Ferrari arrested for trespassing

Asheville police arrested a West Asheville man who was evicted from his home last week after years of battling with the city over the upkeep of his property.

Gabriel Ferrari, 64, was arrested at City Hall late this morning. A warrant filed with the Buncombe County Magistrate’s office states that Ferrari “entered the premises of the city after being notified not to enter,” then refused to leave. At 5 p.m., Ferrari was still being held in the county jail awaiting a bond hearing. The warrant listed a $1,000 secured bond.

Police arrived at Ferrari’s house at 22 Sulphur Springs Road last week and evicted him from the property for not paying $3,123.75 in property taxes for the tax years 2003 through 2007.  The city also had a court order for the removal of junk cars and livestock that Ferrari kept on his property. The eviction ended nearly 20 years of legal wrangling between the city and Ferrari, whose home was known for its religious signs, turrets and the many goats that roamed his property.

In an interview with Mountain Xpress last week, Ferrari said had been persecuted by the government.

“I never expected such terror and abuse of human rights,” Ferrari said as he and his wife left the Buncombe County Courthouse the day after his eviction. Two sheriff’s deputies trailed him and watched until he left the property. “The government treats people with terror and contempt,” he said.

— Jason Sandford, multimedia editor




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29 thoughts on “Ferrari arrested for trespassing

  1. Chris

    Pay your taxes and they will leave you alone. We all have to do it. Stop blaming the government for “terror” and “abuse of human rights.” It’s ridiculous to think people sympathize with this guy. The government let him get away without paying his taxes for four years before arresting him. I think that’s pretty fair.
    Also, clean up your freakin’ yard! Or move out into Candler where people don’t care what your yard looks like.

  2. Richmond Hill

    I wish my property taxes were as low as Mr. Ferrari’s, but I maintain my property, so the city valuation is therefore higher. Lesson: I should get some old junk cars (recycled vehicles!), some goats (green lawnmowers!), add random, inexplicable features to my house (architectural details), and post random billboards around my property for a similar tax reduction. Asheville: Any Way You Want It!


    Chris what makes you think you have property taxs?? Do taxs belong to individuals?
    Where in law does it require you to pay these taxs, do you know?
    Answer me this Chris does your tax statement have a dollor sign on them?
    Did the founding fathers pay property taxs? Where in the constitution does it say that private property can ve taxed, do you know, or do you just react out of programming and ignorance in a knee jerk reaction like A U.S. citizen??
    The everybody has to pay arguement is based on stupidity. Show me the law please, I know the law and it doesnt say everybody has to pay property taxs. Do you know what the word lemming means Chris? If you own your property what law says the governemnt can take it from you Hmmmm?
    Having cognitive dissonance Chris?
    Answers please


    The Article fails to state who took the warrant out on Mr Ferrari. That person feels they have a claim aginst Ferrari and his private proerty.I bet the Warrant as most of them is invaild as it wasnt done under oath.
    Maybe a writ of Heabus Corpus needs to be done on Nr Ferrari. Oh I forgot there are no more writs of Heabus here in Nazi America, but then again most U.S,citzens didnt know what the writs were anyway

  5. Tom.

    I’ll admit, Ferrari should have paid his taxes. However, how can the city kick out a person from their home for owing only $3,123.75. Is this how we handle criminals for breaking the law, by taking their house away and then arresting them for entering what is rightfully theirs anyway? Do we take the home away from fathers who don’t pay their child support? Do we take away peoples homes if they don’t have car insurance and total somebody else’s car?

    People in bankruptcy are forgiven for much more than $3,100 dollars. Perhaps, free thinking Asheville has become prejudice and judgmental against traditional Appalachian southerners and in this case, one who also happens to have too much junk in his yard. He was really evicted because his house was an eye soar to many. I wonder if many of the powers at hand that evicted Ferrari have lived in Asheville as long as he’s held his house and property?

    Instead of evicting the man, why not force him to clean up his yard? Better yet, why not help the man clean his yard. Where has our community oriented nature gone?

    Ferrari should definitely face consequences for the money that he owes, but reselling his house and then arresting him from re-entering his house sounds similar to the winning side of a war taking taking the spoils from the losers, causing the victim of war to become a refugee? Where is he supposed to go Asheville?

  6. He did pay his taxes, he lost his home of 20 years over it.
    I would say he paid, and then some.
    What does that have to do with “trespassing” at city hall?


