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Food & Supplement Testing
Do you want to know what to eat and what to avoid to Lose Weight & Feel Better?! Would you also like to Have More Energy, Clarity of Mind, Better Habits, Strengthen Your Immune System, Detox & Heal Your Body, and so much more!!! I can help! Call today and we can see what your specific body’s needs are & create your personalized wellness plan for you! -Food & Supplement Testing: (via Biofeedback) I offer food testing of over 70 different foods in order to get my clients on a diet that is specific to their body. Following your personal food screen can increase your energy levels and reduce inflammation in the body. When we know what to eat and what to avoid it can be powerful! I test all supplements on the device before recommending them to my clients so that we can both feel confident it will work for them when they’re taking it. Biofeedback testing provides an accurate non-invasive means of determining nutritional needs and assessing food & supplement guidelines for the individual.
-Live Blood Cell & Lymphatic Microscopy: Through microscopic evaluation, many tendencies towards dysfunction in the body can be revealed. Blood & Saliva samples (1 drop) are observed through an Olympus microscope and a live image is projected onto a monitor so You Can See what is going on Inside Your Body. The function of the red blood cells and white immune cells are observed for nutritional needs, immune system strength/weaknesses, degenerative micro-organisms such as yeast, bacteria, fungus, parasites and blockages which may be causing degenerative symptoms. Whole food based nutritional supplements and dietary changes can be recommended for biofeedback testing from these results. Visually see changes in your cells as you improve your health!
-Holistic Health Coaching: As a holistic health coach I will help you hear what your body is telling you and with my Foundations of Health program I will teach you practical ways to integrate healthier habits into your daily life. I will be an accountability partner to help motivate you to use these powerful principles that can bring balance and stability to your whole being. We will look at and work on the various stressors that are causing your mind and body harm. I will help you build awareness and skills to create and maintain these practices in order to achieve optimal health and vitality. Reaching our full potential of health and vitality is possible when we put holistic principles into practice in our lives every day. Holistic meaning we address all the various lifestyle & dietary habits that affect our body and mind. NATURE OF HEALTH Irijah McDowell, Nutripath & Holistic Health Coach -
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