“No Easy Answers” is shoddy journalism

The Dec. 5 article, "No Easy Answers: Lexington Avenue's Uncertain Future," paints Lexington Avenue as a street of violence, crime and gentrification. Do these things exist on Lexington? Of course they do. However, these are not the defining characteristics of the street. Lexington is, for the most part, a vibrant and bustling, culturally distinct district. […]

The white elephant on the avenue

David Forbes' Dec. 5 piece, “No Easy Answers: Lexington Avenue's Uncertain Future,” accurately and fairly framed many of the issues troubling downtown these days. I’m grateful that so much of my professional life and private friendships play out in such a beautiful environment. I was glad to see crack use and overt prostitution replaced by […]

Xpress responds

In the past few weeks, we have received many letters and online comments about the Dec. 5 cover story, “No Easy Answers: Lexington Avenue's Uncertain Future.” We welcome such feedback, as it is part of our mission to encourage community dialogue. And as journalists, we’re always striving to hone our craft, while reporting fairly and […]