Wells Fargo offers to replant ‘Treasured Trees’ cut on Patton Avenue; enviro groups want more

A property manager for Wells Fargo recently told local environmental groups that the bank would plant three young trees to replace the “Treasured Trees” it cut near its new sign on Patton Avenue. Meanwhile, the city and Asheville Greenworks are looking at some changes that could prevent cases like these from happening in the future.

NC Arboretum reintroduc­es American chestnut to its grounds (blight resistant, this time)

When white folks arrived on these shores, American chestnuts were the dominant tree from Georgia to Maine; then in the early 1900s, an imported disease virtually wiped them out — an estimated 4 billion trees. Now, thanks to the American Chestnut Foundation—and its genetic improvement program—the trees are positioned to make a comeback. Here, ACF President Bryan Burhans and Natural Landscape Crew Leader Tony Morrison pose with one of the newly planted, blight-resistant young trees.

Activist, author Silas House gives keynote at NC Writers Network conference Friday, Nov. 18

The North Carolina Writers’ Network brings its fall conference to the Doubletree Hotel in Biltmore this weekend, Nov. 18 – 20, attracting hundreds of writers from around the country and providing a rich slate of activities, including a keynote presentation by award-winning author and activist Silas House, perhaps best known for his opposition to the mountaintop removal mining.