Edgy Mama: Forget Sarah Palin — Edgy Mama for vice president!

Now that John McCain has chosen an edgy mama to be his running mate, I have to ask: Why not me?

Sarah Palin and I are similar in some ways. We’re both 44-year-old moms. We both have journalism degrees. We both wear smart-girl glasses. Though I’m not a former beauty queen like Palin, I’m decent-looking. As we all know, being easy on the eyes smoothes the path to the White House.

And she’s not a whole lot more qualified than I am to be second in command of the free world. Yes, Palin was mayor of a town of 6,500 people in Alaska. That’s comparable to being mayor of Brevard. Me? I was communications director for a school and in regular contact with 7,000-plus constituents. Oh yeah, and I was the first female president of my class in high school.

As Fox News host Steve Doocy notes, Palin has foreign-policy experience because her state’s near Russia. Dude, I grew up in Georgia, which is kind of close to Mexico. Does that count as international relations experience?

Way to go, McCain. Of course, I love the idea of a mom being in such a position of power, though I’d prefer a mom in the No. 1 spot. Just not Palin.

Because, ultimately, I think I’d be better for America than Ms. Palin. Here’s why:

First of all, Palin likes to shoot moose and caribou. I recently had to euthanize a baby bird that my cat injured. I cried. Also, Palin thinks that listing polar bears as a threatened species could hurt oil and gas development in the bears’ habitat. I think polar bears should be protected, particularly from oil-drilling interests. Imagine starving, baby polar bears listlessly dragging themselves across melting ice. Not a good mental image when you’re about to pull that voting lever.

Next, Palin’s pro-life. I’m pro-choice.

That said, Palin and I do agree on one thing. She and her snowmobiling spouse chose not to abort their Down-syndrome fetus. I also decided while pregnant that, if I was blessed with a child with Down syndrome, I’d embrace bringing that baby into the world. Guess what, folks? Abortion’s not a political decision; it’s a personal one.

Also, Palin doesn’t think that humans are a cause of today’s climate instability. I say, “The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which includes some of the most overeducated scientists on the planet, say they are 90 percent sure that human-produced greenhouse emissions are the primary cause of earth’s temperature increases.” Seems like pretty high odds to me. Sarah, you should come to Asheville and take Enviro-spouse’s course at UNCA. He’d set you right about climate science.

Palin wants creationism and abstinence-only sex education taught in schools. Edgy Mama, beneficiary of late 20th-century scientific training, may have to bite the bullet and home school her kids if Palin has any influence on the public-school systems. Unfortunately, I can’t home school your kids, too.

Also, Palin’s supposedly been involved with the Alaska Independence Party. The primary goal of this group is to secede the state of Alaska from the United States. Wow. I’m a fifth-generation Southerner, but I don’t wander around town with H.K. Edgerton, waving a Confederate flag. Sure, I support his right to do so, but I’m not going to help him carry the thing.

Finally, Palin did something Edgy Mama would never do: she named her youngest child, Trig Paxson Van Palin, in homage to the band Van Halen. Van Halen rocks, and although I prefer AC/DC when we’re talking ‘80s hair bands, I would have named the kid Trig Dylan Palin. Not as alliterative, but listen here:

Van Halen lyric: “But ev’rybody wants some/I want some too/Ev’rybody wants some/Baby, how ‘bout you?”

Bob Dylan lyric: “Oh, what did you see, my blue-eyed son? Oh, what did you see, my darling young one? I saw a newborn baby with wild wolves all around it/ I saw a highway of diamonds with nobody on it/ I saw ten thousand talkers whose tongues were all broken/ I saw guns and sharp swords in the hands of young children/ And it’s a hard, and it’s a hard, it’s a hard, it’s a hard/ And it’s a hard rain’s a-gonna fall.”

Have I made my case?

Wouldn’t you rather have a Dylan-spouting, animal-loving, climate-change educated Edgy Mama for vice president? Come on, America, do you want moose burgers or veggie burgers? Sky-high electric bills or photovoltaic panels? Snowmobiler spouse or Enviro-spouse? Dead bloody caribou or cavorting baby polar bears?

Sarah Palin or Edgy Mama?

I’m here for you, America.

Anne Fitten “Edgy Mama” Glenn writes about a number of subjects, including parenting, at edgymama.com.


Thanks for reading through to the end…

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82 thoughts on “Edgy Mama: Forget Sarah Palin — Edgy Mama for vice president!

