The news we all make

When I was in journalism school a decade ago, we scrambled to keep up with advances in our field, many of them technological: digital cameras, Web-based research and publishing, and the like. But we were still following the same underlying model that had driven our profession for more than a century: We were the experts, […]

Teed off? The shifting state of the Tiger Woods brand

Tiger Woods has been in high demand among top-dollar corporate clients seeking a celebrity to help peddle their products. But amid the mounting scandal and media frenzy surrounding his personal travails, various national authorities are assessing and debating the current standing and value of his personal brand, and those opinions are all over the map. […]

LiveWire Asheville opens online gateway for area performing arts

After two years spent researching, developing and designing the project, a consortium of artists, venues and supporters last week launched, which is intended to be a one-stop shop for info about Asheville-area performing arts. One of its main goals? To create a brand for Asheville's performing arts, and help better market the local arts […]

Apocalypse WNC

The lights go out. Your car coasts to a halt while trains and subway cars careen into crashes and airplanes plunge to earth. Forget about the Internet, or using your radio, phone, refrigerator or microwave — they're all disabled. You're suddenly off the grid, because it's fried: Everything with electronic circuitry has shut off, and […]