    Ashevillein you are one of the few awake people I have seen on this blog.Alot of my responses for some reason are not being posted, The question that hapless little U.S. citizens need to ask here,is by what authority do those corporate monsters in government have the right to tax and sell your private property. The standard response from the brain-dead public is if I have to pay, everybody does. I have never seen that phrase in law, while I know the answer as to how they get authority to tax I wonder how many people understand where the law is and to whom it applies, if people or I should say sheeple, think it applies to everyone,they would be mistaken.
    If Ferrai was legally astute, he could get these monsters into a tort waiver action and own them.
    I amazed at the mentality exhibited on this site,they view themselves as Americans yet don’t even understand the main concept of freedom, which is the ownership of private property. If they can sell your property without your consent, doesn’t that mean you never owned it in the first place? The question the sheep people need to ask here is that the Supreme Court has said there has never been a direct tax on private property, so how is their claim on your property greater than your illusion that you really own it, does anybody have the correct answer?


    Travelah can you read and add? He owned the property for 20 years, perhaps longer and was only delinquent for only 4 years.The prima facie evidence is that for 16 years he did pay the extortion ad volrem tax.

  9. Jimbo

    It’s a forgone conclusion that the government is out to get all of us. It’s just a matter of time.

    Look at all the people on death row. Victims of the vast government conspiracy. I mean one day they’re planting daisies with their 4-H club and the next the government has them locked away.

    And what about all those drunks and drugged out hippies you see all over town. They’re the result of secret government interogation techniques that went wrong. And all those paranoid illiterate forum posters you see all the time, they’re obviously the result of years of systematic government corruption and tampering with the educational system designed to turn out mindless drones lacking the capacity of rational thought so they will contribute nothing to society and be easier to control.

    Wait, I’ve said too much. There’s a secret government opperative at the door cleverly holding a package and mail bag to lure me into a false sense of security. He’s probably here to inject a tracking device because they found out about that unauthorized video recording of the x-files on TNT last night. If I don’t come back….tell my story.


    Dear Jimbo,
    Do you trust the government implicitly?
    Do you think they have best interest at heart?
    Do you think the government is comprised of honest people?
    Are you aware right now, you are being tracked and monitored by rfid located in your wallet, in the form of a Real National Id card/Driverlicence? And that THIS STATE, which was the last to surrender its sovereignty in 1868, has been the first to comply with every Federal government mandate that has come down the pike since?
    Are you also aware that everything you do is being monitored when you use the 9-digit socialist slave number?
    Do you understand that under the 1974 Privacy act, it is illegal to use a social security number for purposes of identification and that you cannot be deprived if goods and services, as a result of your failure to furnish a social security number?
    Are you also aware that the government is compelled to provide in writing why they are requesting a social security number?
    Are you aware of the fact no law exists that requires you to use or process a social security number?
    Did the movement tell you the truth about WMDS?
    Being cute and condescending as you displayed in your post is tantamount to the old ostrich in the sand syndrome that seems to affect so many so-called freedom loving ignorant Americans.
    Are you also aware that it was the state that levied “property” taxes prior to the depression and that ad valorem taxs are not property taxs?
    Are you aware that the Supreme Court has said that there has never been a direct property tax on private property ever in the U.S?
    Can you explain to me what N.C.G.S. statue gives a county or municipal government the authority (which means permission in blacks law) to tax “your property”?
    Do you know what the word ad valorem means?
    Did you know the Federal Reserve Bank is not Federal at all and has never been audited?
    Do you know the legal difference between private property and Real Estate?
    Do you know what the words Tennant and premises mean and to whom they apply?
    Do you know what the word ‘person” means in statutory law?
    Did you know the original draft of the constitution said “Life liberty and the pursuit of private property and was changed as not offend those who did not own property and could not vote?
    Have you ever considered that your condescending missive, that you posted, could actually be, a clever attempt to hide the fact that you really are legally incompetent to make a determination about any of the questions I posed to you into this blog?
    Have you ever considered that when you hire an attorney to re-pre- sent you in a matter you are declaring yourself an “iota” a term which means idiot?
    Covering up ignorance with a superiority complex is something all of us are guilty of from time to time my self-included.
    Now heres a group hug, see if you can answer some of the remedial questions I presented to you
    If you cannot, then the prima facie evidence is that you do not know what your relationship to government, therefore you would not be capable of making a determination if in fact government did not have your best interest at heart, simply put Jimbo old boy you like most U.S. citizens have been asleep at the wheel
    Good day

  11. Jimbo

    Do you honestly believe anyone other than you is actually reading your lengthy posts full of self indulgent paranoid tripe?

    Disclaimer: Actually it may be very insightful tripe, I didn’t read it.


