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In this special issue, Xpress explores local approaches to spirituality — from the ways long-established congregations are responding to the changing role of religion in daily life to the little-known tale of pioneering turn-of-the-century forester Gifford Pinchot’s transcendent love.





  • Screen scene: Local film news

    -by Edwin Arnaudin
    Asheville-based hammered dulcimer player Joshua Messick releases a short documentary, Asheville Brewing unwraps its 7 Days of Classic Christmas Movies series and more.


  • Asheville Archives: Love in the time of Pinchot

    -by Thomas Calder
    In Paula Ivaska Robbins' latest book, On Strawberry Hill: The Transcendent Love of Gifford Pinchot and Laura Houghteling, the writer explores an unusual connection and undying love that began in…
  • Local churches guide the next generation

    -by Liz Carey
    A strong spiritual rudder can help young people navigate life’s problems long after they’ve sailed into adulthood, youth ministers say. In Asheville, some churches have changed the way their programs…
  • WNC residents find inspiration in pilgrimage

    -by Danny Bernstein
    Ashevilleans have a history of seeking, and many local residents have taken that search to spiritual pilgrimages along the Caminos of Europe. Now, Asheville has its own 16-mile Camino, a…
  • The changing faces of faith

    -by Max Hunt
    While Asheville thrives on a diverse spiritual life, shifting demographics and evolving notions of religion’s role in daily life have many historic congregations reconsidering the part they play in local…
  • Conscious Party: T.C. Roberson alumni basketball game

    -by Edwin Arnaudin
    Women's and men's basketball games take place Dec. 22 at T.C. Roberson High School to raise funds for the Sizemore family.
  • Board approves 296-apartment complex off Aiken Road

    -by David Floyd
    After a tense back-and-forth between members of the board and residents in the audience, the Buncombe County Board of Adjustment approved the development of a 296-unit apartment complex on Aiken…
  • County receives clean opinion from external auditors

    -by David Floyd
    In the shadow of an ongoing federal investigation into former County Manager Wanda Greene, the county received good news this week: a clean audit for fiscal year 2017.
  • UPDATED: Racial tensions mar WNC holiday events

    -by Max Hunt
    Separate incidents in Canton and Buncombe County over the past week highlight the racial tensions that have dominated headlines throughout 2017 in WNC and across the country.