Buncombe County Republicans elect new chairman

Buncombe County Republicans on Saturday elected Tim Johnson as party leader, the first time in its history that the local GOP has elected an African-American to the party’s top post.

A group of more than 100 Republicans attending the party’s convention at Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College elected Johnson by acclamation. The group gave Johnson a standing ovation after he delivered a short speech.

“Passion without commitment is false advertising,” Johnson told the crowd gathered in Laurel Hall’s Ferguson Auditorium. “When it’s all said and done, we want to win in November.”

The 43-year-old Johnson served 21 years in the U.S. Army and moved to Weaverville from Cleveland, Ohio, two years ago. Johnson is president and CEO of his own leadership training company, Leadership 101. He’s married to Latessa Johnson, director of student services for Asheville City Schools, and the couple has four children.

Johnson’s election appeared to end party in-fighting last year that saw the party elect a leader who promptly stepped down, complaining of personal attacks. Last year’s internal fighting followed 2006 elections that saw Buncombe County Republicans lose to Democrats in two of three state House races, the state Senate, the race for sheriff and the race for clerk of court. In a region-wide race, Republicans also saw Democrat Heath Shuler dethrone their party’s top elected official, eight-term incumbent U.S. Rep. Charles Taylor.

This year, Buncombe GOPers will again fight to retake the 11th District’s U.S. House seat, improve their numbers on the Buncombe County Board of Commissioners and win in state House and Senate districts. They’ll also be working on behalf of statewide candidates in a number of races, including U.S. Senate and governor. And don’t forget the presidential race.

Johnson said he’ll work with party faithful to create strategic plan and increase the number of registered and active local Republicans. Registered Democrats out-number Republicans 69,956 to 49,023 in Buncombe County.

“We are going back to war. We have much to say and much to do,” he said.

— Jason Sandford, multimedia editor


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88 thoughts on “Buncombe County Republicans elect new chairman

  1. Gordon Smith

    Oh no.

    Ralph’s not going to like this. Republicans putting an outsider in charge!

    Lord knows the Republicans in Buncombe need some leadership, still reeling from the attempted takeover by libertarians and Stompers over a year ago.

    It’s unfortunate that Dr. Johnson had to make it about “war” in his opening announcement, but I suppose that’s just Republicans for you.

  2. Thanks to Mark Delk for stepping in as interim chairman after Carolina Stompers Don Yelton, Chad Nesbitt and Zora Hayes harassed Mike Harrison into resigning months after being duly elected over Chad Nesbitt and his vice-chair running-mate Rick Jenkins.

  3. I’d like to thank Tim Peck for continuing his fine tradition of being a jerk, and for continuing to worship at the altar of Ron Paul.
    I presume Mr. Johnson will have more courage than Mr. Harrison.

  4. Gordon Smith

    My earlier comment somehow didn’t make the cut?

    Here’s my take on Johnson’s ascension at Scrutiny Hooligans:



    “I can’t say I’m happy about it. I’m really fond of the idea of a Buncombe Republican Party in tatters, flailing from ego to ego in a vain attempt to build something that doesn’t suck. But it looks like they may have actually settled on someone with strong tactical and leadership skills.”

  5. travelah

    So much for the faux progressive charges that Republicans are racists.

  6. tralalogic

    A thoughtful and informed electorate who can imagine a better life for themselves, their families and their neighbors is all democracy needs to work. Parties will follow the voters if the voters know what they want. I wish the Republican party success and am encouraged by this announcement.

  7. That’s Dr. Johnson, by the way… here’s his bio (from THE URBAN NEWS):

    “Dr. Timothy F. Johnson is the President/CEO of Leadership 101, LLC. A Christian based and minority owned company, Leadership 101 is a certified Historically Underutilized Leadership and Organizational Development company. He continues to give back to his community through his active involvement in numerous local and national service organizations. He holds degrees from The University of Arizona, Troy University, and LaSalle University. He is married to Latessa Johnson, the Director of Student Services for Asheville City Schools. …”

    The GOP is lucky to have Dr. Johnson and I congratulate him on his new position and the GOP for having the great good sense to move beyond the old politics.

  8. Coward wrote: “and for continuing to worship at the altar of Ron Paul”

    Funny how that works. If you support a candidate that you believe in, it’s support. If I support a candidate that I believe in, it’s worship with an altar.

    Let’s hear about the candidate you worship.

  9. Jason Sandford


    Just a note on AP style – The abbreviated title Dr. is normally reserved for medical doctor, dental surgeon and a few other medical specialties.

    Tim Johnson has a PhD.

  10. As a book publisher, I am loyal to the Chicago Book of Style… but I was merely pointing out they were using the wrong honorific.

  11. Gordon Smith

    What Ralph? No concerns about him not being from here, about how people who just moved to town ought not be making local decisions?

    I was recently given Dr. Johnson’s cellphone number. He still has an Atlanta area code.

    I guess Ralph doesn’t mind transplants doing important work here after all.

    Glad to see you came around, Ralph!

  12. Gee, Gordon, cellphone numbers mean zilch anymore… area codes mean much less than they used to.

    As to outsiders, there are a lot of good ones, folks I like very much and respect greatly — please do not rush to include yourself in that category.

  13. Gordon, you can buy a trac-fone and choose any area code you want.

    Peck, my candidate won the GOP nomination, and will be your next President. John McCain, a Real American Hero.

    Let’s see what kind of a percentage your candidate generates in Texas. I’ll bet he won’t get as much as Gore did in Tennessee in 2000.

    (That’s gonna leave a mark!)

  14. Gordon Smith

    I’m just giving Ralph a hard time for being so erratic in his views. He thinks it’s crazy to have out of towners building roads, but that it’s fine for them to run political parties.

    I, as you may have guessed, am a fan of a meritocracy over any form of nativism. His area code means nil to me.

