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The World Teacher (AKA: the Bodhisattva,

If the Christ or Buddha returned, would you recognize Him? Believe it or not, He has returned & will soon be seen by everyone. He is also known as Maitreya the World Teacher, the Imam Mahdi, Kalki Avatar, Messiah, Krishna, & the Bodhisattva. He has never wanted to be worshiped (doing so creates a barrier to understanding) & will not send anyone to "hell". He says everyone is equal and important. He has zero religious barriers in His consciousness, and does not want to be believed in. Experienced, yes. Believed in, no. He is inspiring humanity to see itself as one huge family, & to see the urgent need to rebuild the world based upon the principles of sharing, justice, brotherhood, and love -- so everyone everywhere can have a great life. His energies of love & compassion work through everyone who is working for a better, saner, more peaceful world - regardless of what they believe. <><> Believe it or not, Don't take our word for it. We encourage readers to investigate & form their own opinions, while consciously avoiding jumping to unfounded conclusions. If the material makes sense to you, please share it with others who may also be interested. <><> Please note: Anyone presenting or promoting his or herself as Maitreya or the World Teacher is definitely not the same person we are referring to here. <><> Two web sites places with details and hundreds of pages of material & free books. Main site: http://www.share-international.us <><> Alternative site: http://www.biblioteca-ga.info <><> Download free book: The World Teacher for All Humanity: http://www.tinyurl.com/TheWorldTeacher <><><> May all beings be happy & free, regardless of what they believe in. May Peace prevail on Earth.

Website: http://www.share-international.us