Cranky Hanke’s Screening Room: How to Spend Christmas

I’m sure a lot of you view Chistmas as a moviegoing day. I’ve never quite gotten the hang of the idea myself, though I did get bamboozled into going to see Vanilla Sky in 2001, even though I’d aleady seen it once. That was also my first actual encounter with the idea of trooping off to a movie on Dec. 25, so imagine my astonishment when I found myself parked behind the theater in a section I thought only existed for romantic trysts and dealings of dubious legality. (Indeed, that does seem to be its function 364 days out of the year.) Assuming, however, that this is your cup of lapsang souchong, I’ll offer a few glimpses at what’s out there.

Heads up: Legislative hearings involving Asheville water system begin-attachment0

Heads up: Legislativ­e hearings involving Asheville water system begin

Hearings of the Legislature’s Metropolitan Sewerage/Water System Committee, headed by Buncombe County’s Rep. Tim Moffitt, are set to begin Jan. 23 in Raleigh. The study grew out of legislation filed by Moffitt that would have demanded “conveyance of a city water system to a metropolitan sewerage district” under certain conditions — conditions that happened to specifically match Asheville and Buncombe County.