  15. Gordon, you are not giving me a hard time and, perhaps, you just read erratically.


    And I don’t care WHO we get to build the roads, I just want them built and not delayed further. I had occasion to come into Asheville on future 26 about 8am yesterday… a situation like that is criminal. Fix the roads.

    with good roads out of the area, perhaps a lot of you guys will leave? One can dream.

  16. You know, Gordon… you and your progressive buddies’ fixation on delaying good roads (and other necessities) in this area reminds me of a quote by Baroness Margaret ‘the Iron Lady’ Thatcher:

    “Nothing is more obstinate than a fashionable consensus.”

    Just because you THINK you understand the problem and your limited circle of friends agree does not mean you do.

    You don’t.

    That’s MY opinion and all MY buddies agree.

    So… there.


    Mr. X Peck may I please may have some of the stuff your smoking?? McCain, which means “Son of Cain”, is no war hero and certainly no conservative. The Son of Cain’s nickname, given to him by the enemy was “The Songbird” because he squealed like a stuck pig against his country and fellow POW’s. Perhaps you should do a FOIA request to this “government” and I use that term conditionally, and request the massive amount of 16 mm video that exists of the Son of Cain rating out his “country” and his brothers in arms, for privileges his captors provided to him at the Hanoi Hilton.
    Mr. X Peck not that it means anything at this late juncture, because as we both know that the constitution has been long gone ever since the legal fiction and status of a U.S. citizen was created in April of 1866 BY Congress under the civil rights act of 1866, and then in 1868 by the 14th amendment, in which congress created a Federal Slave Plantation occupied by Tax paying serfs called U.S. citizens, but McCain is forbidden to be president by the constitution, as he is not a “natural born citizen”. While it is true, the constitution does not specifically define the term “Natural Born” in the constitution, it is however specifically defined in the federalist and anti federalist papers, and it means “born upon the soil”. The Son of Cain was born in Panama, a sovereign country in 1936. If the Son of Cain is elected by the neocons masquerading as conservatives this will open up the door to a real Nazi, (not that Bush isn’t) Arnold Schwarzenegger.
    Of course, I realize that you like most U.S.citizens still must believe in the illusion that electoral process and your joke vote really means anything. I would at least ask you to consider the fact that the dude is a traitor and a foreigner.
    In addition, his little john did get around on his wife almost as much as slick Wile’s did. Of course since the outcome is all predetermined for you it doesn’t really matter in the Grand scheme of things. If Cain wins you can still have you illusion and root for your boy, whilst rearranging the furniture on this titanic IE country, as it goes down, as has been planned by the private bankers who you really think are a federal reserve, which is neither Federal or a reserve. Hey don’t worry Mr. X Peck will simply be exchanging one traitor for another
    Good Day Sir

  18. Might I direct you to Scotty Morgan as a character reference on McCain’s time as a POW?

    I guess you are voting for Senator Clinton or Senator Obama, then?
    I am sure that you appreciate the difference between the Democrats and the Republicans, right?
    You would prefer a universal health care system where your money is confiscated to pay for someone else’s healthcare, or are you sickly in body as you are in mind and spirit, hoping that you will steal more from others than they take from you?

    I notice that “Constitutionalists” never really know what they are talking about. Barry Goldwater, the Republican Nominee in 1964 was born outside the United States just as McCain.
    And furthermore, John S. McCain III was born to American Citizens, one of whom was a soldier in our military. By that alone, he is a natural-born citizen.
    So, if you are an intellectually honest person (which I highly doubt) you hold that the tens of thousands of children born to military personnel every year on military bases throughout the world are not eligible to become President?
    You seem nearly as vile (if more wordy)as my namesake, Mr. Peck.

  19. Gordon Smith

    You just can’t quit me, Ralph.

    By the way, I just got off the phone with Dr. Johnson. He’s changed his cell number to have a local area code. Maybe area codes mean something after all…

  20. Mark Delk

    Gordon and Ralph:

    Tim wasn’t elected to “Run” the party. He was elected to LEAD the party. I believe he will do a great job and that our community will be a better place because of his efforts. I am proud that he is my successor. I am proud that our party has chosen him as my successor. I am filled with hope for the good things ahead, for our nation, our state, our community and our party.

  21. Gordon Smith


    I had an excellent conversation with Dr. Johnson last night. He seems like a good man. After all the hubbub y’all have had in the wake of the trouncing you got in November, 2006, it’ll be fun for you to have something akin to stability.

    Harrison was elected to lead your Party. Nesbitt ran him off. Then you were appointed. Now y’all have elected someone else. I guess Chad doesn’t object? He seems to have quite a bit of control over your leadership.

  22. Mark Delk


    Don’t forget the motto or our great state – Esse Quam Videri – To be and not to seem. Like our great state, it’s a great motto.

    I guess sometimes it does seem like the folks who yell the loudest have the most control. But experience has shown me that the people who quietly do what is right and have a little compassion for their fellow mankind make more of an impact over the long run.

    Best wishes:


  23. Quit you, Gordon? I don’t even want to START you. Some engines are best left to rust out in the weeds (and if you don’t understand that reference, gee, you musta moved in from somewhere else).

    But I do wish Dr. Johnson well, he has a hard row to hoe. The Republicans are about as messed up with the Democrats here locally. Not quite, mind you, but both need major improvements in leadership and in deciding what the most important, national party dictated hyperbole or local commmonsense.

  24. Becky

    The biggest tax hike in history, the Iraq war costs 4000 a second. A tax on our kids and grandkids. None of us are likely to be around. Defending this ill conceived war and the party leaders responsible is a fools mission. To admit that our soldiers and thousands of innocent Iraqis may have been killed is an unimaginable tragedy, and would ruin any Republican’s day if you allowed yourself to consider it. So you talk about all this other stuff. People are being blown up, dismemembered, lives destroyed. And you argue over trivialities, and try to defend it. You can’t — not economically, not morally. Whether you supported the invasion of Iraq or not, we all have blood on our hands. Our money continues to pay for this horrifying tragedy. My dad, WWII vet and conservative, was appalled. A biblical scholar, he knew what was likely to happen in Iraq. He landed in Sicily in 1943 as bodies of our own paratroopers rained down into the ocean all around him, killed by friendly fire. Who in this discussion has seen the horrors of war? In Iraq before we invaded, many suffered there. Now, all do. But to admit that, is too difficult, so instead we attack each other, thinking we are somehow witty or smart. We are all fools, to allow what has happened. War should always be an absolute last resort. To consider there were profit motives involved in any way, is unthinkable. So we don’t.

