Asheville People’s Market coming to Lexington Avenue

Rosetta Star, owner of Rosetta’s Kitchen on Lexington Avenue, announced today that she has organized the Asheville People’s Market, “a flea-market style place to buy art, crafts, and homemade items from Asheville artists as well as bartering for and haggling over for yard sale items, lost treasures, and other peoples un-loved functionals.”

The market will be open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. every Sunday from June to October in the parking lot across the street from Rosetta’s (93 N. Lexington Ave.).

Vendor spaces will rent for $10, Star said in the online announcement. She emphasized how the market will serve as a “place for spending a social Sunday shopping outside of the typical consumer loop,” adding: “So bring the kids, the old folk, a sun hat, a few bucks, and come on down to see what treasure you might dig up and what necessities you can skip at the big box stores! Keep it local, Keep it real!”

For more information, e-mail The full announcement can be read here.

Jon Elliston

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Former Mountain Xpress managing editor Jon Elliston is the senior editor at WNC magazine.

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31 thoughts on “Asheville People’s Market coming to Lexington Avenue

  1. Jason Sandford

    Sounds great. Another cool thing happening on Lexington is the new arts bazaar that will open May 23 and be held the first and third Sundays of every month.

    The Lexington Avenue Bizarre Bazaar, featuring artists, crafters and designers, will be held in the courtyard behind Top Floor Studios.

  2. Jason Sandford

    Correction – Bizarre Bazaar is planned for the first and third Saturdays of every month.

  3. Bill Barnwell

    A flea market? Don’t ‘we the people’ have enough flea market out in Fletcher? I certainly hope this one will be classier. The one in Fletcher is full of loud Mariachi music, flies, and unattractive merchandise.

  4. Bjorn

    It’s an excellent idea Ms. Rosetta Star! I’ll take coffee, conversation & the possibility of finding lost treasures any day of the week over the consumer hell of big box stores!

    It’ll be fun like (Les Puces) the Paris Flea Markets!

  5. Mysterylogger

    Because Asheville fails on every level to be like Paris when Asheville should do its own thing.

  6. hauntedheadnc

    Mysterylogger, how on earth is Asheville trying to be like Paris? Were you perhaps referring to that nickname “The Paris of the South?” You know, the nickname that got attached to the city sometime in the 1800’s? The nickname people have been using for over a hundred years and is not some sort of modern advertising bs gimmick? That one?

    Would you maybe prefer that people start using Asheville’s 1920’s nickname instead? I think “Little Miami” has a ring to it, myself, but that’s just me.

    Honestly. Any excuse to complain about something will do, won’t it?

  7. Mysterylogger

    As I say before Asheville is not Paris no matter how much you wish it would be. And you know that little overated title goes for several other southern cities as well, so its not just ours.

    Asheville should be Asheville, plain and simple. But that will never happend because we are follow every fad that comes along, like rust art, flea markets and so on. Its not like Fletcher had a flea market for the past 30 years or nothing. But its the fact its downtown, big whoop. Can’t stand to step out of downtown because thats unheard of. So much for diversity and thinking outside the box like Asheville proclaims and fails on an epic level.

    Its a Flea Market not a cure for a disease, they come and go . . . .

  8. hauntedheadnc

    Mysterylogger, are you being deliberately stupid? I have to wonder, because you obviously didn’t understand a word of what I wrote to you earlier.

    Let me try to simplify: “Paris of the South” is a nickname that’s been with us for over a century. The city has had other nicknames as well. “Little Miami” was one that got popular during the 1920’s. “Land of the Sky” has been in use even longer than Paris of the South.

    If you don’t like one, use another and quit being such a sucking malcontent.

    Or, is your complaint that any city uses a nickname at all? Does “Queen City” (Charlotte) offend you? How about “City of Oaks” (Raleigh)? “The Twin City” (Winston-Salem), “The Port City” (Wilmington), “The Holy City” (Charleston), “The Hub City” (Spartanburg)? Do any of those cause you to fret and grind your teeth?


    Then shut up.

  9. Mysterylogger

    No im not stupid, I just like to think for myself thanks for the name calling, how progressive, and diverse of you.

    Awww my difference of a opinion makes you upset, better get used to it because im not shutting up, kills some people that they would dare have a different opinion then status quo.

