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Carrie Lare. Art by Constance Humphries.


  • Vincent was here

    -by Alli Marshall
    In September of 2009, local artist Moni Hill (you might know her boldly colored bird paintings) had completed a show based on Beethoven's Ninth Symphony. Along with spending time getting…
  • What’s in store for the first Friday?

    -by Kyle Sherard
    Of the 23 galleries, studios and two museums that are part of the Asheville Downtown Gallery Association, a few are off to a sleepy start for this year’s first Art…
  • Talking the Walk

    -by Webmaster
    Arts writer Ursula Gullow met up with local painter Taiyo la Paix to discuss some of the art that can be viewed downtown at this week’s art walk. The following…
  • The (Still) Walking Dead

    -by Webmaster
    Alex Webster is the bassist and a founding member of death metal mainstay Cannibal Corpse. He's also a remarkably well-spoken man. This makes interviewing him an interesting endeavor. His intelligent…
  • Smart Bets: LaZoom comes to The Magnetic Field

    -by Xpress Staff
    If you've taken a ride on the big purple bus, then you've probably already met LaZoom tour guides Momma’s Boy Trey Ashe and Mezzo the Happy Medium. The two come…
  • Smart Bets: The Forest Unseen

    -by Xpress Staff
    "Mosses growing on rocks and logs lead to reflections on the important role that these humble plants play in cleaning our water supply" — so says one of the observations…
  • Smart Bets: Sanctum Sully

    -by Xpress Staff
    From its inception, Sanctum Sully has been the bluegrass band that people like, even if they don't like bluegrass. That has as much to do with the group’s rootsified covers…
  • Smart Bets: Lucy Hunnicutt

    -by Xpress Staff
    In the late 1980s, Lucy Hunnicutt left her career, her marriage and her home in Texas. She wound up in remote north Florida where she tended a plant nursery and…
  • Earth Day photo contest, week 4

    -by Webmaster
    Asheville Earth Day and Xpress have teamed up on a photo contest leading up to this year’s Saturday, April 21 festival. Photo entries are to be uploaded to the official…
  • Weekly Picks

    -by Webmaster
    Judith Deutsch, president of the Asheville-Blue Ridge Rose Society, will share tips for spring planting on Wednesday, April 4 as she presents "Going Green in the Garden" at a meeting…
  • rollergirls caption

    -by Webmaster
    The toughest dames on wheels have a new motto, and a new home. Roll Local is the cheer, and the WNC Ag Center is the new place to do it.…
  • calendar photo captions

    -by Webmaster
    Have you opened the letter yet? Open Letter Records brings another stellar, off-the-beaten path show to Asheville. “You were wondering where a rock aesthetic has improved jazz rather than compromising…


  • “From the rooter to the tooter”

    -by Mackensy Lunsford
    To Ed "the Pitmaster" Mitchell, the barbecue debates are meaningless. While the rest of the country squabbles over the merits of flavor injections and whether mustard or vinegar-based sauce is…
  • Small Bites: An outstanding correction

    -by Webmaster
    Last week, we misstated the date and location of a future Outstanding in the Field event featuring William Dissen. It’s a regrettable error, but the event’s not until October (a…
  • Small Bites: Watch this food porn at the Carolina

    -by Webmaster
    Jiro Dreams of Sushi, a documentary film by David Gelb, opens in Asheville on Friday, April 6 at the Carolina Asheville. The film was picked up by the Tribeca Film…
  • Small Bites: Pisgah Brewing co-owner joins new gastropub venture

    -by Webmaster
    Brews News writer Anne Fitten Glenn reports: The Trailhead restaurant and bar opened last week in Black Mountain, in the space which most recently housed The Watershed bar and music…
  • On the local beerdar

    -by Webmaster
    Green Man Brewing’s new game plan Green Man Brewing is still planning to expand, but the brewery is no longer going to do so in a warehouse off Swannanoa River…


  • A race indeed: Three Democrats face off in register of deeds primary

    -by Jake Frankel
    The Democratic primary for Buncombe County register of deeds is picking up right where last year's contentious special election left off: Three different party factions are duking it out, with…
  • Ready, set, VOTE

    -by Nelda Holder
    The recent statewide redistricting set the stage for significant changes in North Carolina's May 8 primary. Here are the details.
  • New game: Five Democrats seek District 1 commissioner seats

    -by David Forbes
    This year's Buncombe County Board of Commissioners race is a whole new ballgame.
  • Dreaming in digital

    -by David Forbes
    Asheville has been up in arms over digital billboards in recent months, with some residents calling for an outright ban. And after months of hubbub, the matter finally made its…


  • Professional Jobs In Asheville

    -by Brent Brown
  • Weekly Asheville Disclaimer Page: 04/04/12

    -by Jesse Michel
    • Skilled workers in short supply. Also in short supply: skilled work.
  • Newspaper Readers

    -by Molton
  • Correction (April 4, 2012)

    -by Webmaster
    Corrections to two minor errors on the March 28 edition of Xpress.
  • A bit about the BID

    -by Webmaster
    Thank you for highlighting the efforts to implement a Business Improvement District downtown [“Place Your Bids,” March 28 Xpress]. For quite a few years, many who work, live and own…
  • To air is human

    -by Webmaster
    Community radio is a powerful tool that bolsters free speech and the arts while providing unfiltered, highly personal local news and perspectives. Asheville Free Media's Kickstarter campaign is currently under…
  • A thank you from the boys of Brevard Road

    -by Webmaster
    In the Brevard Road West Asheville fire on Feb. 24, the three of us lost the majority of our possessions but we quickly gained a greater admiration for our friends,…
  • Tobacco Reality Unfiltered program under threat

    -by Webmaster
    My name is Tiffany Jones and I am a high school junior in the area. On March 21, I attended and helped facilitate an event at the downtown YMCA to…
  • Drew Reisinger is a proven asset to Buncombe County

    -by Webmaster
    I’m voting for Drew Reisinger for Buncombe County register of deeds. In his short time in office, he has been efficient, effective and fair while accomplishing much. He cut the…
  • Consider Drew Reisinger’s good deeds

    -by Webmaster
    Drew Reisinger currently holds the office of register of deeds and is running for re-election in Buncombe County. He has created an office of accessibility and responsibility in his short…
  • Trouble with a capital Tillis

    -by Webmaster
    Friends and neighbors, there is trouble in Raleigh. I mean real trouble in Raleigh at the General Assembly. The trouble starts with a capital "T" that stands for Thom Tillis.…
  • Newman cares about neighborhoods

    -by Webmaster
    We are writing in support of Brownie Newman’s candidacy for Buncombe County commissioner. Newman exemplified leadership as an Asheville City Council member and vice mayor for environmental initiatives by slashing…
  • Nature is good for business in WNC

    -by Webmaster
    I am the owner and lead designer of Earthsister, a clothing line based in Black Mountain. I moved my business to Western North Carolina because of the natural beauty, the…