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Full-time position: Overnight Awake/3rd Shift Community Mentor

The Overnight Awake/3rd Shift Community Mentor will work as part of an integrative treatment team to provide competent and compassionate clinical care to all clients. This includes performing night checks on all clients, facilitating therapeutic interventions as needed, maintaining the highest level of physical and emotional safety for all, upholding the highest standards of communication as part of a close-knit treatment team, and promoting a positive work environment.

Responsibilities and Duties:
• Provide the highest level of physical and emotional safety to our clients
• Manage and mentor client groups overnight as needed, including:
o Regular night checks on all clients
o Be a supportive presence for clients overnight who may be struggling and facilitate therapeutic interventions as needed, including crisis de-escalation
• Manage the communication of client behaviors, observations, and accomplishments between all members of the treatment team (e.g. unusual, aggressive, or otherwise atypical/abnormal behaviors, difficulties sleeping, medication adherence, interpersonal and group dynamics, etc.)
• Complete all necessary paperwork nightly (including client observations, incident reports as needed, etc.)
• Communication with supervisor for any physical or logistical needs for programming
• Communication with Day Shift Community Mentors and Shift Supervisor regarding all client changes or updates, client medical concerns or updates, client therapeutic updates or issues, and any safety concerns
• Coordinate and strategize plans within appropriate chain of command during emergency situations
• Use proper HIPAA-compliant forms of communication for transference of information as it pertains to clients, facilities and program
• Report to supervisor any concerns, risk or needs to assist in nightly performance and supervision of clients
• Serve as a backup to support staff when needed
• Requires regular and consistent attendance
• All other duties as assigned by supervisor or management team

Experience and Qualifications: 
• Required 1-2 years of education and/or experience in substance abuse, mental health, or related field;
• Required specific training and competency in LGBTQ+ and related issues;
• Attention to detail and ability to manage time effectively;
• Excellent written and verbal communications skills;
• An experienced problem solver; 
• Solid interpersonal skills, flexibility, and ability to work as part of a team;
• Must be at least 21 years of age;
• Must have a valid driver’s license;
• Current Adult CPR/Basic First Aid/AED certification or willingness to obtain;
• Pre-employment drug screen and background check required;
• A genuine enthusiasm for the work, with the ability to self-motivate.

To Apply: Please submit a resume with a cover letter detailing your relevant experience to info@elevatewellnessandrecovery.com with the subject line: “Application: Overnight Awake Community Mentor” We will begin reviewing resumes as they are submitted and will remove the posting once the position(s) are hired.

Elevate Wellness and Recovery, LLC is an equal opportunity employer. We seek to build and maintain a diverse staff with regard to race, culture, ethnicity, class, religion, age, gender, gender identity and sexual orientation. We strongly encourage people of color, especially those who identify as being a part of the LGBTQ+ community, to apply.