  1. zen

    There’s another big difference, Anne: You don’t have the rabid tenacity of the Bulldog in Lipstick. You have respect for people and you have principles (maybe perhaps because you haven’t gotten into politics) that you aren’t willing to compromise to suck up a supersize soda of power.

    And thank goodness for that.

  2. Musoscribe63

    AF, I’m glad also that you don’t believe creationism (or, as I like to call it, fundie fanfic) should be taught in public schools. That alone would get you my vote.

    No fan of Snowmobile Barbie here.

  3. Jim Jenkins

    You’ve got my vote Edgy. I think that you make a great argument for your candidacy, but the real reason I think that you have the intestinal fortitude to lead is the following: 36 hours, 7 centimeters, 2 epidurals, 1 c-section, umbilical cord wrapped 2x around her fragile neck.

    Since we’re quoting lyrics here one the RNC stole from Heart:

    If the real thing don’t do the trick
    You’d better make up something quick
    You’re gonna burn, burn, burn, burn it to the wick
    Sarah Barricuda

  4. soccermom

    Caribou Barbi is a joke. She underestimates the importance of governing, she is under-educated for the job, under-experienced, and her pitbull attitude is the last thing we need to heal the country.

    I want someone intelligent, someone who is cool and calm not aggressive, someone with grace and humility, someone who can have a smart debate all the while understanding the concerns of those who do not have the same beliefs, someone who can solve problems through diplomacy, not war and killing, someone who has a handle on different cultures, someone who understand global politics, and lastly someone who wants to protect the environment.

    This lady blows my mind! Yea, she’s hot but she is no where near qualified to be VP. And if they get elected, it will a sad sad day for America. We will look like complete idiots to the rest of the world.

  5. Barbara Toth

    I’d vote for you tomorrow if I could (as long as it didn’t take a vote away from Obama!)!

  6. The Masked Superstar

    If you have to tell people you’re Edgy, chances are you aren’t.

  7. Wondering

    If having an abortion is a personal decision off-limits, why isn’t eating caribou likewise a personal decision respected as simply different?

    I’m a registered Democrat, but what’s so scary about Sarah Palin?

    I’d vote for you anyway, EM, but I’m mystified by the heated animosity growing against Sarah Palin. Pitbull? How so?

  8. bobaloo

    I prefer AC/DC when we’re talking ‘80s hair bands

    You lose my vote simply because you thing AC/DC is a hair metal band.

  9. Rio

    You definitely have my vote! Palin tipped me over the edge (well, like I wasn’t already there…) when she said God had wanted us to go to war in Iraq. Poor God. Getting blamed for so much.

  10. You lose my vote simply because you thing AC/DC is a hair metal band.

    Sorry, bobaloo. Guess AC/DC was more of an influence on the hairy hard metal bands. Does Guns & Roses count? I kind of like them.

  11. “If you have to tell people you’re Edgy, chances are you aren’t.”

    One woman’s irony is another’s reality, Mr. “Superstar.”

  12. Rebecca Bowe

    “Pitbull? How so?”

    Wondering: I think she’s referencing Palin’s big punch line during the GOP convention speech, when she said the only difference between a hockey mom and a pitbull is lipstick.

    I’d vote for EM over Palin any day, but I will admit that when I was in Alaska I did try a piece of caribou sausage. (They were giving away free samples.) It was yummy.

  13. cwaster

    I think Palin being chosen is the best thing to happen to the Democratic campaign. She freaks people out, so that can only help Obama. Yayy!

    I’d vote for EM before her any day.

  14. Paul -V-

    Good article.

    I’d like to see you be VP. Maybe Biden will step aside for you.

  15. Yes, Wondering, the “pit bull” reference isn’t zen’s creation. Palin called herself a pit bull, in so many words.

    The difference between the two issues you mention, for me at least, is that the government doesn’t regulate whether or not any of us eat meat, while they are trying to regulate whether or not (and when) a women can have an abortion.

  16. “what’s so scary about Sarah Palin?”


    She’s a creationist who wants to teach creationism in science classes.

    She fired a librarian in Wasilla for giving her a hard time over wanting to ban books. She later reinstated the librarian after the town’s public outcry.

    She’s pretending to be anti-earmarks, but she gathered $27 million worth for her town of under 7,000 people. Her mayoral term ended with the town $20 million in debt.

    She’s pretending to have been against the Bridge To Nowhere, but she was enthusiastically for it while running for Governor.

