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Foster Parents Needed in the Asheville-Hendersonville area

The Bair Foundation, a Foster Care ministry is looking for committed families willing to open their heart & homes to local youth. Bair has over 50 years’ experience serving children & families...we've changed lives, but not without people just like you. For more details & training dates, call: 828-350-5197 or to request a packet of information, visit: https://fpi.bair.org/Inquiry.aspx?Office_ID=4.

How could you possibly make a real impact on such a daunting need? By sharing your life, faith, and your home with an abused child or teen, you can bring lasting change, provide restoration and rebuild trust while teaching children to love others and themselves.

The Bair Foundation offers the following opportunities to serve:
• Full Time Foster Parenting
• Part-Time (Respite) Foster Parenting
• Foster-to-Adopt
• Medically Needy Foster Care