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I, Terry L Newbegin, channeler and author of Books on “New Energy Consciousness” will be hosting “the Channeling of the Masters” at 497 Southern Way, Lenoir City, Tennessee on January 18, 2020, Saturday from 1:00 to 4:00 PM. Since 2004 I have been channeling a group of nine well-known Ascended Masters from beyond the physical realm. And, with them at my side, I have written five books revealing the deeper meaning behind why we suffer.

If you are looking for clarity in life and how to overcome your suffering, then, as the Ascended Masters say, “it becomes very important for you to understand how miracles are created.” And, with the help of the Masters, and with my associate Nancy Salminen from Maine, I plan on hosting a three-hour presentation on this very subject here at my home in Tennessee.

If you feel that your life has been filled with difficulty because of physical pain, lack of abundance, or that you are stuck in general, then by all means reserve your spot before it is to late. Since I will be doing the presentation of the Channeling of Ascended Masters in my home, then know that space is limited. So, if interested in learning more about this event, then please contact Nancy Salminen at email toddypond333@gmail.com or you can phone her at 207-266-4400 to reserve your spot. You can also email me at terry@nei.net">terry@nei.net.

The cost for this event is $40 per person and can be paid at the event. Also, Nancy and I are willing to do some private channelings for the following week of January 19th through 22, 2020 but only for those that will attend the event. The time, day, and cost for the private channelings will be established at the event.

Please note not to wait too long because these events can fill up fast, so if you are interested please contact Nancy ASAP. terry@nei.net http://www.terrynewbegin.com

Website: http://www.terrynewbegin.com

E-mail: terry@nei.net