    Her husband was a member of an Alaskan Separatist Group up until 2002.

    She’s going to be only a stroke / heartbeat / nasty fall away from being Leader of the Free World and she has only slightly more experience than Terry Bellamy.

    That’s what scares me. I don’t know about the rest of you.

  17. TC Sandford

    You’ll get some votes here in Sarasota, Fl, on a couple of counts; One. We like “easy on the eyes”. Two. Glen Johnson lives here. Rock and Roll!!

  18. Rebecca

    Thanks EM. Your best yet. Have been depressed all day that so many people are falling for the scam, and with such little effort by the corporate controllers. They lie, right in the speech, and don’t sweat it. They are gambling that there are enough of us who are not paying attention, and are are praying that there are more, that are reading and researching and not completely hypnotized by their TVs tuned to Fox News. We need enough people to make up the difference between the election fraud and intimidation that is already occurring, so that the people that sent us to war in Iraq and robbed us all blind don’t get to continue. Hundreds of thousands of innocents killed, and not a picture of that in sight, and maimed soldiers coming back, barely a story on it. If you talk about it, the hypnotized smear Obama and call you stupid. Who is missing the point here? We are trillions of dollars in debt. Our army is broken. Our jobs have been outsourced. And don’t those dead innocents bother anybody? JESUS WAS A COMMUNITY ORGANIZER. That other dude was a mayor.

  19. Musoscribe63

    Hey TC Sandford — no disrepect, but re. the “easy on the eyes” remark, how do you explain Katherine Harris? ;-)

  20. Paul -V-

    Support for Palin boils down to: “She won’t kill babies or let fags marry.”

    Gordon: To be fair – Bellamy would make an awesome President.

    Rebecca: Jesus was a community organizer. Pontius Pilate was a governor.

  21. liberal is not a dirty word

    I’m with you 100%, Edgy Mama! It scares me that John McCain would make such a weak choice to bring in the ultraconservative vote. Pathetic! I’m voting for hopes and dreams! President Obama has a nicer ring every day!

  22. TC Sandford

    Musoscibe63 – I give up! How do you explain Katherine The Rich.

    (Not so Rich since her last campaign.)

  23. Wondering

    I was actually quoting soccermom, not zen, but okay. I think her joke in her acceptance speech was just that, a joke. (I didn’t see it, I rarely turn on my tv except for the morning news.)

    Support for Palin is not as simple as “she won’t kill babies or let fags marry” but hopefully you all are bright enough to know that and are just expressing either dark humor and/or fear of the potential of her being in the White House.

    Without wanting to launch into the whole life-choice debate again (I’m the poster formerly known as lumina who has gone that road as a pro-life Democrat on this board before), I think that the Dems would serve their cause a lot better in swaying us middle-grounders if they kept the conversation above the belt and on the issues. Being flip alienates those who have deeply held reverence for similar beliefs that are both well-thought out and nonreligious in nature. And referring to Palin in diminutive (as on one blog as “Glamour Girl”) terms just alienates potential vote-swayers as well.

    I appreciate that you, EM, were able to post in good humor and in good taste on your differences with her ideologies.

  24. Wondering Again

    Gordon Smith? The same GS as Scrutiny Hooligans? I hope not. The first two allegations are false according to factcheck.org:


    And the last three, while I’m not sure of their veracity are hardly cause for fear & trembling. Sounds like typical political fodder to me.

    It would be a lot easier to stand by my party if the assertions we make were serious, credible and substantially relevant to the national debate. As soon as the woman’s name was announced, I have seen nothing but a frantic dig into her past to find something, ANYTHING to smear her name. I’m not saying I support her, but it’s hard to sort out what’s true and what’s not in the midst of this s**tstorm of mudslinging. And yes, the same is true of Republicans … and isn’t that what we complain about?

  25. The Barber of Civility

    You make such perfect points about Ms. Palin. She is a gun-toting, irresponsible political figure with no experience whatsoever. To go from a McCain to a Palin if something goes wrong is really two wrongs strung together!

  26. hmmmm Edgy…if I had anything, I would say that you have an open ear and are willing to keep your mind open to learning new things and adopt as your beliefs in regards to the new facts.

    From what I have seen and heard Gov. Palin “Miss Righteous” does not utilize those qualities.

  27. zen

    Yes, Caribou Barbie may be a joke. McCain may have sold his soul to Rove and the Republican machinery, but that’s exactly the conditions for George W’s re-election, and it worked before!

