Asheville Argus: Romney B-sides-attachment0

Asheville Argus: Romney B-sides

One of the national press photogs turned to another and said, “I just feel like there’s so much hate everywhere we go.”  At first I thought they meant that the Secret Service was being too brusque, but as they kept talking, I realized they meant that they feel this hate as they travel around the country with Mitt Romney.

Asheville Argus: Covering Boobfest

This year’s Boobers will surely ratchet up the prurience, mostly for the benefit of the Anti-Boobers, who have a very misguided plan to photograph the acts they consider vile. So unlike most public rallies, in which photographers try to remain uninvolved, this event will illustrate the power of photography to alter—or reinforce—the behaviorr of the subject.

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Photos: Bele Chere pre-game

Downtown Asheville bustled with activity Thursday evening as vendors and staff prepared for Bele Chere, setting up tents and tables and giving directions. Though the festival officially starts tomorrow, enthusiastic sightseers already roamed the closed streets, dodging the occasional Bele Chere staffer in a golf cart or local commuter on a bicycle.