The endless cup of Joe

Self-professed “coffee tourist” Matthew Hebb reckons he has patronized at least 582 independent coffee shops in his relatively short lifetime (he’s 26). He’s even driven upwards of 100 miles just to visit a specific coffee shop—for both the flavor and the ambience. He’s got your fix: Matthew Hebb at his new 24-hour coffee shop, Caffiend. […]

The kid’s all right

School’s almost out for the summer, and for many students that means the lure of three months of lazy days and hot party nights. For Adam King, a rising junior at Reynolds High School, it’ll most likely mean more writing for Asheville Citizen-Times blog “Student on the March,” volunteer work throughout the community and his […]

Public to brainstorm for proposed performanc­e center

With no concrete plans—much less any concrete poured—the nonprofit group Asheville Area Center for the Performing Arts keeps plugging away at its dream of creating a performing-arts center in downtown Asheville adjacent to the Pack Square Park, which is now under construction. The proposed $85 million facility is far from becoming reality, though the group […]

Asheville City Council

A year ago, Asheville faced a budget shortfall that had Council members and city staff scrambling. What a difference a year makes. Stepping up: Asheville residents Precious Folston, above, and Jacquelyn Hallum, below, will put their passion for education to the test as the city’s newest school board members. photo by Jonathan Welch For the […]

The art of the flip

Asheville’s hot housing market makes it a flipper’s paradise: Just buy an old house, fix it up and then sell it for a hefty profit. House beautiful: Successful real-estate flippers Susan and Derrick Edwards show off a transformed home in North Asheville that they were able to sell for a hefty profit. photo by Jonathan […]

Whose business is it?

A local grass-roots group is developing tools to help protect the Asheville area’s large lesbian-and-gay population from workplace discrimination. People for Employment Equality for Gays and Lesbians has created an online directory of employers who openly accept lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgendered (LGBT) individuals, whether through a written personnel policy or simply as standard practice, […]

A home to call their own

Kendra loves movies and basketball. Dustin wants to be a paramedic. Amber has visions of becoming a country singer in Nashville. Rusty describes himself as an active person who likes hands-on activities and likes building things. David desires to be a NASCAR driver or mechanic, while his brother, Adam, says he enjoys basketball, skateboarding and […]