Profile: Sow True Seed

Sow True Seed was founded in 2009 to serve home gardeners, market growers and the seed-saving community at large. The company seeks to promote and foster community sustainability by helping to preserve our shared botanical heritage and “seed” a new era of sustainable culture and ecological wisdom. We work with regional growers and independently owned […]

How to launch a local business: A Mountain BizWorks success story

By Mountain BizWorks Kudzai Mabunda is a native of Zimbabwe who has dedicated her career to providing assisted living and social services to her community. Several years ago, Kudzai noticed a growing trend in her field — “family care homes,” which provide elderly or disabled Medicaid beneficiaries with living facilities in a home environment. After […]

Why Buy Local?

By Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project Because choices matter. Buying local helps us to…. Celebrate our Character and Heritage Buying local ensures that our farms and local businesses remain vibrant and productive and contribute to preserving our scenic landscape and unique culture. Keep Value in the Local Economy Buying local is about more than how we […]

How-To: How to dress local

By Asheville Grown Sustainability is a beautiful thing — and so is sustainably crafted fashion. When we wear upcycled clothing — meaning clothing that would otherwise be discarded, including unique vintage pieces or custom-crafted looks from leftover fabrics — we reduce waste and environmental impact. When we buy clothes from locally owned businesses, we support […]

How-To: How to ‘Greenerize’ your home: Easy and inexpensive ways to save energy

By Western North Carolina Green Building Council Service your heating/cooling system: Like a tune-up for your car, this should be done annually. Clean the unit and replace the filters to ensure that the equipment is running at its most efficient. Do it yourself or hire a service technician. Install a programmable thermostat: Automatically adjust your […]

Profile: Asheville Tool Library

The Asheville Tool Library is basically like a regular library — but instead of books you get to rent out tools. We provide low-cost access to a wide range of tools, literature and knowledge. The community-driven project empowers individuals through affordable access to resources that encourage rehabilitation, creativity, entrepreneurship and livability. Here’s how it works: […]