Review of What the Butler Saw

If the recent news of ecological catastrophe in the Gulf, or (closer to home) vandalism and hate crimes in Our Fair City have got you feeling a little down, take my advice: Give N.C. Stage a buzz and reserve a ticket for What the Butler Saw, the near-perfect farce by British playwright Joe Orton currently running at the little theatre on Stage Lane.

Review of The Importance of Being Earnest

The more shows I see Montford’s intrepid players undertake, the more fond of them I become. It’s community theater at its best, as far as I’m concerned. The vibe with the audience is supportive and enthusiastic, and you can’t help but feel that everyone, both onstage and off, is having a tremendously good time.

Happy Hour at the BeBe

Let’s suppose the end-of-the-workday routine of cheap pitchers and ESPN has grown a bit stale for you … Here’s my suggestion: come 7:15, grab your drinking buddy and head down to Commerce Street. Asheville Contemporary Dance Theatre’s current show, The Physics of Happy Hour, will not only defy the gravity of your postmodern ennui, they’ll also wet your whistle for you.