Children organize Asheville protest against Trump’s policies

Kids and parents posed for a group photo at Pritchard Park. Photo by Emma Grace Moon

A big crowd of kids and parents gathered at Vance Monument in downtown Asheville on Sunday, Feb. 5, to protest policies implemented and promised by President Donald Trump’s administration. After making signs and singing songs at the monument, the protesters made their way down Patton Avenue to Pritchard Park.

Asha and Kale, both 10 years old, commented on the effect that Trump’s recent immigration ban had on their family and how it sparked the idea for this protest.

“My mom was really sad about it,” said Kale, “so we wanted to do something.”

Their mother, local musician Sparrow Pants, said her children had taken the initiative in organizing the protest.

“I didn’t do a ton,” Pants explained, “They helped me make the protest flyer. They picked out the graphic and I taught them a little bit about how to use Photoshop, and they created this.”

Although her children were the protest organizers, Pants said she has her own opinions on Trump’s administration.

“It is really important that our kids be considered,” she said, “and a lot of the important values that they are taught in childhood, about loving and respecting your neighbor and being kind, we feel like the current administration is not following those values.”

Asha (left) and Kale (middle), the protest organizers, smile with their mother, Sparrow (right), at the Vance Monument.
Protest organizers Asha (left) and Kale (middle) smile with their mother, Sparrow (right), at the Vance Monument.

There were a lot of strong opinions at the children’s protest, regardless of age. Gordon, 8, had a couple things to say about Donald Trump and his policies.

“Donald Trump is a really cruel and mean person because he does really mean things. He wants to shut down Medicare and he wants schools to be shut down and things like that.”

Gordon is prepared for his next protest, adding, “I know what my next sign is going to be. Since I am really good at math, it’s going to say ‘No + Trump = No Trump’.”

Gordon, 8, holding up his protest sign.
Gordon, 8, holding up his protest sign.

Angela, a local marriage and family therapist in Asheville, attended the children’s protest with her son and her new four-week old baby.

“I work with all different kinds of people,” Angela stated, “and I believe that Trump is harming our human rights.”

Angela described her son’s reaction to Trump’s presidential run and how it motivated her to come out and protest.

“My son heard a lot during the election,” Angela said. “There were days where we would be driving to pre-K in the morning and he would initiate conversations about the election. He was worried that Trump would make rules that would hurt people. So when we heard about this protest today, we thought it was a really good opportunity to have our voices heard.”

Angela, a protestor, holding her protest sign while cradling her four-week old baby.
Angela, a protestor, holding her protest sign while cradling her four-week old baby.

Angela and other parents that attended the march said they have seen Trump’s effect on their children and believe that it is important to stand against Trump’s bullying and unkind manner, regardless of age.

All photos by Emma Grace Moon.






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37 thoughts on “Children organize Asheville protest against Trump’s policies

  1. These kids are too young to remember 9/11 and too naïve to realize that open borders will let in the undesirables along with the desirables. Their parents should be old enough and smart enough to figure this out and to educate their children accordingly. Ignorance abounds!!!

    • Snowflake (Social Justice Worrier)

      ““My mom was really sad about it,” said Kale, “so we wanted to do something.””

      I suggest that she take a break with a vacation to Europe, specifically Germany, France and England, where she can talk with women who no longer feel safe in their country due to unrestrained immigration from Muslim countries. Women don’t dare walk their streets alone at night anymore because rape has become epidemic.

    • you know that the muslim ban targets countries, that mostly have never attacked us? and only those, where #45 has no business ties? time to do some research. try it once … it is easy. most of the attackers in this country are white males or immigrants, who actually were citizens.
      I am proud of those kids and their parents to stand up for immigrants. and much more by the way – our environment, equal rights, animal rights, science, love, humanity. things dear to their parents – and now their kids. tell me how this can be wrong ….

      • Snowflake (Social Justice Worrier)

        The 7 countries were those designated by Obama in some directive or order that his administration crafted. Trump was simply working from that.

