Why affordable housing matters

It seems to me that an awful lot of folks I know in service industries have to work two jobs to just make ends meet. When you’re working 40 hours a week, you shouldn’t have to get a second job to afford to live in our city and stay out of poverty. What about people […]

WNC Alliance on Coggins developmen­t

In his letter to the editor referring to the controversy over the proposed development of the Coggins’ property in Riceville [“There is No ‘Light’ Development,” Feb. 5, Xpress], Troy Amastar said he was “appalled that the Western North Carolina Alliance is no longer an advocate for conservation, but instead supports such developments.” Her statement is […]

Thankful for Mountain Mobility

I am writing in regard to Ms. Bergen’s letter [“Mountain Mobility Can Do More,” Jan. 22 Xpress]. I have lived in Asheville for 12 years. Three years ago, I gave up my car. I was dependent upon taxis and the goodness of friends until I heard about Mountain Mobility. They won’t take me to the […]

Fracking and electric vehicles in NC

Apparently, the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources wants to explore for natural gas in these mountains. Long and short — they want to frack here. There goes our pristine mountain water. Obviously, these politicians are in the back pockets of the oil and gas industry. I think we need to tell them […]

Cool Hand Duke: a failure to regulate

What is more fun that sitting inside your house when it is zero degrees outside? Sitting inside your house when it is zero degrees outside with no electricity. With alarming regularity, thousands and thousands of WNC residents are losing power as the Duke grid experiences high demand because of cold weather. Twice in January so […]

Snow safety

On a recent snow day in Asheville, I had the pleasure of taking a walk through my neighborhood and then through downtown. One neighbor was taking responsibility for the sidewalk in front of his house by removing the snow. Lacking a snow shovel, he used a garden shovel to do the job successfully. When I […]

Connecting on I-26

I want to respond to your recent pieces on the Interstate 26 Connector [“Big Ideas,” Jan. 8 and “Connecting,” Jan. 15, Xpress]. Your first piece described the Connector as a “big idea.” I would argue that the I-26 Connector has been an idea that has not been big enough. As you implied in your second […]

A call for commitment

We appreciate the Mountain Xpress’ acknowledgement of unconscious bias in the recent “Big Ideas” history of Asheville (Jan. 8-15). And we accept Xpress’ offer to engage the community in “ongoing civic dialogue.” However, we believe that this dialogue must be more substantial than a brief, unsigned response in the letters to the editor section of […]

Greater mobility for all

In response to the last week’s letter, “Mountain Mobility Can Do More” [Jan. 22 Xpress]: There is a lack of connectability for people who do not have access to automobiles or other options in small cities and rural areas of America. There are ways to solve the local problem, in addition to expansion of the […]

Debate over ‘big ideas’ polarizing

I will preface the following comments with the full disclosure that I’m a white male. I sincerely appreciate and back constructive efforts on everyone’s part to erase social injustice such as racial and gender bias. But the Jan. 10 open letter chastising Mountain Xpress [“Big Ideas,” Jan. 8, Xpress] for apparent gender and racial bias […]

Voice on transit

My name is Tyshaun Johnson. I am a senior at Asheville High School, an employee at Ingles market and a part of the youth staff of the amazing nonprofit organization known as Youth Empowered Solutions (YES!). In addition to these things, I am also among the numerous ART transit riders calling for a reform to […]

Mountain Mobility can do more

I have never been to any of your cultural events, small restaurants, craft fairs, films, etc. You name it, I haven’t been there. Ditto for places and events in Asheville Citizen-Time’s The Scene, or anything in the Mountain Xpress’ Go Local Guide. I have lived in Asheville for just over a year. Unfortunately, I can […]

Clarificat­ion on climate change data

In response to claims made by Michael Ivey’s letter [“Carbon Dioxide Does Not Cause Global Warming,” Dec. 25 Xpress], I have provided some clarification from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Mr. Ivey states that “CO2 is not a pollutant and has never caused the atmosphere to warm.” From Climate Change 2007: Working Group I: […]

Eating for the environmen­t

It’s good to see letter-writers countering the spurious claim that man-made climate change is a myth. But what is even more perplexing to me than the deniers are those who understand the necessity of reversing climate change, yet refuse to embrace simple lifestyle changes that scientists conclude are crucial. The Official Handbook for Live Earth, […]

Rethinking mental health

It was good to see that “Rethinking Mental Health: Local Practitioners, Groups Reject Mainstream Treatment” [Feb. 6 Xpress] was your fifth most viewed post in 2013. In 1978, Judi Chamberlin published the book On Our Own: Patient Controlled Alternatives to the Mental Health System. In 2013, Allen Francis published Saving Normal: An Insider’s Revolt Against […]

The actual data on climate change

This note is in reference to Michael Ivey’s letter “Carbon Dioxide Does Not Cause Global Warming” [Dec. 25 Xpress]. Mr. Ivey states, “Even the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change admits that there has been no warming over the last 16 years.” Please see the excerpt below, from the report “Climate Change 2013: The physical science […]

Global warming is real and must be addressed

In response to the letter, “Carbon Dioxide Does Not Cause Global Warming,” [Dec. 25 Xpress] written by Michael Ivey: It was amusing to read that Mr. Ivey, speaking of the “Big Lie,” is himself parroting the lies promoted by the fuel industry. Ever since the 1990s, energy companies have been funding “studies” trying to cast […]

Hot air

As a conservative, I have always maintained a small carbon footprint out of respect. Now that “global warming” has morphed into the politically correct “climate change,” the Sheeple continue the dance. Climate change is not a new, novel phenomenon. 20,000 years ago, the ice age covered half of North America. And it will happen again. […]

What are we to do?

I’ve long been an advocate of careful wisdom around newfangled technologies, no matter how cool. Thus, I’ve not become accustomed to using cellphones much, and despite the feeling that I absolutely have to have access to a GPS if I’m out on the road, I tend to stay away from untrustworthy “gifts” from the proverbial […]