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Want to camp, but a solid sided trailer is too expensive?

Here is the perfect solution. Buy my SylvanSport GO pop up camper. $9,500 firm. Small and aero and only 850 pounds. This is the popup camper built in Brevard with many engineering innovations.


Our Go is just three camping seasons old but has been used only three times. It is pristine. Our Camper comes with many extras now included in the current top of the line model that is over $17,000, and more.

In addition, we will include many extras not in the base GO package. These include: roof top solar panel and portable solar generator, the GoZebo, an extra free standing tent that attaches to the camper to provide an extra weather proof space, a Porta-Potty (never used) and a separate tent to create a private bathroom space (no more long cold trek to the bathhouse in the middle of the night), a new two burner Colman camp stove, camp table, 4 lightweight stabilizers (easy to use), 2 chocks, four leveling blocks, and more. Small quiet gas generator sold separately $400.


Phone: 8283161719

E-mail: Mandjbeech@icloud.com