        • Huhsure

          1) this is just complete nonsense, and 2) a sitting President’s excuse is really “but, but, that other guy did it!”


        • Jay Reese

          The “Visa Waiver Program Improvement and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015” was the result of a Republican lead Congress and was signed into law by President Obama unlike President wannabe who signed an executive order bypassing congressional authorization. There are many disimilarities in the 2 orders which you may want to read about so has to have a better informed opinion.

          • Snowflake (Social Justice Worrier)

            “…the result of a Republican lead Congress…”

            The law had bipartisan support.Don’t kid yourself or (try to kid) us that it was just a Republican effort.

            Check out the fake tears from this poser

          • Jay Reese

            Obviously it had bipartisan support hence the reason why the President signed it. My point was to counter the notion that this was all on President Obama. It doesn’t really matter anyway due to the Judiciary exercising it’s power of checks and balances to thwart the President’s Executive Order. This is just the beginning of the end for Trump. Soon the Congress will turn on him and the people will continue to march in protest. Exciting stuff watching Democracy in action!

  2. “snowflake” …. funny you said that. no, ignorant actually, not funny. I was born and raised in Germany and fly there twice a week. I recommend YOU go there and check out the situation. I am proud of my home land for taking in 1000000 refugees since 2015 – because this is the only right thing to do. and they were not even involved in many of those ongoing wars. Americans always call themselves christian – but it is sadly just the talk, never the deeds.
    Germany has handled the situation very well considering the amount of people they have to take care of now. you better start traveling and change your ‘news source’ – it can be mind blowing.
    I am proud of these kids who actually have empathy, a heart and a brain – all those attributes we are missing in the white house right now – and sadly in 60 million americans.

  3. Richard B.

    Irresponsible for parents to place their personal burdens and stress levels of how evil the world is (whether or not you believe it or the person you are damning is) on young children, who will be unfairly imprinted and stressed with emotion based world views. Did your parents inform you with details of the Manson murders (not meant to be a comparison with Trump’s behaviors), or with Bill Clinton’s sexual assaults and romps when you were 10 or younger, or with the Holocaust, etc.?

    Okay for you to think and believe whatever you wish. Not okay to share all your anger and stresses (and inability to reconcile that your candidate, Hillary the Crooked, which this is all about, lost the election) with your young children who are completely defenseless in determining whether or not it fits their mindset and principles.

    Please let them be children for the short time they have to do so.
    Soon enough they will be where you are, whether it be filled with anger and hate, or with hope and optimism for a better world (and country).

    • bsummers

      At what point do we require children to recite the Pledge of Allegiance? Recognize that young people are capable of forming their own opinions and expressing them. I can recall being no more than 10 or 11, and participating in an impromptu “We Hate You Nixon, Oh Yes We Do!!” sing-along outside school for several days in a row. Nobody’s parent made us do it.

      Trump is an incredibly divisive political figure, and people of all ages are going to protest. Buckle in, and maybe stop criticizing people for speaking out. It’s un-American.

  4. No More Trump Spam

    GREAT JOB KIDDOS! Don’t let the negative nellies get you down. You seem to understand the Constitution more than they do.

    To the grump posting about letting them be kids while they still can – it seems these kids care more about their country than you do and want to make sure they have one after this administration.

    Keep fighting the good fight and BE NICE TO EVERYONE!

  5. bsummers

    Hillary the Crooked, which this is all about, lost the election

    While receiving a solid majority of the votes cast. Just sayin’, Trump is a loser, and people of all ages have the right to protest his radical agenda.

  6. Richard B.

    So you really believe that these 10 and under kids comprehend what all the fuss is about? Hard to prove either way,
    maybe some are, some not so much. The larger issue is the degree to which parents immerse their young children
    in their own political beliefs, who is good and who is bad, etc. They go to school with kids whose parents believe that Obama
    was very divisive, as I do. Not saying that Trump has the makings of the ideal President, but maybe he is not as divisive
    as you and the liberal parents believe. He has strongly made the point that he is the President of all the people, spoke of
    unity, etc. Maybe just chill a little bit for a little while.