  28. jfish

    u mention she was mayor but didnt mention she was also a governer? i dont understand how if shes not qualified oboma is? obama has been in politicts for 10 years and hasnt tried to come up with or pass one bill or law but has had the time to write 2 books? how is that working on change? prior to being a senator which is also like being the mayor of brevard all he was doing was organizing community service projects. obama is a political tool (just like palin) all hype that people are buying into, someone tell me how he is qualified? also all this attention on palin you would think she was running for president, i mean wat bout joe biden? during the primary he came right out and said “obama is not fit to run this country” now hes his running mate, no attention on him cause no one cares. think the census was already out on him when he won like 3% during the primarys.

  29. jfish

    Gordon smith check out the link bobaloo has given, get yo facts straight. not that it would change your mind one thing i have noticed living around asheville is that liberals are far more closed minded and less interested in reseraching facts for themselves they would rather just take micheal moores word for it

  30. “The librarian has said Palin asked a “What if?” question, but the librarian continued in her job through most of Palin’s first term.”

    The “What if…?” question was how she could have books removed from the library. I understand that the fake list of books being peddled in emails is truly false, but the librarian situation is true.

    She is a creationist. She has advocated that students “debate both sides” in the classroom.

    Whole truth y’all.

  31. ChrisMoose

    Dooce and EM for office!!! I’ll let the two of you figure out who is Prez and who is VP!! Maybe you could job share!

  32. Sundance

    “obama has been in politicts for 10 years and hasnt tried to come up with or pass one bill or law but has had the time to write 2 books? how is that working on change? prior to being a senator which is also like being the mayor of brevard all he was doing was organizing community service projects.”

    jfish…one thing you might want to think about is if there were not community organizers our country might not even exist if it had not been for community organizers. You might belong to the United Colonies of England. Change almost never happens with out community organization and its organizers.

    What truly amazes me is that your beloved President and the GOP party were all about faith based and community organizers during the horrible and destructive “W” era. Now that there is a community organizer running for President on the democratic ticket it’s the worst thing possible. Republican hypocrisy, bigotry and untruthfulness as only the GOP is capable of in order to win an election and the hell with being truthful about anything.

    As for your comment about Liberals around Asheville….I am an independent voter and have belonged to both parties. From my perspective the folks that are always stuck in the past and are ultra close minded is the GOP party and they are most certainly the most discriminatory.

    I’m not an Obama fanatic but given the choice of an outdated and out of touch war monger or a possible chance at some change from the past eight years even if it is very small, I’ll take a chance on change.

  33. jfish

    I wasnt trying to put down community orginzers, I just really do not get the argument that Palin isnt experienced enough if their voting for obama. My beloved president? im not a fan of this administration but i do get irritated at how its hip to be a democrat when both partys are worthless and the majority of people voting for obama dont know hardly anything about him they just know hes not a republican and not old.

  34. Peter Lorenz

    Don’t back-peddle on the AC/DC thing. If Palin is any example you can say pretty much whatever you want. Then, once people question your facts, you can simply announce that you never said it or refuse to speak with the press… or claim to have been a roadie even. You can just make stuff up.
    Then you can go out and shoot moose, field dress it, hitch it to your truck and drag it back to your house. You know, the residence your billing the tax payers of Alaska for despite the fact that it is your own home.

    Also, I’m okay with moose burgers.

    Sadly, I’m unable to vote for Edgy Mama or Sarah Palin. In all likelihood I’ll have to vote for Obama. Shucks.

  35. Peter Lorenz


    I honestly believe the presidency is “on the job training”. Unless the person is the incumbent of course, which neither individual is. No FRDs in this crew.

    We can only hope to pick the most adaptable, educated and reasonable person on the ticket.

    A feat which I think we have failed to accomplish the last two elections. Thus resulting in these kinds of statements:
    “I’m the commander see, I don’t need to explain… I do not need to explain why I say things. That’s the interesting thing about being president.”
    Palin seems to be following in that fine tradition.

  36. Sundance

    For the most part its the media questioning her experience and not the democratic ticket…besides I think it would be best to compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges and not Presidential candidate to VP candidate and lets remember the republicans are the ones that started down the experience path.

    I don’t think anyone weather they were a governor, senator, congressman, community organizer, CEO or mayor ever has the experience needed for the presidency……you are after all becoming the leader of the free world and almost all except for the election of an incumbent VP spend the first two years learning on the job.