    So Sorry Jimbo I forgot that attention spans are of U.S. citizens are 15 seconds, my fault. So sorry I didnt mean to confuse you with “tripe” such law,which are found in books which are rather lengthy and do take over 15 seconds to read.I promise Ill respect the aspire decor of the forum an not bore you with things that might require to much of your RAM.
    How’s this? See Jimbo run, see Jimbo turn on Fox news, see Jimbo listen to Rush, see Jimbo take the blue pill and stick his head in the sand.
    Is that better? hope this isnt too long bye bye now, and just remember the goverment loves you just like Jesus


    This post maybe tantamount to throwing pearls before swine but here it goes, my last post. I was hoping that some curious soul, might of picked up on my question, which asked, how does the county government get the authority to tax your private property? Alas the dumbing down process is so complete, that no one either read it or used enough logic to ask how it is, they can sell your property for delinquent taxs, if its really yours.
    Im not an attorney and this is not legal advice, here is the short version of a very nasty story, all about our ignorance, passed down from generation to generation, since 1933.

    Heres a freebee on me, Im buying this round for you , file this under leading a horse to water; it would now be up to you, to drink.

    There are two types of property, Private property and Real of should I say Real Estate.
    The government cannot tax unregistered private property period, why, because it is unconstitutional, it is that simple. Government “needs” (a word they use often) to get you to register and record your private property with the County Recorder.

    Once the property is recorded, it is then listed and converted to Real Estate, under the feudal corporate system of the STATE, COUNTY, and municipal governments, which do have the right to tax Real Estate with an indirect tax called an ad valorem tax, which means added to the value of the property.

    Government will tell you there is a law requiring you to register your property, this lie, which is disseminated by ignorant governmental employees, trained by rote memory techniques; in point of fact, no such law exists, nor can constitutionally exist. All State Statues are written in bifurcated legalese, that walks a narrow line of deceit and truth, much like the Devil. The STATE statue must be constitutional, yet it must trick you into thinking that it applies to you, when it really, only applies to State registered employees and or corporations, registered in a legal, fictional world, who use all capitalized names, to identify themselves, like the slave name the government has given to you, example, GABERIAL FERRAI, with a SS number attached to you, like a cattle brand, that you may neither buy or sell , without their number.

    Attorneys know this but will never divulge this to you; they prey upon your ignorance. Many mortgage contracts require you to file the property with the recorder, in order to guarantee the Title and to give the mortgagee company access to the corporate government and all its guns and power, along the Sheriff, who may, at some future date, assist them it reprocessing your property.Many times attorneys will simply file the Title with the recorder as they have been taught to do so, like some trained monkey at a carnival side show. In fact attorneys are required by law to file all Real Estate

    Once the title is filed, the property is converted to Real Estate, and guess who has the real Title, with a back up copy in Raleigh????That’s right boys and girls…. the government!. If you’re a naughty serf/U.S. Federal Tennant on their premises, Like Gabriel Ferrari was, they will whip, the real Title out and sell what you think is your private property, upon their courthouse steps, just like they did to Gabriel Ferrari, all you have and are left holding, is a “certificate:” of Title, a certificate, simply means the real title is kept elsewhere.

    They sell the property on the courthouse steps, because the whole event is unconstitutional and cannot be done in a courtroom, even under color of law, the fraud they are committing is actually treason , they carefully insulate themselves from any liability.

    The long and the short of it is, you did it to yourself, because you’ve been brainwashed, by the monkey see, monkey do engram, or stated another way, it can be expressed by these following conditioned statements made by federal tenants and U.S citizens “If I’ve got to pay than he’s got to pay too, na ne na ne na ” or this winner “Everybody knows you’ve got to pay “YOUR TAXS”. The government, your churches and schools have taught you this and it is a LIE!

    The country was founded on a tax revolt because the fathers refused to pay a 17% tribute to the crown, which by today’s watered down standards, would be more than acceptable, by the vast amount of the sheep population.

    In Genesis God told they Hebrews they were enslaved because they paid a 20% tax to Pharaoh.
    Gabriel Ferrari in my book is a patriot and a hero, yet he is maligned and ridiculed by ignorant brainwashed serf’s, who operate under the illusion they are free, when the reality of the situation is they have been duped into selling their birth rights and private property, by contracting with the children of darkness, IE LAWYERS who, at least on this plain of reality, are more clever, crafty and savvy, than the sheep who graze carelessly in the grass of social contentment and who have the illusion they are free, when in point of fact the government owns them, their children, their property, along their substance and their family jewels. BA BA BA YOU CANT SERVE TWO MASTERS

  14. travelah

    Dr anti, what statute is it that allows us to pay taxes for 16 years and then stop?


