Letter writer: Thousands of small solutions exist for Asheville’s white-supremacy problem

Reading Jerry Sternberg‘s opinion piece, “Gospel According to Jerry: Confessions of a Recovering Racist” [Feb. 11, Xpress], inspired a lot of feelings in me: Irritation, disgust and confusion were the big ones, but there was also a sense of relief. Here is someone with white-skin privilege talking about racism in Asheville, acknowledging that he is a recovering racist and asking about solutions.

Letter writer: Asheville offers multiple spiritual (and nonspiritu­al) paths

I enjoyed the cover article for a December issue (posted online on Dec. 24) entitled “Churches in the fall: local churches get back to their roots in a rapidly changing millennial culture” [Dec. 25, Xpress]. Howard Hanger, founder of Jubilee! definitely helps with the hanging chads left behind by more conservative expressions of orthodoxy and orthopraxy […]

Letter writer: Committed community leaders needed for Asheville City Schools

What could be more important than nurturing the next generation? Public education is an essential part of our democracy, and a local board of education has one of the most important responsibilities — helping steer the educational journeys of the students in our community. Our Board of Education’s decisions affect the lives of students, parents, […]

‘American Sniper’ an ‘endless abomination’

I saw the incredibly violent American Sniper on M.L. King’s nonviolent birthday in a Biltmore Grande theater packed with other Ashevilleans. Director Clint Eastwood succeeded in depicting how brilliantly brave sniper Chris Kyle was tragically traumatized, and then murdered, in part by America’s Middle Eastern policy. The movie is mainly an endless abomination of kicking […]

Two Henderson County wineries omitted from wine industry story

While we are always happy to see coverage of the Western North Carolina wine industry [“Grape Expectations: The Changing Face of WNC Wine,” Jan. 14, Xpress], we were very disappointed that the two Henderson County wineries — Saint Paul Mountain Vineyards and Burntshirt — were not included in the story. Failure to include these thriving wineries in your own backyard […]