    What is important is the ideas, wisdom, vision and fortitude of the candidate.

  37. vrede

    Palin was member of the Pentecostal Wasilla Assembly of God for more than 20 years. She spoke there alongside Pastor Kalnin as recently as June of this year.

    Pastor: GOP may be downplaying Palin’s religious beliefs
    CNN News
    Published: 9/8/08
    By Randi Kaye AC360° Contributor

    … Palin did ask her audience to pray for $30 billion natural gas pipeline she is on a mission to build in Alaska… “I think God’s will has to be done in unifying people and companies to get that gas pipeline built. So pray for that… I can do my job there in developing my natural resources. But all of that doesn’t do any good if the people of Alaska’s heart is not good with God.”

    … Palin now attends the Wasilla Bible Church. She was there on August 17, just days before entering the national spotlight. David Brickner, the founder of Jews for Jesus, was a speaker. He told congregants that terrorist attacks on Israel were God’s “judgment” of Jews who haven’t embraced Christianity. Brickner said, “Judgment is very real and we see it played out on the pages of the newspapers and on the television. When a Palestinian from East Jerusalem took a bulldozer and went plowing through a score of cars, killing numbers of people. Judgment — you can’t miss it.”

    … Pastor Ed Kalnin, the senior pastor of Palin’s former Pentecostal church, has also come under fire for his comments. In 2004, he told church members if they voted for John Kerry for president, they wouldn’t get into heaven. He told them, “I question your salvation.”…

  38. Gary

    I am getting emails like crazy from local Asheville religious bigots supporting Palin. The same people who sent me spam and everything else trashing Obama. I know how this crowd works. Just like Palin. Yeah, abstinence with a pregnant daughter. You want it in our schools, but not your house? That is like having a active molestor “friend” in your church and preaching against homosexuality. Please… been through that already and I run from that mentality.

  39. lumina

    Gary, that’s an unfair comparison. As parents, we can be “for” or “against” any number of things, provide good examples and role models and still our teenaged kids will do what they want to do. The fact that she did not excommunicate her child from the family or force her into an abortion in order to maintain her place in the family is a huge credit to her.

    When my son was a teen, we taught him all about both abstinence AND birth control, even kept a basket of condoms in the bathroom closet for his free no-questions-asked access, but he still got his girlfriend pregnant WITHOUT wearing a condom. What could we do? Disown him? Shame him? Force them to kill my grandbaby who is now 6 years old and the light of our lives?

    It’s not fair holding a child’s actions against the parent. Thankfully, Obama has the class and compassion to realize that and leave this issue of the pregnant daughter alone. His followers should do likewise.

  40. Sundance

    Let’s also all remember how up in arms they were about Obama’s pastors comments but like I have said earlier…..its always ok for them but not ok for anybody else…..I’m wondering if Palin would explain these actions by the GOP and Right wing as one of almighty “Acts of God or Gods will”. Could somebody please put this lady back in her box and mark it as do not open!

  41. Has anyone esle been getting the nasty, underhanded one sided “push polling” that trashes non GOP candidates?

    We have had three telephone calls attempting this type of polling.

  42. who

    I just want to say something that has seemed to beover looked. Jfish: Obama beat Hillary Clinton in the primaries. No small feat. And he did it well. He has over 18 million votes. Sarah palin got 120 thousand votes to be governor of Alaska.

  43. jacquie

    Amazing! Awesome! This topic must have the most comments EVER! We need to keep this discussion going because just as someone mentioned before it is not on the news stations! The facts and nothing but the facts! For eight years the Right got it WRONG! Another edgy mama for Obama right here!!

  44. Reality Check

    Interesting how the Democratic party used to say they were the party for woman’s rights. It seems that was all a diversion. They dumped Hillary like a hot potato for someone with more liberal credentials.

    Now, they have totally flip flopped on women at home. They want Palin at home raising her kids like a good housewife should. “What was she thinking, she could do more?! Do it all? That’s just crazy talk!”

    Democratic Women … you have been manipulated and abused by the party who say’s they are FOR your rights. Chris Mathews spouts something sexist ever day about women in both parties.

    If a mother of young children had been selected as VP by Obama and the Republicans used the same rhetoric, there would be serious heck to pay. Based on actions, which party is really helping women?

