Photo by Zaire Kacz

Dance dance evolution

The spark for Reborn came by way of a number of sources, from a bag of pantyhose to a photography series to the birth of Heather Maloy’s son. But Maloy, artistic director of Asheville’s Terpsicorps Theatre of Dance, says that she doesn’t set out to collaborate with artists of various media when she’s creating a […]

Carolina on her mind: Oklahoma-based singer-songwriter Samantha Crain has a lot of N.C. connections, from recording studios and touring stops to musical collaborators, thanks to her label, Ramseur Records. Photo by Todd Roeth

Quality over quantity

Not many opening acts get standing ovations, let alone return to the stage for an encore. But singer-songwriter Samantha Crain did when she opened for William Elliott Whitmore at The Grey Eagle last September. That night, she also played a couple of new songs: “Paint,” with the wrenching line, “I’m almost young this year, now […]

Shoot out: The annual 48 Hour Film Festival is a super fun, super grueling process.

Camera ready

When the director calls "Action!" at the 48 Hour Film Project kickoff, it's no joke. Everyone involved, from writers of costumers to actors and camera crew better move at top speed because that 48 hour deadline is hard and fast. Short films are expected to be scripted, shot, edited and submitted in two whirlwind days. […]

Character sketch: Of a young doctor in And the Mountains Echoed, the author says, “He feels both that he has kind of come home to the place where he was born, but at the same time, the place has moved on without him.” Photo by Elena Seibert

Kabul together

Author Khaled Hosseini says his just-released novel, And the Mountains Echoed, began with a perfectly clear and vivid picture in his head. “It was this man walking across the desert, and he’s pulling a wagon,” says Hosseini. “In it, there’s a little girl, and a few steps behind there’s a boy who’s shadowing them.” That […]

Mountain Oasis expands lineup, announces daily schedule

In a press release this week, The 2013 Mountain Oasis Electronic Music Summit announced that Sparks, Ulrich Schnauss, Mount Kimbie, ITAL (live), Autre Ne Vuet, Delorean, Actress, Shlohmo, Sorne, T.Williams and People Get Ready have been added to the festival’s lineup. Mountain Oasis takes place October 25-27. The lineup already icludes Nine Inch Nails, Bassnectar, […]

Uneasy riders: The residents of the The Yonahlosse Riding Camp for Girls traverse friendships, family tragedy, first love and the Great Depression. Photo by Nina Subin

Girl land

Summer camp is to kids what Vegas is to adults: what happens there (between the canoeing and the s’mores), stays there. Sort of. Campfire-building skills and lifelong friends — those things you take with you. Try-on personas, a penchant for popsicle-stick crafts and first kisses — those things remain in the camp vault. Summer camp […]