  25. travelah

    Dr Anti …. please stop taking so many drugs at one time. Your posts are truly absurd …. not that this is a revelation to most. The “natural born” requirement was settled in modern times when Goldwater ran for President. U.S. territories are considered US soil and McCain was born in the U.S. Panama Canal Zone, not Panama.


    Travelah, you are misinformed the matter has not been decided res a juda cota, I have westlaw and perhaps this quote from a yale law professor should seal your crocdile mouth and your hummingbird brain shut.a number of cases are now pending on this matter Your out of your league my friend. As a side bar I dont do drugs, Im high off the truth.
    In a paper written 20 years ago for the Yale Law Journal on the natural-born enigma, Jill Pryor, now a lawyer in Atlanta, said that any legal challenge to a presidential candidate born outside national boundaries would be “unpredictable and unsatisfactory.”

    “If I were on the Supreme Court, I would decide for John McCain,” Ms. Pryor said in a recent interview. “But it is certainly not a frivolous issue.”

  27. travelah

    One thing is certain … I am not in your league especially since you have Westlaw!

  28. Mark, while North Carolina does have a great motto, I prefer Buncombe County’s official motto, “Men to Match Our Mountains” (which has recently been politically correctisized (I am licensed to invent words) to “People to Match Our Mountains.”

    The Buncombe County Seal, that this motto is on, was created by Woodfin Elementary School 6th grader Roy Fox in 1920 to give credit where credit is due.

    So Dr. Johnson should stand tall and not bow to the winds of national politics as he leads Republicans into the future.

  29. Mark Delk


    Correctiffic point! Buncombe too has a great motto. It’s a shame that Roy’s brother, Redd, didn’t win the contest. But I guess it’s best in light of the trend to correcticize everything.

    How would you correctisize Redd Fox and still keep the humor?

    Best Wishes:



    Mr. X Peck
    I don’t vote, as voting is a form of insanity. Only U.S citizens can vote . When you” register” to vote and you might want to look up the legal definition of the word, your blindly doing all sorts of things you have no idea about and trust me they aren’t advantegous to you as a free man., but I think your way beyond that now.

    The act of voting presupposes that you have a choice and you can effectuate change with your little vote, for socialist candidate number one or number Two, or maybe you wish to cast your vote like many Moron U.S citizens do for your favorite team which has a D or R behind it.

    The privilege of voting is an illusion given to the serfs on the plantation, makes them feel important, all warm and fuzzy like they matter, when the reality of the situation is your little vote is a joke. Even if it wasn’t and you could elect say, Rush Limbaugh, there is nothing that demagogue propagandist could do, or anyone short of Jesus Christ himself could do in any electable office in the U.S. to cause any truly constitutional change.

    The entire system is hardwired and run by public policy public laws and agencies since March of 1933, agencies have no constitutional power they are simply administrative.
    Nothing short of a constitutional convention at this late juncture can change this mess and certainly not your little hanging Chad.

    When will sheep ever under stand their relation to government, READ THE CONSTITUTION GOVERNEMNT CAN ONLY DO 17 THINGS, NOT 50 MILLION.
    Abolish agencies and maybe your little U.S. citizen vote will count, until then your swinging at windmills and that is insane.

  31. southern B

    Hey Gordon,
    once the Democrates clean your (republicans) mess up we’ll let you guys back in office so yun’s have a job to count on.

  32. Gordon Smith

    Southern B,

    That’s the strange thing. I’m not Republican at all. But they seem to like me anyway. I think it’s sheer masochism, but maybe it’s a deep desire to find their inner liberal?

    Ralph! My name is on your lips again. Funny how that keeps happening…

  33. keep hoping, Gordon … it’s just that the Republicans have enough problems this election cycle with being saddled with a bunch of twiddle-brained progressives as well.


  34. Gordon Smith

    Dr. Mumpower invited me to be a moderator at the next Republican candidate debate, the other candidates and the party chair agreed to it, so I guess there are some who recognize the importance of substantive dialogue between folks of different philosophies.

    You’re right, Ralph, about Republicans having a host of problems this election cycle. A terribly unpopular President, a presidential candidate they don’t trust, more scandals at the executive and legislative levels than you can shake a closet at, losing “safe” Republican congressional seats like Denny Hastert’s this week, three underfunded and underwhelming Congressional candidates in NC-11, a local party in disarray, and supporters like yourself on the internets…

    We Democrats have our set of problems as well – Two very popular Presidential candidates fighting over who’s the best of the best, a popular Congressman in NC-11 who isn’t progressive enough for a lot of us, a District Party that won’t come out of the stone age, legislators at the state level who cling to Democratic Machine politics rather than serving us as they should, the continuing reverberations of the partisan voting debacle, and more.

    Calling progressives repressive is silly and untrue. More transparency, more fairness, more sensible planning, more inclusion, and more excellence -these are some of the values of the modern progressive movement. The vapid anger and toss-off insults aside, what do you feel would most help your Republican Party become less corrupt and more in line with the voters?

  35. It’s not ‘my’ Republican part, Gordon — I’ve always been nonaligned since I first registered to vote in 1966, and I’ve voted in every 2 and 4 year election since that time. Even when I was over in the jungles of Vietnam, I still cast my absentee ballot.

    That said, I am more conservative than liberal. I disagree very much with ‘openess’ as applied to the type of progressive we seem to have in Asheville. Destroying property rights, local freedoms, trampling on our local culture and traditions trying to uphold the warped policies of the national Democratic policies that do not fit our mountains and its people? Yeah, I disagree with progressives. A lot.