  45. Since I’m feeling the music this week, do y’all realize that McCain and party have been reprimanded thrice for using songs without the artists’ permission (by Bruce Springsteen, John Mellencamp, and Heart)? In fact, ironically, they used the song “Barracuda” to promote Ms. Sarah Barracuda, which prompted this response from the band: “Sarah Palin’s views and values in NO WAY represent us as American women. We ask that our song ‘Barracuda’ no longer be used to promote her image.”

    So what do y’all think the EM for VP theme song should be?

  46. Paul -V-

    Edgy: Based on the way presidential elections are stolen – I would say “Hail to the Chief”

  47. The Masked Superstar

    Judging by your slamming of Halen and your cliche love of Dylan, I’d like to go on record as saying that your song choice would be horrible.

  48. brebro

    That seems to happen a lot (remember Springsteen also reprimanding Reagan for misusing “Born in the USA?” and Bobby McFerrin not being happy about the first Bush using “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” in his 1988 campaign?)

    I suggest Starship, Fleetwood Mac and Hall & Oates have their lawyers fire up Cease and Desist letters proactively in anticipation of the certain unauthorized uses to come of their Sara/Sarah Smile songs by this campaign.

  49. jfish

    well who, i dont even see how that is relevent? Palin wasnt running in the primary so yea she ran for govenor of alaska and got the votes it required to win as did obama for the primary. but i think if the media did its job and wasnt so lopsided hillary would have won, and deserved to more than obama but people love that hope rhertoric and bought into his fluffy speeches. what i do like about obama and palin is that when they give speeches they arnt constantly looking down at their paper to see what to say, makes it feel more real even though its just BS from both party. Havnt the democrats been in control of the house and senate now for almost past 2 years? why dont they work on their change there? thats where the real power is. President cant do much but appoint the supreme court judges. Is anyone out there a libertarian? if people get smart thats what party we need to get together and vote into the white house

  50. jfish

    sundance, are the republicans the one that went down that path, or was it the other democratic nominees? cause i remember everyone running for the democratic nomination was using the fact that obama isnt fit to be president (well opinion not fact) but now they dont feel that way hes the mesiah now.

  51. sharon

    Don’t the columns of Susan Reinhardt and Edgy Mama seem to be converging? Hmmm….

    Both seem to have very similar opinions of themselves but for very different reasons…

  52. Sundance

    jfish…if I remember correctly, I maybe wrong, it was first started by Romney, Huckabilly and McCain in the first Republican debates which at that time Hillary picked it up and ran with it. In regards to why the congress has not tried to change anything, they have…but if you will do a little digging you will see that “W” does the veto and the narrow minded GOP members just fall right in line…..its like the blind leading the blind down a course of destruction due to their lack of being able to think and act independently as to what is best for the nation. jfish, you know what I am saying in regards to congress is true so why do you want to continually distort the truth? Why is it that the majority of conservatives are incapable of being truthful? Enquiring minds would like to know once and for all.

  53. FireHazard Jewelry

    as an european, i’m glad to read this from you!
    is there anybody out who would take this woman seriously?
    i mean, she is for no sex at all, instead of education…see where it goes… her daughter is underage pregnant… there must have been an mistake in the manual to do it right…smile

  54. Gary

    Lumina, do you really think Obama would still be in the race if he had a pregnant daughter? Hell no. You may be right. You cannot really be held responsible for your daughters actions… unless you are running for VP, and promote abstinence hard core. Funny, we get a candidate that has a pregnant daughter and the religious right still supports her, because she is not “Him”. What hypocrates. They strain at a knat (Obama is different and new) and swallow a camel (Palin and the same old garbage they trick you people with every 4 years). Brainwashed robots. Her daughter did the opposite of what Palin supposedly preaches. I think America will be bitter when they realize this Republican bluff with Palin… and rebel just like her daughter did.

  55. Edgy Mama,

    Since you now know that you are qualified for political office, does this mean that you are announcing your candidacy?

    There are quite a few places that we could use a good woman like you!

    Consider seriously there are people who would back you too….. ;)

  56. jfish

    “W” has made a total of 12 vetos in his 8 year presidency, and of those 12 4 were overridden. Clinton made a total of 37 vetos and only 2 were overridden. Maybe it is you who should do a lil digging sundance. also you accused me of distorting truth, look at my past posts wat have i said that is distorted? and it wasnt the republicans that started it it was the democratic primary nominees. why would they worry bout badmouthing someone they didnt even know was going to be running at the time? they didnt, and besides if they said anything it was about hillary cause thats who they thought they would be running against (and who they should be)

  57. Sundance

    jfish…I said I might be wrong but just so you know I went back and did do some more digging because I knew this you would respond this way…How typical and predicatable. Actually the first to question Obama’s experience was your right wing media folks like Hanady, Limbaugh because they wanted Hillary to get the nomination as they figured she would be easier to run against. Come on Jfish, you had to hear the weeks of Limbaugh advocating you guys needed HIllary to get the nomination. I did, I routinely tune in just to hear their putrid filth so I can stay up to date on what lies are coming out of their mouths and its often comical to listen to just how uneducated and wrong on the issues.on and don’t get pissed because your buff got called.

