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Residential Operations Director

Residential Operations Director

Location: Asheville, NC

Monday/Wednesday/Friday: 8 am – pm
Tuesday/Thursday: 11 am – 7 pm


Active member of the community and role model for positive community interactions
Oversees scheduling of evening and support staff
Ensures building and grounds are being maintained
Assigns staff to complete deep cleaning and prepare rooms for residents
Oversees the ordering of supplies for cleaning, resident rooms, and safety
Oversees the maintenance of seasonal landscaping/plantings
Oversees the recruiting, hiring, and supervising of all residential staff positions
Serves as the Safety Officer for the building and provides safety trainings
Attends admissions meeting and clinical team meetings
Coordinates communication between residential staff, day shift, and clinical staff teams
Helps maintain the compliance of state licensure requirements


Master’s degree or commensurate experience in the field
Experience working as a supervisor in a mental health field
Experience working in a residential or similar setting with crisis management
Skilled in supporting adults coping with mental health challenges
Commitment to mission, healing community philosophy, and person-centered service delivery
High degree of professionalism, be self-directed, autonomous, and take initiative
Knowledge of ethical and professional hiring practices
Strong supervisory skills
Ability to lead teams, manage team dynamics, and facilitate meetings
Ability to train and coach staff to their fullest potential
Ability to develop, maintain, and evaluate programming
Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing

*CooperRiis is a therapeutic healing community located in Asheville, North Carolina. We are a Smoke/Drug/Alcohol Free Facility.

* CooperRiis strives to maintain high standards of safety for our employees and residents during COVID-19 by following State and CDC guidelines. All staff are required to follow the COVID-19 protocol with no exceptions. This includes, but is not limited to: temperature monitoring, social distancing, wearing a mask, wearing other protective gear as necessary for the position, cleanliness, and hand washing. 828-802-0894 hr@cooperriis.org http://www.cooperriis.org

Phone: 828-802-0894

Website: http://www.cooperriis.org

E-mail: hr@cooperriis.org