    As to next debate, I believe I’m involved in it as well (if it’s the one in April at URTV). So you’ll probably get to meet me in person. I do not have fangs. … er… do you?

  36. Chad Nesbitt

    To: Gordon Smith and Mark Delk,

    Glad to see you guy’s are such good buddies.

    Just a reminder. It wasn’t me that ran Mike Harrison off. Mike Harrison ran himself off by saying “The natives of WNC are ignorant and uneducated.” He said that in an Asheville Citizen Times forum after he was elected as chairman of the BCGOP.
    All I did was ask him why he said that.

    As for Mark Delk, the local Republican power structure loves to pick up the crumbs of the Democrats. What was that Delk quoted from above….
    “But experience has shown me that the people who quietly do what is right and have a little compassion for their fellow mankind make more of an impact over the long run.”

    Mark. Shut up and quit embarrassing us in front of the Democrats. Gordon knows very well that when Republicans are quiet and show compassion for what the liberals do there is a huge impact. 43 elected current Democrats in Buncombe County to 5 Republicans.
    Yeah! WOO HOO for the long run! How many years of BC Democrat control? 16? 20?
    Boy am I glad the power structure in the Republican Party keeps their mouth shut so I can pay high property taxes, take my property rights away, have an open air drug market, corruption in the court house, and the liberalist city in the South. Gee thank you Mark Delk! You go boy! You just keep pulling us good Republicans together.

    Meanwhile, we at the Carolina Stompers will continue to speak the truth and gain members.
    And by the way Mark we speak loudly “for the long run”.

    Tim Johnson has my full support and the support of all the members of the Carolina Stompers.
    Johnson is a born leader that will take this Republican Party exactly where it needs to be
    and that is showing minorities the lies the Democrats speak and positive American values that common sense Republicans have. He will grab a hold of our youth and point them in the RIGHT direction and he will organize this party into a machine like you have never seen.
    Hooligans I’m sorry, but your BC Democrat Party won’t have a chance.

    Chad Nesbitt

  37. Chad Nesbitt

    Gordon asked
    <>So what’s up with the gambling, Chad?<>

    Why? Do you play cards? HA HA

    Seriously, Damndest thing I have ever seen in my entire life. 20 guys in SWAT tactical gear and ski masks to bust 11 or 12 old guys playing cards, watching the race, and eating pizza. The Mountain Xpress article by David Forbes does a good job summing it up. Although, I’m sure Moore will try to trump up anything to get my ugly mug in trouble. It’s called intimidation. But it doesn’t work with me.

    Listen Hoolie, I don’t like your politics and I’m damn sure you don’t like mine.
    But we have a serious corruption problem in Buncombe County. I didn’t know it was this bad until we got on TV and started talking about the Bobby Medford scandal. Then all of the sudden, calls about Ron Moore started coming in. What we thought were credible we followed up on and what we found was serious stuff.

    Politics is politics but corruption is bad for both sides of the isle.

    Chad Nesbitt

  38. Don Yelton

    well for some ramblings that only the intelligent will understand.

    Chad Nesbitt was the person that seconded the motion to make the nomination of Tim Johnson unanimous.

    Tim Peck you and Gordon deserve each other. Gordon ranted and raved about me not apologizing and then when I did he got mad.. You types, Tim and Gordon, only like the soft spoken because you can run over them like a mack truck.

    As a matter of fact the Republican Party has in the past been beaten into accepting the deals offered by the Democrats. But you new transplants and radical people fail to know the history of politics in Western North Carolina.

    At one time in Madison you had to be a Republican to get anything such as a drive way fixed and then two brothers decided to change that. Their names were Ponder. Then the Democratic party developed the buy vote syndrome.

    People were for sale. Some sold out for flour and lard, other sold out for a court settlements to avoid prosecution. Even some involved in this forum were forced to bow down and accept terms that put them in a position of being meek and mild.

    Now for a more serious point. Gordon you have one thing and that is a big mouth and no substance. Same for Mr. Peck. You folks deserve each other and now I find Cecil Bothwell and Holly Jones slamming Alan Ditmore. You folks even refused to talk to him anymore. So much for you progressive, open, inclusive, live and let live bull crap.

    You folks want it your way or the highway. Please keep talking about my style and my typos and show the world you level of human indeceny and desires to social engineer everything. Chad and Ralph and a few of us refuse to play your silly game. That is what upsets you folks.

    The number that sees throught your false ideology is growing each day. You guys go play with yourselves.


