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  • Beer Scout: A look ahead to the coming year in WNC craft brewing

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  • The full-year farmer

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  • Carmelita is certified good food

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    Looking Glass Creamery slates Carmelita as a sauce. True, it’s good on apples, bread, ice cream, but it’s best, unaccompanied, with a spoon. Some of the nation’s top confection connoisseurs…
  • From the creators of LAB … more LAB

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    The big, dark cavern and sometime parking area next door to Lexington Avenue Brewery is about to burst open with a glorious bounty of Asian-inspired eats and craft beer. That's…
  • To market, to market

    -by Emily Patrick
    In the morning, the neighborhood grocer wakes up and enjoys a breakfast at home with his family before sauntering down the steps to his shop. There, he spends the day…
  • More beer to South Slope

    -by Emily Patrick
    The South Slope neighborhood is growing like a weed on a sunny, south-facing barrow. The up-and-coming neighborhood — and subject of a January Xpress cover story — will be home…
  • Anything meaty, tasty and juicy

    -by Emily Patrick
    Craig Hoge proudly mans his bright-yellow bread truck, which is decked out with pictures of anthropomorphic sausages and tiny hearts. It's an eye-catching homage to “anything meaty, tasty and juicy,”…
  • Brews News: Covering The Beat

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    Breweries aren’t the only big news this year. Asheville has a new beer writer. Our longtime Brews News columnist, Anne Fitten Glenn, departed last year to join Oskar Blues, and…
  • Headwaters can’t be Headwaters anymore

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    Headwaters Brewing of Waynesville was sent a cease-and-desist order earlier this month over its name. The dispute came from Victory Brewing Co. of Downington, Pa., makers of popular beers like…




  • Lots of Them in Henderson County

    -by Molton
  • Building Slide

    -by Brent Brown
  • Asheville Disclaimer 01/30/13

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    Mayor Bellamy activates dudes into Roller Derby frontline action
  • Stand up to Progress Energy

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    As I guided a group of paddlers 117 miles down the French Broad River over nine days last summer, we passed dozens of boaters, fishermen, tubers, swimmers and other folks…
  • Target someone less vulnerable

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    Given the public's lack of information on government in our country at present, the "Cecil Bothwell emails" cited in the Jan. 23 "Asheville Disclaimer" constitute attack. So much of public…
  • Be respectful or be gone

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    At the Martin Luther King Jr. Day Peace March I noticed a group of white, teenage boys … taking turns posing and laughing while taking pictures with an African-American man…
  • Allow the thirsty to drink

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    For years my wife and I have traveled to Hot Springs (flinging cash in every direction while traveling through Asheville) to soak and bring back some of its fine spring…
  • Call from the mountains

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    As an Asheville native and an environmental science major at UNC-Chapel Hill, I have always loved state parks. In fact, my choice to major in environmental science branched from the…