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Associate Banquet Steward

Haywood Street Congregation is an urban ministry whose primary constituency includes individuals experiencing homelessness. The Associate Banquet Steward is an executive chef and highly skilled professional cook who assists Haywood Street's Banquet Steward in managing the day-to-day operations of the Downtown Welcome Table and its extension ministries. The Associate Banquet Steward is engaged with meal planning from conception to execution. They also play a key role with training and supervising companions (volunteers) to prepare, plate and clean up from Wednesday and Sunday feasts, served every week to between 300 and 600 hungry souls. The Associate Banquet Steward must embrace Haywood Street's theology of abundant grace and work to fulfill its mission of: Relationship, above all else. Access the complete job description at http://haywoodstreet.org/about/haywood-street-employment/.

Website: http://haywoodstreet.org

E-mail: haywoodstreet@haywoodstreet.or