    Dear Chad, click this link http://bulk.resource.org/courts.gov/c/F3/389/389.F3d.901.03-50577.html
    Essentially the case says no Jurat, then a warrant is defective.
    A Jurat will say under pains and penalties of perjury. Gee where does the officer’s wet signature appear in the warrant followed by the written oath stating under pains and penalties of perjury???????????????????
    The Vargus case above is clear.
    You might wish to read an excerpt From The United States of America vs Dante Vargas-Amaya
    “An examination of the affidavit introduced by the defendant in support of his motion discloses that there is no jurat attached to the affidavit, there being a total failure to show the name of any officer authorized to administer the oath attached to the purported affidavit”.
    In U.S. v. Kelih (D.C.) 272 F. 484, the court in the first paragraph of its syllabus said:
    Enough said . I don’t practice law as I know what the hell Im doing and this is not legal advice, the above information or info below, is posted for entertainment purposes only, and should never take the place of consulting with a BAR card attorney. Who will screw you real good.
    I guarantee you Bar card agents, will never let the cat out of the bag, that in most cases, in these corrupt courts, is there i properly sworn evidence. These so-called officials acting under color of law, by omitting proper due process, have circumvented THE LAW and have insulated themselves from Liability.
    That is the tip of the ice burg I wont discuss the rest in front of the mindless sheep herd here
    In short, I’m glad this happened to you Chad, albeit, an unpleasant experience I’m sure you’ve always had the moxy to speak and confront these criminals, now you have more pieces of the puzzle, whats unraveling here, should shock the conscience, we need people like you to become educated and try to hammer the truth to these mindless U.S. citizens operating under delusions, and mass mind control as they bow to imposters, who rule over them.
    I hope you see this is not just about your rights and Due Process being violated, its also about the rights of your enemies, who are being trampled upon, because they continue to adibe in a strong delusion and they will actually defend, the very criminals who oppress them, as they really believe a lawful government Of the People is in place.
    In point of fact, once any intelligent person awakes from this delusion, it is quite easy to ascertain that any form of a constitutional republic has been long gone since 1868 with the 14th amendment, 1913 with the War Powers act which gives government the ability to operate in an emergency mode, in which, all rights are suspended under the executive branch, who simply dictates law, under public policy and executive orders. 1933, the seizure of all Gold under executive order, 1968 having all metal backed currency replaced by paper backed debt obligations, in violation of Article 1 section 10 of the constitution, 1970 the Federal drug acts, that gave the government unlimited power to enter the jurisdiction of what was left of the sovereignty of the several states. 1970 again, with the abolishment of the court of common pleas in the county, which destroyed the autonomy of the county, replacing all the common law, which is the highest form of law, with STATE statutory corporate law, which applies to residents domiciled in Washington D.C. and or its Territories, THE STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA, being a Federal sub jurisdiction of United States, incidentally Elaine Marshall gave that definition of the STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA IN WRITING. Finally the passage of the corporate constitution of North Carolina in 1971, along with many other states at the same time, which solidified the strangle hold of the Federal Government on what was left of States rights.
    The constitution is a contract that does not apply to you, you weren’t a party to it, that being a Supreme Court decision in 1851, which many judges know about. The constitution is a contract and compact with the States that applies and limits government’s intrusion into your alienable God given rights.They are bound, like the demons they are, by it.
    You will find these so-called elected officals hold no office, nor do these officials have a constitutional nexus, because they have no North Carolina constitutional article 6 section 7 oath office which is prescribed and mandadted by statutory law and SHALL BE TAKEN, as defined in N.C.G.S. 11-11 which states
    Forms of Official and Other Oaths.
    § 11 11. Oaths of sundry persons; forms.
    The oaths of office to be taken by the several persons hereafter named shall be in the words following the names of said persons respectively, after taking the separate oath required by Article VI, Section 7 of the Constitution of North Carolina:
    Attorney at Law

    I, A. B., do swear (or affirm) that I will truly and honestly demean myself in the practice of an attorney, according to the best of my knowledge and ability; so help me, God.

    Attorney General, State District Attorneys and County Attorneys

    I, A. B., do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will well and truly serve the State of North Carolina in the office of Attorney General (district attorney for the State or attorney for the State in the county of_____________.); I will, in the execution of my office, endeavor to have the criminal laws fairly and impartially administered, so far as in me lies, according to the best of my knowledge and ability; so help me, God.
    Justice, Judge, or Magistrate of the General Court of Justice

    I, _______________, do solemnly swear (affirm) that I will administer justice without favoritism to anyone or to the State; that I will not knowingly take, directly or indirectly, any fee, gift, gratuity or reward whatsoever, for any matter or thing done by me or to be done by me by virtue of my office, except the salary and allowances by law provided; and that I will faithfully and impartially discharge all the duties of _________of the ___________Division of the General Court of Justice to the best of my ability and understanding, and consistent with the Constitution and laws of the State; so help me, God.

    Here is the proper oath that none of them have and as you see is mandated By G.S.11-11. This oath must be taken first before they can even qualify for the office, none of them have it, not one! Don’t believe me go to the Court House and see if you can find one. There is no constitutional government in North Carolina period and hasn’t been for a long long time. Problem is people are too stupid to even understand the small amount of evidence which appears right before them in this post, plus they don’t care, they like slavery, as long as they can have government granted Privileges
    Sec. 7. Oath.
    Before entering upon the duties of an office, a person elected or appointed to the office shall take and subscribe the following oath:
    “I, ………………………, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and maintain the Constitution and laws of the United States, and the Constitution and laws of North Carolina not inconsistent therewith, and that I will faithfully discharge the duties of my office as ………………………………………, so help me God

  40. translation: he doesn’t think the warrant is legit.

    observation: if a bunch of SWAT guys with guns swarm through your door, this is not a good time to argue about the dotting of the ‘i’ and the crossing of the ‘t’ on the warrant. Those big, hairy WELL-ARMED dudes are not into grammar.

    conclusion: the courts will sort it out, we don’t have to.


    Dear Ralph
    Your post is indicative of just how dumbed down people have became.The courts cannot sort anything out, they are not occupied By real Judges with proper oaths, plus the courts have complicity in the issuing of what appears to be a defective instrument. That is like going to the wolf that guards the hen house asking for a remedy in law

    Your inane statement that, this is not the forum to discuss these matters, is again, typical of how things have to be this bad in the first place. The attitude that Mr. Nesbitt’s rights can be violated and somehow this does not pertain to others, is the statement of a Knave.

    The idea that remedy exists anywhere in these courts, is again a delusion, if you think the judicial branch is enact and that they operate under constitutional law, which they do not, then you really haven’t got a clue, the warrant would be a prime example of this fact.

    Perhaps you should read the case law I posted and find out what the elements for proper affidavits of probable cause indeed are,
    Incidentally, Police do not deal in probable cause, they deal in a reasonable suspicion, probable cause must be determined by a magistrate. One problem with that is, no seal of the court appears on the warrant.

    Your misconception that only the high priests of the Temple Of Babylon IE lawyers and judges can resolve this matter again is ignorant, perhaps you should find out about the fourth branch of power the Grand Jury..
    Problem is there is no more trial By jury, there is only a Jury trail, which means the Judge can overrule and instruct the jury based upon the concept of whether some commercial State statue, with a bond amount, has been violated.