    Understand the “Muslim ban” really gets you charged up, and threatens
    your self identity as one who belongs to the tribe of compassionate people, liberals only allowed, who own the high moral ground.
    However, is it so impossible for you to leave open a bit the possibility that Trump, like so many patriotic (and fair) citizens ARE
    concerned about preventing terrorist attacks and improving the probability that these incidents will not happen? And have no problem with whoever enters the country, so long as they have been vetted to the extent that is appropriate and necessary?

    • bsummers

      He has strongly made the point that he is the President of all the people, spoke of
      unity, etc.

      Yes, I remember how he reached out on New Years Eve with this warm and unifying message:

      “Happy New Year to all, including to my many enemies and those who have fought me and lost so badly they just don’t know what to do. Love,”

      Maybe just chill a little bit for a little while.

      Maybe stop telling people to just chill a little bit for a little while.

    • Peter Robbins

      And I wouldn’t fret so much about the sensibilities of schoolkids. If they can shoot grizzlies in the hallway, they can handle a sign that says “Boo Ya” or “Kindness Matters.”

      • Huhsure

        I heard the reason the Republicans are so frightened of grizzlies is that the bears use the wrong gender bathrooms.

    • Peter Robbins

      Besides, it was not reasonable for those parents to think that President Obama was divisive. If you check the birth certificate, you’ll find he was only half-divisive.

  7. Deplorable Infidel

    Young skulls of undeveloped mush…too young to realize how stupid their parents are…the cesspool of total ignorance…AVL.

    • Snowflake (Social Justice Worrier)

      What’s funny is that once these kids grow up and realize how much their mentally ill parents lied to them, they’ll probably hate them.

      • Juan Holladay

        Snowflake, LOL are you a professional troll? You’re always on the scene trying to tear down good things whenever they are reported. Couldn’t help but notice. Do you create content, or just slam others’ hard work. When are you going to write your first article?

        • bsummers

          When are you going to write your first article?

          Never. Because then he/she would have to reveal who they were.Mighty fearful of that, these sockpuppets with very strong opinions but not the courage to take responsibility for them.

          • Juan Holladay

            God bless North, Central, and South America! These poor trolls need a dedicated non-profit to help them get out in to the sunshine, make some new friends, and have good, old-fashioned conversations in real life.

  8. Deplorable Infidel

    NO Juan…we don’t need no mo stinkin’ ‘non-profits’ anywhere…not one more…enough.

  9. Buddy Chambless

    OUR FUTURE SALVATION: Kudos! Hip-hip Hooray!!. Heart-warming and most impressive! HEY ADULT RESISTORS, WHAT’S KEEPING YOU FROM ATTENDING A PROTEST RALLY OR MARCH? As founder of Asheville RESISTORS (See group page on Facebook) I am so very proud of the children, who have taken their first step into protecting and building a better world, and their responsible parents who are actively involved in protecting human rights and equality for all. Our group advocates being vocal and being seen by participating in PEACEFUL rallies, protests, marches, and constant contact with elected officials. We list as many of thoose events planned by all groups in the area, bu we know some people cannot take part in public #resistance. For those who are home-bound or must protect their job security, we have lots of action items posted here that can be accomplished in the comfort and safety of your own home. But, one thing that ALL can do anytime, anywhere, and in any setting: Practice random acts of kindness. I know this is a “throwback” quote, but it’s no cliche. Just once each day, make room for a vehicle to enter into the lane of traffic in from of you or when someone only has a few items in the grocery checkout line, let them go ahead of you. I KNOW we live in a hurried world with lots to do, but the instantaneous reward you get will be worth the few seconds to 2 minutes your schedule may be delayed. KINDNESS is an overt and radical component of our #resistance. It sets the tone for kinder, happier neighbors on this great ball in the sky on which we all live.

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