Getting at The Essential Idea

For some, The Essential Idea: Robert Motherwell’s Graphic Works will appear as a collection of talentless blobs and scribbles. For others, the works are a testament to the heights of American Modernism. And for the printmakers, this exhibition will serve as an ode to the medium’s variety and form. This show presents a collection of […]

Asheville Art Museum grows up

Looking at the big move into the new space On March 23, the Asheville Art Museum premiered Art Works PRIMED — the first phase of its Interim Expansion Project that takes it into the former Health Adventure space at Pack Place. (The Health Adventure relocated to the Biltmore Square Mall in October 2011.) Despite the […]

What’s in store for the first Friday?

Of the 23 galleries, studios and two museums that are part of the Asheville Downtown Gallery Association, a few are off to a sleepy start for this year’s first Art Walk. But for a handful of downtown gallery owners, the first Art Walk of the year will be an all-out celebration. Asheville’s Art Walk is […]


Blue Spiral 1 started off the 2012 exhibition calendar with the annual reprise of New x Three. This year’s show features new works by five southeastern artists that are themselves new to the gallery.  Asheville resident and abstract painter Barbara Nerenz Kelley is the only two-dimensional artist featured in this year’s exhibition. Her harsh brushstrokes […]

What is PechaKucha­? Why do you care?

It’s got a weird name, it draws out crowds of artists, architects and designers, and it happened in more than 463 cities last year. And it’s about to enter its fifth incarnation at Phil Mechanic Studios. PechaKucha, pronounced “Pa-Cha-Ka-Cha,” is an international design-based social phenomenon that occurs on every continent except Antarctica. But I’m sure […]

Art Bets: Erin Fussell

Polaroids. They’re around for a while, then it seems like they’re gone again, maybe. But who doesn’t love them? An upcoming show is set to feature a small instant-shot arsenal of the three-by-four-inch photographs. Twenties: Decade in Polaroid, 1999-2008 is the newest old collection of works by Asheville photographer Erin Fussell — spanning a 10-year […]


For those of you familiar with Severn Eaton’s work, leave behind your expectations. Eaton makes his debut at PUSH Skateshop and Gallery with a new exhibition titled See What Inspired Me. (Yes, it gets its name from the obnoxious series of Tiger Woods billboards.) The Asheville painter is known for capturing the intensity of socio-cultural […]


There lives an infernal mess of paintings, drawings, nuts, bolts, wooden sculpture and installed terror, abominable things to the normal gallery, because they don’t get on with them … The horror! The horror! Luckily, there are no boats (much less an extensive river journey to collect ivory, or a power-hungry Mr. Kurtz). Instead, take a […]

Art Bets: Black Mountain Invasion

a href=”” medley of art, dance, music and color theory stemming from the philosophical endeavors of ‘50s-era Black Mountain College is coming to Asheville. The first week of October will host multiple exhibitions, public performances and installations, and a three-day conference hosted and organized by the Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center and UNC-Asheville. […]

Art Bets: Porge Buck

Porge Buck is a longtime resident of the River Arts District, iso it is suitable for the Flood Gallery Fine Art Center in the Phil Mechanic Building to host a retrospective exhibition of her work. The Asheville artist and former resident of Washington, D.C., has been an active printmaker since moving to the area in […]

Of people, of printmakin­g

Although the exhibit draws from the economic devastation and social despair of the Great Depression, Artists at Work: American Printmakers and the WPA, at the Asheville Art Museum through Sept. 25, is surprisingly joyous. Many associate the Works Progress Administration with road construction, bridge building and land conservation projects, but one WPA unit, the Federal […]

Artists get Shucked

For local artist, writer and now curator Ursula Gullow, oysters, clams and corn are not the only things that can be shucked. Add artists to the list of things that can shed their protective coverings. In Shucked, a group show opening at Push Skate Shop and Gallery this Friday, she brings together six local artists […]

Review: 5 under 35

If you saw a sign in a neighborhood storefront window announcing “5 under 35,” you might think you could go in for some little gems at a great price. If the storefront is SemiPublic, a tiny art gallery tucked away on Hillside Street in North Asheville, that’s exactly what you get: five artists under 35 years old showing 30 small-scale pieces ranging from metal sculptures to drawings, mixed-media prints and photographs.