For the record: Asheville Primary Twitter coverage via #avlelect hashtag (UPDATED)

Xpressville Tweets tagged with #avlelect, as they appeared on’s moderated feed : fobes:RT @asheville: AVL city primary turnout at record low: A yr after soaring amid excitement of a presidential.. Oct. 8, 8:39 am fobes:RT @ashevilleallie: for those in asheville who were disappointed from the low turnout yesterday: Oct. 7, 12:53 pm […]

Media with a mission

Fifteen years ago, in keeping with Asheville's continuing love affair with upstarts, a small group of believers launched Mountain Xpress. It was a long shot. Xpress started small, running about 24 pages a week, and slowly gained traction by virtue of its local focus and its chutzpah. We told readers that we published the news […]

Anatomy of a local Twitter argument resolved: Politics & peace in a small town

Early this morning, local Twitterer WNCGOP began his day with a terse politically and sociologically charged one-liner: WNCGOP: “Good morning everyone. It’s raining here in Asheville, NC (which is a good thing, because it keeps down the stink of those damned hippies).” Here’s what happened in the ensuing hours of Twitter discussion:

A raucous, joyful noise

What has stayed with me down through the years is the swoosh of the street cleaner trundling through downtown’s deserted streets about an hour before dawn. The noise would often startle me out of a pinpoint reverie while doggedly writing or editing some story — reminding me that the night was slipping away and I […]

What happened to the news?

We knew we had a problem here at Xpress when readers across town started calling Thursday morning, the day after the paper came out, saying our boxes were empty and asking where they could get a copy of the new issue. Could these readers’ dilemma have anything to do with the fact that this was […]

CIBO sabotages WNC air

With dazzling disregard for the public health and the democratic process, some wily tricksters at the Council of Independent Business Owners are suing Asheville and Buncombe County, in an effort to block state approval of the county’s new air agency. And for this 11th-hour maneuver, they should be held accountable. [See “CIBO’s last-minute stand,” on […]