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Wilderness Therapy Fulltime Position

If you have a desire to serve others, work in the outdoors, and grow professionally and personally-- this position is for you!

Blue Ridge serves youth ages 13-18, young adults ages 18-30, and their families. Students often enter the wilderness feeling angry, sad, confused, or simply lost. Whatever the circumstances, our approach starts with empathy and relationship. Field Instructors play an integral role in delivering our curriculum and helping students see the connections between their thoughts, feelings, and actions. Our Mission is to teach individuals and families the skills needed to be aware of and act on their values. We strive to help our students to realize their best selves and come to a place in life where they honor their values and their strengths. We also encourage all clients to act with accountability to address their challenges. We believe that if our students can better understand themselves and their choices, they’ll be better equipped to make safer, healthier decisions in the future.

As a Field Instructor, you live with students 24-7 for 8 days at a time, and then have 6 days off. Your primary duty is to ensure the physical and emotional safety of the group. At Blue Ridge, we believe in using the wilderness not just as the setting for therapy, but as an active part of the process! As a Field Instructor, that means you’re continuously observing, teaching, and assessing all manner of skills: backpacking, bow-drilling, cooking & general outdoor living, in addition to therapeutic concepts and tools as well. Starting with new staff Training, we will provide you the mentorship and support needed so that you can excel in this role. We encourage staff to bring their own unique personalities, knowledge, interests, and passions into this work. Our staff are not cookie-cutter copies of one-another! You being yourself– simply role-modeling what it means to be a healthy adult– may be our most effective tool for creating change! You are the one students trust and look up to. You are the one that helps them through their hardest moments. And you are the one they remember long after they’ve left Blue Ridge!

We are based in Clayton, GA but most of our staff live in Asheville, Greenville, or the Atlanta area during their time off. Compensation is tied to development and ranges from $150/ day to $215/ day. Staff are eligible for benefits, overtime pay, on-going bonuses, and pro-deal discounts. Housing is not provided.

To Apply: Please start by submitting a Resume and Cover Letter (speak to your skills and interest in this work) to our Recruiter, Nate: nateo@blueridgewilderness.com

For more information visit our Field Instructor hiring page: https://blueridgewilderness.com/fieldinstructortrainings/