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Transformational Massage Therapy

For $60.00 I provide, at your home,
a 1.5 to 2 hour massage [deep Swedish with Deep Tissue work and Reiki]
that helps relieve psychological, as well as physiological, stress and tension.
This allows deep Peace and Well-Being to emerge. 

My routine usually leaves people in a deeply inner-connected, trance like state;
so, they are very happy they are at home and can enjoy remaining in that state instead of having to come out of it to drive home.
Most people say they sleep deeper, are more calm, and mentally focused for about a week after the massage.
I Love Sharing my Art of Transformational Massage Therapy!
Book an appointment and feel empowered now!
Please check out this video of me sharing the philosophy behind my massage:

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Practicing since December 2003 

Thank you, Frank Solomon Connelly,LMBT#10886 

Cell phone: (828) 707-2983 Creator_of_Joy@hotmail.com
Have a great day! :)
(828) 707-2983 Creator_of_Joy@Hotmail.com">Creator_of_Joy@Hotmail.com (828) 707-2983 Creator_of_Joy@Hotmail.com">Creator_of_Joy@Hotmail.com https://www.facebook.com/Transformational-Massage-Therapy-through-Frank-Solomon-ConnellyLMBT10886-279852348765231/?eid=ARBnZTXupqhdtPo_i8d_j-0VUhvY1NYULBgXrdrQKerGK0zwUeJdIjF0C3KUHLRdAqlY3xeTX1hL8hKW&timeline;_c

Phone: (828) 707-2983

Website: https //www.facebook.com/Transformational-Massage-Therapy-through-Frank-Solomon-ConnellyLMBT10886-27

E-mail: Creator_of_Joy@Hotmail.com