    As for congress….Your equation has a major flaw in it in the fact that you did not factor in that most “Change” bills have failed in the senate where the democrats do not have enough votes for total control(60 needed)Hopefully that will change this time around and finally something will get accomplished and yes you do like to distort or try to twist the truth in your favor. I only need to look at your current responses on this thread.

    With all due respect the GOP as had eight years to get it right and failed miserably. Lets also remember you had complete control of the while house, senate and house(six year I think)and could not get the job done, how come?

  58. Sundance

    By the way…my last party affiliation before I became an independent was Republican…..I left because of the party because of it’s bigotry, discrimination, blocking full funding of stem cell research, acting unilaterally, bad banking policies that began during Reagan and Bush #1 (it’s one of the reasons for the current housing crisis), blocking funding for alternative energy development, giving huge incentives to oil companies when they are making record profits, rewarding companies for moving jobs overseas and swift boat politics and what they did to McCain in South Carolina…that was the last straw that broke the camels back (McCain should have been the president eight years ago…now he tows the party line so I will not vote for him…plus he is a war monger)

  59. jfish

    I have never once in my life listend to Limbaughs show, and i also liked macain alot more 8 years ago.

  60. who

    jfish, I want to answere your question of relevency of having more than 18 million votes, which is rather ironic since you don’t think having so many votes is relevant. I guess it’s kind of like begging the answere. I’ve heard it said that you can get a measure on a candidate by the way his/her campaign has been ran. Obama ran an excellent, innovative, and classy campaign that showed his fortitude and a certain grace. It was also very close against a very powerfull and presumed victor for the democratic nomination. A clinton(who I liked). It is actually rather amazing. I don’t think that palin is of the same,… hue. Her going after Obama’s experience is like a rat going after a lion. I’d like to see her try to ask this nation for that many votes in battling campaign-on her own. In fact, I’d like to see her go out and stump for Mccain now – on her own – like Biden does. I’d like to see her without a tether and unprotected by Mccain and his allies. Biden is out stumping on his own. Poor Woman, I think. She is being so used.It’s like the old gentleman showing off his beautifful escort at the cocktail party.

  61. Sundance

    Actually jfish there are some Ron Paul policies that I like. I like his monetary policy but often fear due to the burden our government has placed on us it may be to late or reek havoc on our economy placing us back on the gold/silver standard which Richard Nixon took us off of.

    On health care at this point my feeling as of late is you are going to have to do some sort of universal health care system, and I honestly hate saying that but health care has become so much of a racket. I got my hospital bill the other day, $18,000 and that does not include all the doctors fees or physical therapy three times a week. I have great insurance at work (McCain wants to tax me on it) and I have to pay a portion of the premium so what I pay out will be very little and I was wise enough to purchase short term and long term disability until I can return to work….the cost is outrageous and simply out of control and I don’t think the competition idea will work as the industry has become so greedy and corrupt.

    s for taxes….I like what he says. I was happy with my tax rate during the Clinton administration and we were actually beginning to pay down the debt. The tax rebates, which I did not want both times, are gimmicks and you actually pay taxes on that rebate money twice the way they have it structured.

    AS for Obama and McCain…I’ll probably vote for Obama and hold my breathe as I do it. If you watched “This Wekk” on ABC he listed for main differences he has with the democrates and he pretty much indicated he is not going to budge on and he his right on them where the Dems are wrong. As for McCain, the majority his beliefs are now the party platform (what a shame, maverick is no more) and become a republican party drone and its disgusting.

  62. Sundance

    Nope…sounds like Straightup needs to learn to read the entire thread and understand all responses before commenting before interjecting idiotic comments. There are reservations in the statements.

  63. If everyone who wanted Ron Paul for President would vote for him, he would win. We are so worried about the two players winning, we forget that if we all voted for who we wanted… we would have change.

