Give the gift that keeps on greening

The cyclists on your list probably have all the lights, warm winter wears, tools and bike accessories they need, but you can still surprise them with a cycle-centric gift. Asheville on Bikes director Michael Sule offers several creative ideas for bicycle enthusiasts. “Those who ride the city appreciate Asheville’s expansion of multi-modal infrastructure, so give […]

Bathetic Records and Headway Recordings celebrate Lazy Magnet album release

The experimental music scene in Asheville has seen exponential growth in the past year, thanks in large part to two local labels — Headway Recordings and Bathetic Records. This weekend, the pair combine forces to throw a local album release party for one of Bathetic’s most prolific (and indescribable) artists, Providence, R.I.-based Lazy Magnet.

Reclaim the Airwaves Tour promotes community radio at Firestorm Cafe

Interested in small, community-based media? Next year, thousands of noncommercial radio licenses will become available all across the country, granting ordinary citizens unprecedented access to the airwaves. This weekend, the Reclaim the Airwaves Tour visits Firestorm Café and Books to discuss the upcoming changes and assist interested individuals and organizations with their license applications.