The art of activism: UNCA’s Art Fest focuses on social change

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Cover Design Credit:

Scott Southwick

Cover Photography Credit:

Clarissa Sligh, “Self-Portrait as Red-Crown Crane, 2007”
This year, UNCA’S Arts Fest is centered on the theme “Arts for Social Change” and features activist artists Clarissa Sligh, David LaMotte and David Hess.




  • Asheville leads the way in new role for pharmacists

    -by Leslie Boyd
    Clinical pharmacy gained traction when the Asheville Project, an initiative that addressses chronic health problems in city employees, included pharmacists in medical teams. Now clinical pharmacists have a greater role…


  • Screen scene: Local film news

    -by Edwin Arnaudin
    White Horse screens a documentary about the My Daddy Taught Me That program, Arnold Wengrow debuts his book on Santo Loquasto and more.


  • Local businesses aim to make clothing more sustainable

    -by Kari Barrows
    Industry studies show consumers are growing tired of fast, disposable fashion. In addition to a greater awareness of where clothes come from and the impact of their production, a new…
  • Learning to save gives lower-income workers peace of mind

    -by Dale Neal
    Having $1,000 in savings can help people ride out most financial emergencies, says Celeste Collins, executive director of OnTrack Financial Education. A pilot program run by the nonprofit helps people…
  • The color of choice: Local charter schools offer options, with trade-offs

    -by Able Allen
    Amid the continuing debate over school choice and whether North Carolina should even allow charter schools, people on both sides of the issue seem to agree that Buncombe County’s five…
  • Blooming this month at Biltmore

    -by Maggie Cramer
    After the annual show of tulips at Biltmore fades, another floral exhibition bursts into bloom, this time with plants native to the Southeast. Biltmore's 15-acre Azalea Garden is the largest…
  • Conscious party: Bowl-A-Thon West

    -by Kat McReynolds
    Carolina Abortion Fund aims to rase $100,000 across the state through Bowl-A-Thon events in various towns. The Asheville iteration takes place at Sky Lanes on Sunday, April 9.