A dizzying odyssey

John Crutchfield always felt like he had to write by the rules. Restriction was second nature. But in 2003, he decided to throw out those rules and play around with his words and imagination, letting a story and the flow of language lead him to where an experienced, educated poet had not fully ventured. The […]

Smac and Smithereen

Imagine this: Your mom is a Blue Ridge Rollergirl, goes by the name of Smithereen and is part of a group in Asheville right now. You go to practices, sit around with a few other teenage girls and get to watch mom and friends with nicknames like Poison Sue Smac skating ‘round and ‘round a […]

Big enough for ya?

There’s a really large pumpkin at the N.C. Mountain State Fair this year. It’s not your average pie-making or Halloween-carving job for the yard. It’s a 600-plus pound vegetable that had to be carefully raised from its growing patch in Fletcher with a special lifting ring, then loaded onto a wooden pallet and gently set […]

Shindig on the Green comes back home

For the first time in four years, the mountain music of Shindig on the Green moves back to its original home, in the shadows of the county building and City Hall. Now called Pack Square Park, it's always been home to the beloved summer music series. Fans and musicians alike are happy to be back […]

Public Domain

True to its roots, The Redundant Theatre Company Theatre is launching a new show, and the thespians have no idea how the audience will respond. The audience may love it, hate it, or anything in between. And that type of reaction is what propels TRTCR to continue producing shows that some people might call weird; […]

Adieu, adieu

Monday rehearsals for Asheville Choral Society begin at exactly 7:15 p.m. No chatting. No daydreaming. No fiddling with your cell phone. There's a concert coming up, and there is work to be done. Fare the well: After 40 years in music, Lenora Thom steps down to spend more time with family and friends. Photo by […]