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Living Energy Advanced Professional Bodywork

I invite you to try Advanced, Professional Massage at the Hands-On Healing clinic in North Asheville with Jeffrey Rich, LMBT #16954. I have been a full-time massage therapist, educator and healing professional for over 19 years.

I am intrigued by the way in which our bodies process process and hold the energies of the fields we are embedded in, physical, family/ancestral, the places where we live and work, and also the fields of our culture and planet. I have made many years' study into how these energies show up in our bodies as discomfort, pain, and conditions which don't change. My training is deeply physical and also energetic. I bring all of that, plus my considerable experience to the table to give you the best massage possible.

Additionally, I offer Systemic and Family Constellation, and Shamanic Healing and instruction. 

My practice is located in the Hands-On Healing clinic, 670 Weaverville Rd #1. I am one block South of Stoney Knob Cafe. I would love to work with you!

Phone: 828-222-0763

Website: https://www.livingenergymassageandhealing.us

E-mail: jeffrey.rich@gmail.com



Address: 670 Weaverville Rd #1 Asheville NC 28804