    Paris of the south also belongs to Charlston SC, New Orleans LA, Savanah GA, and Augusta GA, this what I was talking about, in your little narrowminded view. I could care less about those other cities because I don’t live there, I live in this, as far from Paris as you get get town called, Asheville, located in Western North Carolina.

    Must be great to be an Asheville Progressive so open minded that you loose your mind when someone doesn’t fall in lock step with your opinions.

  10. Piffy!

    sure are a lot of ASSumptions in your critique of people you know nothing about, log.

    i guess that allows you to continue to have your ‘beliefs’ (if they can be called that) without having them challenged by reality.

  11. Piffy!

    Of me god, a flea market!

    Obviously the crazy asheville liberals are trying to be the Beijing of the South!

  12. Mysterylogger

    Again don’t like what I have to say and begin with the name calling classy there. And my beliefs are not in question its my opinion that differs from the status quo in a supposed landscape of open minds and “free Thinker” so proudly boast diversity, say a word out of lockstep and get called a name. Tisk, tisk.

    Forgive me for thinking outside your little box, scary world out there once you get past the tunnel, the bridge, biltmore and the colony of Haywood street. Its ok to step out once in awhile and broaden your horizens.

    No Flea markets have been here for a bit, and I said nothing of the sort, just that garbage of Paris of the South line. But if you want to rename it the Bejeing of the South then thats up to you.

    And yes its JUST a flea market.

  13. hauntedheadnc

    No, mysterylogger, your difference of opinion does not bother me. Your willful stupidity bothers me. Stupidity gives me a rash, you see, thus I tend to take out my aggressions on whomever is making me itchy at the moment.

    That would be you.

    I see now that you’re not offended by other cities using nicknames. You’re only deeply, viscerally offended by Asheville using a nickname. In a way I can commiserate, as Asheville is a lovely name in and of itself and I like saying it and seeing it in print. However, though I admit to my neuroses, flying into a frothing rage because the city uses a nickname is not among them. I’m not so wedded to the name of Asheville that it pains me to see the city referred to by some other, playful, moniker.

    I can see that you are exactly the opposite. I’m not sure what mental disorder can claim massive mental trauma triggered by such a trivial matter, but if I had to guess, I’d guess obsessive compulsive disorder.

    But cheer up — they make medication for that these days! Check into it. We’ll all be a lot happier, I’m sure, and so will you!

  14. Piffy!

    look! a flea market!

    Communism must be lurking around the corner!

    anyone who thinks this is a neat development must be a socialist with parisian pretensions. becuase only the French like to shop at flea markets.

    Why, just the other day i saw all these beret wearing, stinky-cheese eating frogs at Smileys.

    No thank you, i say! Just Wal Mart for me, like a real southerner i only buy crap made in China!

  15. Mysterylogger

    Again with the name calling, calling me stupid, I thought name calling was against the rules on this board, guess it is if its agreement with the moderator, how clever. But it just prooves im right that I don’t share an opinion with you and its driving you mad. Not everyone feels the same way about every direction the town sways, I suggest you should get used to other people opinions because the 1st amendment is a two way street, I know your just used to seeing things in your little narrowminded world.

    I suggest get some gold bond medicated powder or see a doctor about your rash. Because its not going to go away because you demanded it too, because you think your superior.

    I got no problem with the name Asheville just the ever so lame “Paris of the South” moniker, how orignial lol. It wouldn’t be so bad if Asheville tried so hard to be something its not, like alot of things.

    A now your grabbing at straws about the flea market, never once communisum was mentioned by me. This is your deperate attempt to discredit me as someone that would say that, sorry you missed the mark. You also forgot that I mentioned that Fletcher had Flea Market too, so if Flea Markets are supporting Communism then so be it. I’ve been a fan of dirt malls for as long as I could walk.

    So maybe your the one with the problem of the solcialist agenda of a flea market. Sounds like a conspiracy to me, I don’t by it.

    Im glad you by all your stuff from a box store, way to help the economy there, good job.

    Like I said before its just a flea market not a cure to an incurable disease, and its not that original of an idea not matter how any one makes it.

  16. Piffy!

    you seem to be lumping everybody you have ever had an argument with into one person, unflushablelog.

  17. Mysterylogger

    Awwww How cute, making fun of my handle, so grown up and open minded. Bet you felt better about yourself huh? Really told me! lol

  18. Al Cottingham

    P F K…puffy fruit kisser. -:)

    Anything has to be better than Smiley’s in fletcher.

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