    The court does not deal in the concept of innocence, as that plea was done away with in 1970. They deal in the proving of a negative, whether your guilty or not guilty of the violation of a bonded statue. The nature and cause of the action against you is a form of law you do not know about called admiralty law, only the federal government can deal in admiralty law states are forbidden to, yet they operate in this capacity anyway, because you agree to it out of your ignorance, and your attorney never discloses it to you.

    If you believe that is constitutional then I am afraid like most U.S. citizens, are one fry short of a happy meal in your understanding of law or what the constitution really means, or what the limitations of the government are, and your relationship to government is.
    Hey, don’t worry Ralph there are millions more just like you, misery and ignorance has plenty of company.
    Thanks for verifying my contentions.
    Good Day

  42. Chad Nesbitt

    Thank you DR. ANTINEOCONUS

    I read what you said on other posts about this warrant as well. Very considerate and helpful. Thanks.

    Chad Nesbitt

  43. southern B

    Hey if these cops what some ojt send them NY, LA, Chicago, Miami.

  44. shadmarsh

    “Dear Ralph
    Your post is indicative of just how dumbed down people have became.”

    thank you for making my day.


    Go get em Chad, youve got the truth behind you.
    Pay no attentions to the mindless morons who detract you out of ignorance and fear, they are slaves whose thoughts and programming s imprsion them to the matrix


    Shadmarsh ever make a typo???. The blog type is very small; you are straining at gnats to cover up the fact that you are ignorant of the subject matter at hand
    Let me make a suggestion that might help you have a meaningful day in your otherwise little uniform world. Why don’t you click the link, read the case, and see if I am correct and if I am, doesn’t that make you look like a petty anal-retentive pundit
    Thank you for making my day

  47. “Home is where you can say anything you please, because nobody pays any attention to you anyway.” –Joe Moore

    Welcome home, Gordon.

  48. Laurel Asheley

    I am happy the republican party has elected a blackman as their leader. Not surprised though if you think about it. Afterall, it is the democratic party in the South that was behind segregation. A republican president freed the slaves. Abraham Lincoln. Now in the presidential contest you have democrat Hillary people making racist remarks about Obama. And Obama goes to a church with a black racist as pastor. The republicans? McCain and the others have not been racist at all. Looks like the republicans have a pretty good record here and the democrats remain the same racists.

  49. Don Yelton

    Thanks Ashley you got in and I think the rest of the crowd did too.

  50. I really need to know which candidates, in all parties, are consistantly against all zoning everywhere and which are not???? I thought Yelton and Harrison both are, so then what on earth were they fighting about????? I know that both Dunn and Ramsey are not consistantly antizoning because Dunn never moved againt it in Asheville and Ramsey never did in Limestone or Beaverdam. Plus Dunn said he didn’t want a duplex next door.
    Yelton’s stories of the Madison Ponders ring true with my family history as my grandmother and great grandparents feuded with them for years and years. But I never understood why any candidate would bother to pay for votes because secret ballots allow people to vote against you and collect anyway. So why bother??? My grandfather even got into a boyhood fistfight over a paper route with Thomas Wolfe, though Wolfe was right about Asheville pretentiousness. Ponder has a funny story about my grandfather’s out of the box contraceptive ideas in old Madison.
    Anyway, here are some links about zoning, race and class, and Jones vs Ditmore:





    The federal responses to the Kelo and Euclid decisions make zoning a presidential issue too, don’t forget that. If a president Paul or McCain overturned Kelo and Euclid, then I could site my trailer in Marin County CA!!!! Or for that matter Beverly Hills!

  51. Zora

    Tim Johnson is Ohio’s loss and our gain. How did
    this come about. I have no idea, BUT, I am giving God credit. All good and perfect gifts come from God. Tim Johnson is a gift and I
    recognized that from the first contact.

  52. Zora

    Any of you guys out there picking on my friend,
    Chad Nesbitt, had better watch out. I am a
    female, I am 78 years old, I have redhair, and I
    have been around the block. I WAS growing a little big discouraged about conservative young people not stepping up to lead, but they are coming. It will be something to see. Liberals
    offer nothing that endures.

  53. “Any of you guys out there picking on my friend,
    Chad Nesbitt, had better watch out.”

    I’m picking on him. What the F.U.C.K are you going to do about it?

    Do these cackling rednecks really have nothing but threats and empty bravado?

  54. Jon Elliston

    Hey folks:

    Please, let’s stop it with both the “better watch out” and the F-word, even if abbreviated.

    Thank you,

    Jon Elliston
    Managing Editor

  55. Somebody is forgetting WHAT IS THIS FEUD ABOUT???
    What is the issue or issues between Yelton and Clark and Peck and Harrison? Did you just start swearing at each other for no reason?

  56. Don Yelton

    There was no feud and if you(Tim low life)were told what happened you would go off in your corner and not believe it anyway..

    Harrison was not run off he chose to leave. Who is the lame brain that lowers him self to the f word…when speaking to a lady. Some Big Man right. No….some low life.

  57. Jon Elliston

    Hey! Enough of the name calling. No more “low life” labeling, please. Seriously, posters who persist in mean-spirited name-calling will be placed in moderation, first, and then barred from posting entirely if they persist with the insults.

    We welcome passionate, even heated, dialogue here — but we’re striving to keep the jabs substantive as opposed to simply petty.


    Jon Elliston

  58. “Harrison was not run off he chose to leave.”…”lame brain”…”low life”…”when speaking to a lady.”

    1. I suppose Mr. Harrison woke up one morning, scuttled his plans to stay in Asheville instead of sell his B&B;and move to Tennessee, and decided not to be chairman any more and then cordially informed the rest of us. You must have been dumbfounded.

    2. Lady? What lady? Oh, I understand; the “lady” who issues threats claiming to have red hair and formidable connections is now a delicate flower.

    3. Vote for Carolina Stomper Don Yelton for county commissioner. “It sounded good at the time.”

  59. Chad Nesbitt

    Actually, Mike Harrison put his house on the market 2 weeks before he was elected.
    He had no plans for staying around. But who really cares? Tim Peck? Woo Hoo.

