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  • Ask NC Senate to pass autism insurance bill

    -by Letters
    Thank you so much for your article on Autism [“Living Full-Circle with Autism Spectrum Disorder,”June 25, Xpress].  As a mother of a teenager on the spectrum, it is wonderful for…
  • Urge legislature to put medical marijuana to vote

    -by Letters
    There is a bill currently in the NC House of Representatives to put the issue of Medical Marijuana on the November ballot.  H1161 currently languishes in the Judiciary Committee under…
  • Attitude towards mural is ironically intolerant

    -by Letters
    Thank you Mountain Xpress for printing the satire on an increasingly silly social issue.  I am referring, of course, to Michael Beal’s letter about the misogynistic cowgirl mural at 99…
  • Mural pays tribute to great bygone era

    -by Letters
    I would like to make a few points concerning a reader’s letter on the cowgirl mural at 99 riverside [“Cowgirl is Misogynistic,” June 25, Xpress]. Although he makes some valid…