Protecting yesterday’s beans

College may very well be intellectually enthralling and socially beguiling, but all that excitement calls for small sacrifices. As any frosh will readily confirm, being a full-time student means wearing flip-flops in the shower, sharing the remote for the student-lounge T.V. and giving up one's garden. Courtesy James G.K. McClure Jr. Farmers Federation Collection, Southern […]

Reservatio­ns for none

The tourists strolling through downtown Asheville on a weekend night might appear to be window-shopping or people-watching, but that's not all those wide-eyed visitors are doing: More often than not, they're waiting for a table. An hourlong wait for a restaurant meal isn't uncommon in Asheville, where locals' laissez-faire attitudes toward reservations and the universal […]

Exporting Asheville’s know-how

To achieve the goal of eating closer to home, last month some food activists took a trip to a very faraway place. Asheville's Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project this fall hosted its first-ever Local Food Institute, designed to familiarize local-food-market developers from Tennessee to Toledo with ways to energize their economies. For three days, participants tromped […]