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Norn Cutson

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Liz Carey
In Xpress’ annual Animal Issue, we take a look at our area’s love affair with animals — from a visit with the Parrot Whisperer to a stop at a house cat museum to a chat with local experts about a most misunderstood mammal.




  • Going batty: Get to know these misunderstood mammals

    -by Maggie Cramer
    According to Katherine Caldwell, a biologist with the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission in Asheville, it's "almost incomprehensible," the number of flying insects bats snap up on their nocturnal hunting expeditions.…
  • Museum celebrates the house cat

    -by Thomas Calder
    The items on display inside the American Museum of the House Cat Museum in Jackson County combine the quirky and the kitsch with the morbid and the mysterious.
  • Livestock judging, showing teaches 4-H kids value of responsibility

    -by David Floyd
    Young participants in Buncombe County 4-H programs learn a wide range of skills. Some involve caring for farm animals, while others — like responsibility, teamwork and persistence — apply to…
  • Rare genetic disorder tests pet owner’s commitment

    -by Liz Carey
    With over $10,000 invested in care for Pipsqueak, a cat with a rare genetic condition, owner Kerbie Berggren says she's earned a title she never thought she'd bear: crazy cat…
  • Training keeps parrots healthy, happy

    -by Liz Carey
    Heather Snipes, known to her clients as the “Parrot Whisperer,” owns A Parrot’s Tale, a bird therapy and bird training practice that she operates from her home. Snipes says her…


  • Screen scene: Local film news

    -by Edwin Arnaudin
    The Asheville Ski Club presents Warren Miller’s Line of Descent on Thursday, Oct. 26; The Tryon International Film Festival runs Friday, Oct. 27 through Sunday, Oct. 29; and The Reel…