Dangerous highway is a disgrace

Does anyone doubt that the 50 yards or so past Westgate on Interstate 240 west is the worst piece of highway in North Carolina? And every halfhearted attempt to patch it up only seems to make matters worse. My guess is that nothing serious will get done until a busload of clueless tourists goes out […]

Climate change is more than just politics

I’m writing today in regards to a story I recently saw in The Mountain Xpress [“Buncombe Commissioners Set Bar High for Carbon Reductions,” Dec. 17] and felt it necessary to comment on a reported statement from Mr. [Mike] Fryar. [Xpress reporter Jake Frankel writes:] “Fryar blasted the move as ‘politics,’ questioning whether there really is […]

Insured for the first time

I visited healthcare.gov on the Internet, and thanks to the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, I am now, at age 63, covered by health care insurance for the first time in my adult life. I’ve had financial ups and downs throughout my life with periods of relative prosperity; at other times, not so […]

Crowded sidewalks are a safety issue

I live downtown and first noticed the increase in sandwich boards on the sidewalks this summer. Then I noticed the other obstacles that restrict and narrow the use of the sidewalks for pedestrians. In addition to the sandwich boards, there are trees, trash barrels, magazine stands, bike racks, planters, motorcycles, street musicians and people sitting […]

The meaning of statistics

Thanks for showcasing the important work of so many of Asheville’s nonprofits [“Doing Good in WNC,” Nov. 20 Xpress]. A lot of information is gathered in one place, but there is a problem with some numbers in the data visualization by Steph Guinan. It is misleading when she says, “$3,236 is the median annual contribution […]

Tackling global warming in Buncombe County

I am encouraged by the Buncombe County commissioners’ resolution to take bold action to tackle global warming. North Carolina has a lot at stake when it comes to global warming, and already communities in Western North Carolina witnessed some of the worst flooding in 70 years this past summer. Scientists warn that extreme weather like […]

A turkey named Martha

Thanks to Stuart David and his letter to the editor [“Adopt a Turkey This Thanksgiving,” Nov. 13 Xpress], our family was able to have a turkey for Thanksgiving for the first time. Her name is Martha. She is described by the Farm Sanctuary as regal and affectionate. Her favorite foods are apple and corn on […]

Thankful for the Affordable Care Act

I want to extend my thanks to the wonderful folks at Blue Cross Blue Shield on Hendersonville Highway who helped me through Healthcare.gov this past Tuesday and got me signed up for a plan that will be almost $350 less than the plan I’ve been struggling to pay for the past several years. Not only […]


In last week’s article, “The Twelve Plays of Christmas,” an incorrect date and ticket price was listed for Jacob Marley’s Christmas Carol. The correct dates for the show are Wednesday through Sunday, Dec. 11-29; weekday and Saturday shows at 7:30 p.m. and Sundays at 2 p.m. The price per ticket is $12-$25, based on a […]