Down a lazy river

When fishermen tell you that they plan to get out on the water “early,” they mean early in a very different way than, say, runners, mountain bikers or climbers. O captain, my captain: The author’s friend and guide to the French Broad, Kenneth Tucker, shows off a smallmouth pulled from the river. Photo by Jonathan […]

How not to camp

Editor’s note: As we edge toward the dog days of summer—all dust, smog and sultry nights—the image of a cool spring outing might seem a pleasant one to press against your fevered brow. Writer Jonathan Poston insists otherwise. Going to extremes: High-country weather is changable — and has little to do with conditions down below. […]

The trail makers

Trail construction and maintenance is not what many people imagine: a crew of woodsmen packing an arsenal of chainsaws, dynamite and bulldozers, parting swaths of earth with brute force. Although trailblazing has never been a true art form, it’s rapidly becoming a more complex and elegant process, especially in light of our increasing focus on […]

Bugs and snakes and bears, oh my!

There are many places in the world where being outdoors and staying alive don’t mesh well. South African waters harbor 2,000-pound great whites that ambush their prey from below; Australia is home to saltwater crocodiles known for snatching unknowing victims; and the milky sap of the Caribbean manchineel tree is so poisonous that indigenous tribesmen […]

Stoking the fire

It’s not unusual to see serious athletes gobbling greasy cheeseburgers and washing them down with rivers of draft beer after a hard workout. But while the urge is understandable, it’s a bit like dumping tar into a racecar’s gas tank. The truth is, a body needs premium fuel, timed accordingly, in order to perform well. […]