—gives way to slighter art house pleasures this week, but pleasures all the same. There are two of those, but only one mainstream title—and no matter how it fares it absolutely has to be better than Scary Movie 5. An evening with a door-to-door God salesman or someone making an Amway pitch is better than Scary Movie 5.

Cranky Hanke’s Weekly Reeler April 3-9: West of Evil Dead Park

This week may be on the slack side — in fact, it is on the slack side — but it cannot possibly be as bad as last week. Last week’s three mainstream pictures marked a trilogy of tripe the likes of which I don’t need to see again any time soon (as in this century). I don’t even like thinking about last weekend, so let’s get on with this one.

Cranky Hanke’s Weekly Reeler March 27-April 2: Host Retaliatio­n Temptation on the Road

Last week offered a pretty wide mix of the good and the not so hot — with the actual balance being more of the former (in some cases pretty surprisingly). This week’s list of two mainstreamers, two art titles and one Tyler Perry picture may well be another matter — and the probability of nice surprises seems on the dubious side.

Cranky Hanke’s Weekly Reeler March 6-12: Chasing Dead Emperor Oz

Last week was pretty slack—at least as far as the box office was concerned (I’m of the opinion that Jack the Giant Slayer was a lot better than its reception would seem to indicate). This week is rather stronger looking—both in terms of box office and in general. We’ve got one highly-anticipated mainstream release and three art—or at least not quite mainstream titles.

Cranky Hanke’s Weekly Reeler February 27-March 5: Jack the Phantom Exorcism

It would take almost superhuman determination for this week’s crop of movies—four mainstream and one art title—to come anywhere near the toxic crumminess of last week’s dismal duo, and hopefully that determination doesn’t exist. However, it must be admitted that some of this stuff looks very sketchy. Very sketchy indeed.

Cranky Hanke’s Weekly Reeler February 13-19: Valentine’­s Day at the Movies

It’s Valentine week, so, of course, the studios have found a way to make a buck out of the event. That’s no surprise—and neither is it a surprise that it’s being done in one of those ways that promises to make the week’s layout of movies confusing for all concerned, especially for me. There are five movies opening this week. Fine. Of course, three of them open on Valentine’s Day (Thursday). The other two open on Friday. It doesn’t help that the early information had one of those opening on Thursday, but proved to be wrong. Let’s see if we can straighten this out.