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ThaiVedic Bodywork Training and Retreat at Prama Institute

For the first time ever in the US, this ThaiVedic Bodywork Training is an all-inclusive transformative retreat held at the Prama Institute, located 25 mins north of Asheville, NC from Aug 7-11, 2019.

Massage therapists will receive 30 continuing education credits!

ThaiVedic is the perfect union of timeless Ayurvedic principles and Buddhist Thai Yoga therapy; a bodywork art that bridges the world’s greatest holistic medicine systems with the therapeutic techniques of Thai Yoga Massage.

Whether you are interested in practicing Thai bodywork for a career, or you are interested in deepening your own practice of personal health and well-being, this course is for you.

Located in the pristine Blue Ridge Mountains, the Prama Institute is an all-inclusive retreat center, providing the perfect scene to dive deep into the wisdom of Ayurveda and Thai bodywork. Vegetarian, Ayurvedic meals provided daily, as well as comfortable sleeping accommodations.

Pricing = $1,199
Includes lodging and meals.

Commuting, Camping and Private Accommodations are also available.

914-494-6527 eliza.volk@gmail.com thaivedic.com

Phone: 914-494-6527

Website: thaivedic.com

E-mail: eliza.volk@gmail.com