  64. Sundance

    true to some degree glolady but I think you must also factor the Electorial college system into it which favors a two party system. I think until we go back to the popular vote and only use the electorial college in the event of a tie you will never have total change. You will ave crumbs of change tossed out here.

    While I have leaned toward Obama as of late I still have reservations. Obama is not a shoe in vote for me but McCain is definitely OUT! As I have done several times in the past I still may vote for an independent.

    What is Ron Paul going to do….is he announcing he is going to run as an independent on October 1 as part of his Liberty campaign kick off. The website hints at something big on October 1.

  65. nuvue

    I love the Daily show expose’
    Did you see the one w/ papa Bill O’reilly dissin the parents of Jamie Spears but applauding Palin? What a two-faced #%&@# he is….And Rove, once again gettin caught by his own words

  66. who

    Sorry Edgy Mama, I know that this thread is satire to you, but I need to get this off of my chest – today. I saw, two days ago, people at Mccain rallies are wearing camoflauged hats that say Palin/Mccain on them. I found that ineresting. It got me thinking. Mccain is going for a certain type of mentality, not that these are bad people, but a large portion of culture in this country. I thought, damn he’s going after the NASCAR crowd. And then, wala, yesterday he was at a NASCAR race. NASCAR is the biggest spectator sport in the U.S.. Now, this is predominantly a culture of beer, guns, the American flag and God. They will fight at a drop of a hat if told that there is a threat to their way of life, whether it is really true or not. There are some scary things going on right now that isn’t getting much press along with the reporting of the real issues in this campaign. Russia, along with Venezuela, are doing simulation naval excersizes in the Carribean. Very provocative. People don’t think another world war can happen? Imagine this: certain countries coordinate, at the same time, attacks: China on taiwan-Iran and whoever else, on Israel-Chavez looking for hedgemony in Latin America and then moving North towards us – Russia on OUR Navy and other interests, not to mention Eastern Europe, as they so well displayed – to name a few. This stuff can Happen, or it can be averted. The U.S. of A. is still the world leader and hope of the world. Our constitution, though tested, and we have often failed,still stands for the esteem of all individuals. And the torch is still here. Whether war is inevitable is not so much the question as how much can we avert and prevent as opposed to a wide open path towards it. Mccain is a continuance of a belligerent stance that this country has adopted due to a mass hysteria and psychopathy due to a lucky sucker punch, when no-one was looking, on Sept. 11 2001. If that is what they say it was. I think that Obama is a better choice for this country. I don’t believe in the savior leader syndrome, but a good leader will facilitate energies already inherent in a nation. I think Obama will be a good facilitator for prosperity, peace, and justice; attributes in compliment of our constitution. Mccain, I think, will be a harbinger of distrust, an erosion of the middle class(which is what keeps us from becoming a third world country), and a nation that has the power and capacity to get us more into conflict and war. I have a nightmare of sprawling ghettos, of all ethnicity, amidst islands of protected well off communities where the police and courts do the biddings of the wealthy and the constitution is consistently undermined. Far fetched? Maybe. Maybe not. Obama 08.

  67. Sundance

    “I have a nightmare of sprawling ghettos, of all ethnicity, amidst islands of protected well off communities where the police and courts do the biddings of the wealthy and the constitution is consistently undermined.”

    That is why it is imperative to vote and make sure McCain and Palin are not elected. The no third term slogan is a reality. A vote for McCain is the continuance of stupidity in the executive branch. My worst nightmare is that McCain/Palin, if elected, could possibly stir the coals enough that world war three begins. As for alternative energy all of us need to be real. It will not happen under a McCain/Palin administration. Sarah Palin is big oil…just like Cheney was and McCain has a lobbyist from ExxonMobil on his campaign staff.

  68. Trey

    Does it really matter who any of us vote for… when the electoral college makes the final decision???

  69. Sundance

    your votes affect they way the electoral college votes so yes it does matter, maybe not like a popular vote would (which is what we should go back to)but your vote does have influence even in the current format.

  70. vrede

    Does it really matter who any of us vote for… when a Diebold voting machine makes the final decision???

  71. nuvue

    Both these guys have to be nuts to want to be Pres. after G Dub.
    Whoever is going to inherit a mell of a hess. In light of the latest economy fiasco….”the basics of the economy are fundamentally strong” way to go JMc
    In response to the above, I also do not trust our election system any longer and feel we need to take Castro up on his advice to send in some outside observers….The last two elections have been mighty fishy.

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