    Tim Johnson is an excellent leader. He is already bringing our party together.
    Peck’s just mad because he’s not in the spotlight and we won’t let him tear the party apart with his Libertarian antics. Even his friends are telling him to shut up.

    Chad Nesbitt

  60. I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Dr. Johnson when Richard Bernier, myself, and several others filmed the NC 11th District Republican Congressional Candidate Debate in Studio A at URTV this past Thursday. He’s obviously a good leader and an impressive asset to the local party.

    By the way, the entire 90-minute debate is available for viewing here:


  61. Too bad my dialup can’t handle video or even long audio because I need a lot more info on zoning/property rights positions for Mumpower’s opponents, though Mumpower’s voting record on zoning is clear enough, he is a zoner.
    CAN isn’t remotely libertarian, so how on earth could Peck the CAN member be libertarian?

  62. R. Bernier


    Great job in getting this edited so quickly, I was aware there were a few mins over run time.

    I belive for the most part we all have agendas to some degree. I for one hope that WNC will bring state wide debates to WNC via URTV.

    This will be the first time in history for this area to be a “real player” in the election process by demanding the players to come to WNC & let the people hear them debate.

    By doing so, this will put pressure on WLOS & our local paper to do more than they have in the past.

    I will say that the Asheville paper did a live stream from the GOP debate from Hendersonville last week,however if you read the reporter story it was poorly written.

    Lets just move on.

    RIchard Bernier

  63. Zora

    Jon Ellison and Tim Peck: I apologize! I was just kidding. Sorry you did not take it that way. Besides, I don’t have to stand up for Chad.
    He can handle that job all by himself.

    Jon, will you email me my registration info again? I forgot my password. Thanks.

  64. Zora

    I will apologize to you in person the next time
    I see you in produce at Ingles, Tim. My last name does not have an “E”. It is Hays

  65. Zora

    In my first comment, I mistyped “big” instead of
    “bit”. I would like to correct that.

  66. Zora

    Ralph, re your comment of March 5. May I assure
    you that Tim Johnson, PHD, doesn’t have a hard row to hoe. He will have full cooperation from
    all the party stalwarts. I truly want to tell you
    how all of this has come about, but it would
    probably be too wordy. In 2006, the spring
    BCGOP Convention saw 60 in attendance. In 2007,
    that jumped to 140 when the self proclaimed intellectual North-Enders {with scattered Rhinos
    from around the county} thought Chad just might be elected Chairman. His portfolio certainly excited me.

    Everything that has transpired over the last two years has improved the Republican Party and it
    will continue to improve. It truly had bottomed
    out. I was totally shocked when I decided to
    become more active and witnessed the party again
    from the inside.

    Our Platform says it all. It can achieve what America needs to have a rebirth of freedom and strength and morality. But, I must add, that can only be accomplished if our candidates subscribe to our Party Principles.

    In 2008, in County Convention, the attendance
    dropped from 140 to 100. The Rhinos in our
    party {also known as power mongers} only waste
    their time at convention when they feel their
    power base threatened. They get people elected
    as Republicans, but some of those people do not
    represent our Republican Values. That brings
    the term Rhino into play.

    The New or Revived Republican Party is going to work hard. We, starting right now, are going to get conservatives elected. We are going to raise the money that is needed. I know that
    I am trying to help in every way I can. We are asking for $100.00 or more from every Republican in Buncombe County. If we achieve 25% of this it will be enough to put several of the tax and spend and abolish property rights “PUBLIC SERVANTS” {ha} out of business. The Democrats on County Commission never saw a tax-payer that they admired and never saw a SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP that they didn’t adore!!

    No, Chairman Tim is not going to have a hard row
    to hoe, because he is strong and talented and he is fair and determined to build the party. An open inviting party is the aim and I see no negatives to keep it from happening.

    We will fill the Convention hall next year. I know it can happen and it will.

  67. shadmarsh

    It is RINO (an acronym) not Rhino, which among other things, is a record company. Leave it to the Commie to have to explain to the wing-nut his own terminology.

  68. Zora

    I know how to spell RINO, Shadmarsh, but I think
    RHINO adds to the description. Your second
    sentence simply does not register with me. I am
    so naive, at times, it is downright embarrassing.
    I presume it means you are a communist. What is a wing-nut? It is very simple to explain who I
    am. I am a smart Christian Conservative Political Activist. I believe in equal rights for all and I secured them for myself in a man’s
    world. I am a licensed building General Contractor and I didn’t need any help from special rights. I worked feverishly against the
    ERA in the 1970s and early 1980s in Raleigh.
    Believe it or not, the local Democrat NC Senators
    I. C. Crawford and Bob Swain helped tremendously.
    Rep. Claude DeBruhl’s sister, Pat, accused them of paying more attention to Zora than to their
    own party. The DeBruhl’s are my relatives, by the way.

    I know what our country was founded on and I adhere to it. I have decided it is time to take our America back to what it should be. People who love Her and believe in independence when it comes to earning a living for themselves and just being a good hardworking citizen. Democrat President John F. Kennedy said it best: “Say not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” That is a close quote.

    It doesn’t take much to get me started. I love
    these discourses, but never got involved on Webb
    Sites until Carolina Stompers came along. What
    a breath of fresh air.

  69. shadmarsh

    Just admit you made a mistake, I doubt Jebus will strike you down for it, we all do it. Also my above post was an attempt at humor, now I realize a lot of ya’ll on the right generally lack a sense of humor (at least when it comes to yourselves–and watch out here comes another one– attempt I mean, not a woman trying to get equal pay for equal work or anything); and I certainly appreciate your obfuscations by way of giving us all your life story and everything, but when you say “take America back to what it should be” I just want to know how far back are you taking us? Is there a Middle Passage involved? Jim Crow? Internment camps? bread lines? lynchings? women without the vote?

