And This Year’s 48 Hour Film Project Winners Are …

I have once more—along with Brenda Lily and newcomer Christopher Manheim—survived another year of judging the results of the 48 Hour Film Project. I don’t want to give the impression that this is a terrible bit of drudgery. It’s a walk in the park—or at least a comfy sit in the screening room—compared to actually getting out there and making a movie from top to bottom in 48 hours.

And the Winner Isn’t Norbit: Recapping the Academy Awards

The 80th Oscars are over and almost nothing untoward happened. Juno won a Best Original Screenplay award for Diablo Cody but didn’t pull off the “much-feared” upset of snagging Best Picture. Nor did the Eddie Murphy atrocity Norbit take home that award for Best Achievement in Makeup. (Murphy can take heart in the slew of […]

The Fabulous Strangenes­s of Alejandro (Sometimes ‘Alexandro­’) Jodorowsky

Variously described as a writer, director, actor, producer, mime, composer, comic book writer and (believe it or not) psychotherapist, Chilean filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky is almost too preposterous to be real. The man has—rightly or wrongly—come to be a legend. That’s no small feat for a guy whose reputation primarily rests on three movies—El Topo (1970), […]