Keeping the faith

Cover Design Credit: Emily Busey, Photograph by Max Cooper
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  • Highlights from the new Get It! Guide

    -by Xpress Staff
    The mission of Xpress’ first annual Get It! Guide is to provide locals and visitors with an introduction to the many ways we can engage and have a stake in…


  • Corrections: Mamacita’s and The Imperial LIfe

    -by Webmaster
    The owner of Mamacita’s and is John Atwater. An article in the Nov. 14 issue was incorrect. Table’s new bar, The Imperial Life, is closed on Tuesdays. An article in…
  • The Gospel According to Jerry

    -by Webmaster
    Editor’s note: This is the sixth “Life in Seely’s Castle” tale. All are available, with photos, at or A lot of people let their hair down in my…
  • Xpress is not here to tell us what to think or fear

    -by Webmaster
    This letter is in response to the Dec. 5 story, “No Easy Answers,” and the Dec. 22 followup, “Merchants Protest Dec. 5 Lexington Avenue Story.” I am in the process…
  • “No Easy Answers” is shoddy journalism

    -by Webmaster
    The Dec. 5 article, "No Easy Answers: Lexington Avenue's Uncertain Future," paints Lexington Avenue as a street of violence, crime and gentrification. Do these things exist on Lexington? Of course…
  • Don’t perpetuate fears and stereotypes

    -by Webmaster
    I’d just put down Michelle Alexander's book, The New Jim Crow, in which I’d been reading page after page of evidence of the many racial disparities and stereotypes in the…
  • The white elephant on the avenue

    -by Webmaster
    David Forbes' Dec. 5 piece, “No Easy Answers: Lexington Avenue's Uncertain Future,” accurately and fairly framed many of the issues troubling downtown these days. I’m grateful that so much of…
  • Xpress responds

    -by Webmaster
    In the past few weeks, we have received many letters and online comments about the Dec. 5 cover story, “No Easy Answers: Lexington Avenue's Uncertain Future.” We welcome such feedback,…
  • Santa and the Giant Chimney

    -by Webmaster
  • How to Talk and Act Like an Asheville Tea Bagger

    -by Webmaster