A product of a complex process

In high summer, when the heat reaches its peak, there's energy and excitement in apple country. The fruit brightens on the branch as growers prepare to pick the earliest varieties — Honeycrisp, Gala, Golden Delicious and Green Mutsu. Ripening and readiness beam from the trees in clusters visible from the roadsides. Harvest season begins. Picking […]

Goodbye Viva Deli

You will not be able to get a delicious caprese sandwich from Viva Deli tomorrow. Or the next day. It’s probably not a good sign for an establishment when its Haywood Road marquee — which typically shouts out daily specials and funny sayings — says that one of the coowners is an “A-Hole.” That sign […]


Salsa’s goes next door Where succulent sweets once reigned, spices and salt will take over. Salsa's Mexican Caribbean Restaurant, a downtown Latin food stronghold for the last 18 years, will take over the space formerly occupied by the Sisters McMullen Cupcake Corner, which closed on Sunday, Aug. 12. Hector Diaz, founder and owner of Salsa's […]

Going native

The intersection of U.S. Highway 70 and Whitson Avenue could be anywhere in America — a few low-lying buildings are scattered about at random, and the prevailing feeling is one of utilitarian grunge. But it's not just anywhere; it's Swannanoa. Yet despite the area's haphazard appearance, a determined group of locals has managed to create […]