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The face of abortion

When HB 695 and SB 353 reach Gov. McCrory’s desk, I expect at least one of them will be met with his signature. But, what he and the numerous party officials controlling all of North Carolina’ state politics fail to admit is that they too have seen a face of abortion, as have you. According to Planned Parenthood, 1 out of 3 women in the U.S. have an abortion by the time they are 45 years old.

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Mail to the Chief

On July 11, Asheville City Council held “a special meeting [and] declared its support for Police Chief William Anderson, announcing that an internal investigation had found no evidence that he had engaged in a cover-up related to a March car crash involving his son, as alleged by Lt. William Wilke,” David Forbes reported. Many readers questioned the efficacy of the city administration’s oversight regarding the police chief’s behavior, and wondered what other details came to light in the closed session that preceded the announcement. (Pictured: Police Chief William Anderson. Photo by Max Cooper)

Photo by Kyle Sherard

Shannon and the Clams: atomic ‘50s glitz and soul-swingin’ rock’n’roll

It could be the atomic-‘50s glitz, the makeup, suspenders and pencil-thin mustache that make Shannon and the Clams come across like a John Waters-picked power trio. Or maybe it’s the teased-out, big-haired blonde (Shannon Shaw) who wails into oblivion, hitting high notes in fits of fury and excitement. They crackle the speakers, only to be […]

Block buster

For the May 30 cover story, Xpress reporters David Forbes and Jake Frankel used the East Chestnut Street neighborhood on the cusp of downtown and north Asheville to examine the broader situation of urban density, especially as it relates to housing development. Forbes article, “No Vacancy,” posed a question: “How does a rapidly changing city […]

1930 all over again

Thomas Wolfe as a significant tourist draw is not so remote a possibility, and has precedent in the Asheville of the 1930s. According to Christian Edwards of the Thomas Wolfe Memorial, Look Homeward, Angel attracted many visitors eager to see for themselves the “cool sweet magic of starred mountain night, the huge attentiveness of dark, […]

Fighting back

Serenity Forest. Wildflower. Four Sims Hollow. Seven Falls. These failed developments may not provoke the kind of stark memories that the Battle of the Little Bighorn, Iwo Jima or the Battle of the Bulge did, but they nonetheless extracted their pound of flesh — or, rather, ton of silt — as neglected properties overwhelmed nearby […]

DG Martin’s One on One: Good results from virtual education don’t come cheap

Mention online education around some of my friends and you will get an emotional reaction. Some senior university faculty members teach classes filled with several hundred students and they worry that famous online lecturers could take their places. Others wonder if they can transfer their talents to the online market and, if so, how much compensation they can demand for their extra efforts.