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Jump Start: Connecting with Me2We

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Th Me2We conference helps local youth learn from the past generation's experience and confront their own challenges today. This year's two-day event focused on community and connection.





  • Jump start: Me2We conference helps youths leap ahead

    -by Cameron Huntley
    “Learning from the past generation's successes and then confronting their own challenges today," is the mission of Me2We, a forum for minority youth to learn about their community's past as…


  • Poet Laureate

    -by Molton
  • Asheville Disclaimer 7/23/14

    -by Xpress Staff
    Effects of waking at 2 a.m. prompt WLOS meteorologist Julie Winder to call it a day (with chance of rain)
  • Availability of specialty spirits is alive and well

    -by Letters
    In response to Jonathan Ammons’ article “Handcuffed: Local Bartenders Decry ABC Law Restrictions” [July 9, Xpress], the availability of specialty spirits is alive and well. North Carolina’s alcohol control system…
  • Reader protests use of phrase in autism story

    -by Letters
    I am a disabled autistic adult, and I am writing to protest the use of the phrase “feebleminded” in your recent article about autism [“Profiles: Living Full-circle with Autism Spectrum…
  • Skateboarding article was riveting

    -by Letters
    Thank you to Cameron Huntley  for a beautifully written story [“Poetic Mayhem at Thrashville:  The Secret World of WNC Skateboarding,” July 9, Xpress].  I didn’t expect that my interest would…
  • Hazel Twenty is about to hit the streets

    -by Letters
    I truly enjoyed reading your story about people creating new retail marketing ideas in the area [“Driving Sales: Mobile Businesses Roll Into WNC,” July 9, Xpress].  There is another mobile…
  • Don’t let a meme get you

    -by Letters
    In response to [David Lynch’s July 16] letter [“New Mural at Orbit DVD is Offensive”], we interpret art with our own issues and desires. I look at an orchid, and…
  • Safe Space

    -by Brent Brown