    I am not a Communist, that was also a joke (since I mildly insulted you by calling you a wing-nut I thought it fair to also insult myself, hence commie).

  70. Zora

    No, for heaven’s sakes! I am not talking about
    reversing all of the good progress and accomplishments our country has made. Why would
    you presume that I would condone any crime or
    unkind act of any kind by any person because of their deep prejudice. I am not that kind of person anywhere in my being.
    What I have fought for are conservative principles in our government both fiscally and
    morally e. g. returning prayer to school; re-
    versing Roe vs Wade; cleaning up the TV and
    Internet from damaging influences on our youth;
    a nation that honors God and a biblical standard. The Constitution does not say to
    separate God from public life, it says that we
    are not to establish a particular preferred

    There was nothing in my statements to cause you
    to presume what you did!! I think you should

    If I didn’t believe in equal rights for women, I
    would not have attempted many of the avenues I
    have persued in my life, I just believe we are
    all included in the protections outlined in the
    U. S. Constitution. Women do have to make a
    more valient effort to get to the top, I just
    don’t believe in looking outside myself and family for my help.

    The Black situation was entirely different. The
    Civil Rights Campaign by Dr. Martin Luther King
    was entirely called for. The Civil Rights Act
    was definitely called for. My ancestors took
    a different approach to the Civil War than many
    people in the South. Moving into Madison County
    several years before the Civil War, the Rev. Billy Reese spoke out against slavery. Three of
    his sons crossed the confederate lines and fought for the Union Army. That doesn’t mean
    that I am not pleased to be a southerner, it just means that I don’t and never have approved
    of slavery or to unjust and horrible treatment of
    my Black brothers & sisters. Go way back in www.
    Carolina Stompers.com and you will find some of my feelings about slavery.

    Perhaps if you would be open and forthright about where you are coming from, we might have
    some things in common.

    OK, I’ll call them RINOs.

    I have a great sense of humor. Someone on this
    webbsite misunderstood my humor in earlier comments, so I apoligize for not recognizing
    your humor. BUT I certainly do not want anyone
    to think I do not believe in equality across the
    board, because I do.

  71. Zora

    Shadmarsh: You aren’t confused about my name, are you? I am Mrs. Robert L. {Zora} Hays

  72. shadmarsh

    “Shadmarsh: You aren’t confused about my name, are you? I am Mrs. Robert L. {Zora} Hays”

    Either you are two people, or refer to yourself in the third person, as I took the below to mean that you were in fact a man (but dude can also mean woman, it is gender neutral)

    …”Rep. Claude DeBruhl’s sister, Pat, accused them of paying more attention to Zora than to their
    own party. The DeBruhl’s are my relatives, by the way.”

    now who is confused? (and, by the way, this is fairly sexist–if not revealing– comment ie: ooo we can’t have women in the workplace. How would all us men work with our huge boners getting in the way all the time?). The Hill’s are my relatives by the way.

    as to your other post (different person same name?) There is prayer in school, no one or thing is keeping you or your children from praying during school, you can do it when and wherever you want. As far keeping your children “safe” from the internet/TV, they both come with off buttons.

    So do you believe that woman, on average earn 76 cents for every dollar a man makes, because they are lazy? Because, whether you realize it or not, that is what you implied.

    I didn’t presume anything, I merely stated (as you left it pretty vague) that the mythical past that ya’ll want to return us to wasn’t all you claim it to be.

    I have been to your Stompers site, and frankly I find it unreadable (I mean, literally, unreadable)It seems as though while you were all out stomping down RINOs and Liberals and boogeymen you also stomped out grammar and common sense. No thanks.

  73. Zora

    Shadmarsh: Can’t do anything with you! I give
    up. You are hopelessly lost in a “sea of flawed

    If you think the Supreme Court Ruling on
    prayer has not harmed our freedom of religion in
    this county, you have no ability to think or
    observe rationally. You haven’t or can’t find
    much wrong with my grammer so perhaps you need
    to be specific. My contributions to Carolina
    Stompers were well written and grammatically
    just fine. Like everyone I make a typo at times, but if they get through, I try to go back
    and correct them. I think it is so revealing
    when left wingers try to label conservatives
    as dumb and uneducated. Must come from some
    feeling of inadequacy on your part. Get some-
    one to brag on you and that will make you feel

    Guess I got on those Dean’s Lists through some kind of transcribing error. I will have to question George Washington University and Indiana University {as well as Asheville-Biltmore Jr. College} about that.

    Wonder why I was Valedictorian in High School?
    Guess the teachers just liked me.

    I am so sorry that you have trouble comprehending
    all the excellent information placed on our
    Webbsite, Carolina Stompers. Guess you are
    worse off intellectually than I first thought.

    I realize and I stated before it takes extra effort on the part of women to draw down the same
    salaries as men. Minorities often find the same
    impediments to going up the ladders of success,
    BUT it is better to work through those hindrances
    than to always look to the government for help.

  74. Zora

    Shadmarsh: Oh dear, I got grammar wrong! I have
    had it now! Credibility gone.

  75. The right-wing feminist Mrs. Robert L. {Zora} Hays wrote: “Oh dear, I got grammar wrong! I have
    had it now! Credibility gone.”

    Dear Mrs. Robert Hays: You loss of credibility is not a function of poor grammar.

  76. shadmarsh

    Religion and rationality do not belong in the same sentence. If you think making kids say a prayer or two in school is going to save this country (from the godless/lesbian/abortionists, or some other boogie man no doubt?) then you are far to removed from reality for us to have a meaningful conversation. Your ideas are as dead as your religion, you just don’t know it yet.
    It is strange that you don’t want the government to “help” minorities, yet you seem to have no problem demanding that the government act as a moral policeman (only your version of morality though). I’d find that funny if it weren’t a bit scary…no I do find it funny.

    and on a side note, I did not state, nor intimate that the poor grammar at the Stompers site was because of stupidity. You came to that conclusion on your own. Now, who is the one with the inadequacy complex?

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