Ponderwell’s community-media proposal earns highest score from evaluation committee-attachment0

Ponderwell­’s community-media proposal earns highest score from evaluation committee

As we reported last week, Mountain Xpress and Ponderwell presented their proposals to an evaluation panel for the Community Media Development Initiatives grant. We have now received the final scoring spreadsheet for both the proposal and presentation portions of the process, showing that Ponderwell’s proposal earned the panel’s high score.

Weekly Asheville Disclaimer Page: 05/25/11-attachment0

Weekly Asheville Disclaimer Page: 05/25/11

• Super Brew arrested for disorderly contact at Fanaticon
• ‘Disney lived/worked in Asheville’ myth again debunked
• ‘R.Crumb dropped LSD/ Masturbated in Burnsville’ still has legs
• Cheese product led to false cocaine arrest, while grilled-cocaine-sandwich- and-heroin-tomato-soup suspect walks free
• Black Mountain Alderman decline to vote on liquor by the drink, citing need for in-depth corn-squeezin’s study
• Papa’s and Beer to change its name

Weekly Asheville Disclaimer Page: 05/18/11-attachment0

Weekly Asheville Disclaimer Page: 05/18/11

• Pit bulls’ reputation takes a hit when one fails to maul a child
• Study: US has 4M gay adults, 80M pairs of to-die-for shoes
• President promises stop to gas-price manipulation
• Black Mountain museum to open season with exciting new exhibits like ‘The Potato that Looks like a Rock’
• Supreme Court overturns SC court’s ruling that all white people must be addressed as ‘colonel’
• Looming cell phone “spectrum crunch” threatens reception clarity, download times
• Hendersonville to add Howard’s Gap Road bike lane, adjacent mass grave for cyclists

Weekly Asheville Disclaimer Page: 05/11/11-attachment0

Weekly Asheville Disclaimer Page: 05/11/11

• Video evidence in Buncombe murder taped over with soap opera
• DA Moore questions episode selection, citing prosecution’s need for scheming look-alike or deathbed sequence
• URTV contemplates suing Buncombe County, citing need for additional coffees, personalized mugs, collection of antique dripolators to ‘bring the whole room together’
• Following arrest, dismissal of Black Mountain cop, town police vow to maintain iron grip of martial law in the community

Welcome to Asheville Streetstyl­e!

You’ve landed at Asheville Streetstyle, a photographic record of Asheville’s unique and evolving DIY fashion. Most outfits (and their wearers) are scouted and shot in the streets of downtown Asheville, though this site also includes images from fashion shows, boutiques, concerts, parties and other happenings in and around Western North Carolina. Asheville Streetstyle is a […]

Still out doing what they do

Listen to the interview here! Twenty years (!) after the release of its debut, the clever and eclectic 3 Feet High and Rising, hip-hop trio De La Soul prove they're still relevant with a new release on iTunes and an album planned for later this year. Xpress talked to band member Posdnuos about the forefathers […]