    Travelah, not just one statue, there is a whole slew of them. Ferrai Like most U.S. citizens doesnt know the law. Chapter 43 of the N.C.G.S.contains the process for unregistering property from the county , if you can walk through the maze of the provisions. I’m not an attorney, so you should consult with one, not that he would ever tell you the truth.I dont practice law I dont have a licence to, but then again attorneys dont have a State issued licence either, another lie that they want you to believe.Be careful, the statues have been copywritten by the BAR, the statues belong to Westlaw the BAR and the corporation known as THE STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA.Always consult with Satan I mean your attorney before taking any action on your own.Unless you know who you are which most people dont then you need to pay the extortion taxs unless you know how to get off the plantation and have the testosterone to do so.

  16. Johnny

    Dr. Anti, do you pay property taxes? Do you use services such as sewer and water?



  18. Johnny

    Easy there, cowboy. I was just asking a couple questions.

    Care to answer?


    Why dont you worry about your own status rather than mine. Get over monkey see Monkey do. Please notice I used the term Status, have the wrong Status and you pay, have the right status and you don’t. Are you a “person” in law, then by all means your required to pay them.If you reside on their land which is called Real Estate, rather than private property then you owe them.

    If you believe governemnt can compel you to do anything, than you are ignorant of THE LAW, which is the common law and the constitution. All STATE statutory law is inferior in nature and must comport with THE LAW which is the superior common law.

    Guess what the tyrants have done to you, they have done away with the common law replacing it with public policy which isn’t even law. Government has 17 functions that is it, that is all that they can do, anything beyond that scope is done by a man who by contracting with a government, then, becomes a legal fiction under their law. They can only deal in legal fiction’s period,BY virtue of a contract, which declares your political status.thats it!

    Are you a man or are you a person? Before you laugh out of your ignorance, perhaps you need to find out who a “person” is in law.
    Where do you live? Where are you “domiciled. Are you domiciled as a Federal employee in the District of Columbia, and its territories, STATES and processions, or are you a citizen of the several states?? What contracts have you entered into with other Legal fictions and corporations, in which you have declared your political and legal status?

    Trust me things aren’t the way you perceive at all, it is convenient for sheep people to dismiss anything outside of their programming as non sense, or the raving’s of some wacko patriot. Trust me this all about those who now rule over you, tricking you out of your sovereignty and freedom, they are very crafty indeed.
    You are not without remedy, a good place to start is the constitution of North Carolina and the United States of America, not the constitution United States as No constitution of the United States exists, just like no constitution of THE STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA exists, only the constitution of North Carolina, look at the spellings. Which of these states are you domiciled in?
    Im not an attorney and this is not legal advice I don’t have a licence to practice law, but then again either do attorneys.

    Trust me, when you find out what they’ve really done to you and your God given rights, you wont be happy. Looking for someone to blame? Look no further than the man in the mirror, you do have millions more who have been duped also. they too reside in a fictional world, on a plantation and are called U.S. citizens, a term that never existed before 1866.Most of them have taken the blue pill, Watch Fox News, vote in mock elections designed to give them the illusion they really have a say, listen to morons like Limbaugh the pill head, most of them have absolutely no clue, they cant see the bars on their cage, and what’s more, they don’t want to, ignorance is bliss, freedom is painful.

  20. Johnny

    Hello Doctor, thanks for being concerned about me.

    Yes, things are not what they seem. Freedom surely isn’t.

    I had simple questions for you. What’s the problem with answering? We’re all hypocrites — don’t be afraid to join in here with us. Drop the arrogance a tad and you’ll be fine.

    Or do you prefer to freeload your way around, both here online and in the use of city/county/state services?

  21. From California

    I like paying taxes, I like being paid by taxpayers like myself, I like being taxed for the money that I partially paid with my own taxes I paid. Man, this is a cirlcle of which I’ve not given enough thought. Let’s see, all of my wages come directly from the state, which gets money to pay me from the Federal Taxes and the State Taxes, and a portion also comes from the City, which I guess comes from the property taxes in the City limits, since the county taxes are a bit less. I pay all of those taxes, including sales tax (where does that go?), so I am in some ways my own boss??? Rad! Renters with no jobs then contribute what in taxes to pay teachers to babysit/counsel/give opportunities to/provide a safe daily environment void of television-nannies? Thank goodness I pay enough taxes to cover their portion of my paycheck.


    Alan if you really mean that, then you first have to understand how they get the abitlity to tax you . Do you know

  23. Alan Ditmore

    They clobbered Zacchaeus House with zoning too, just Sunday. They are a homeless mission on S. French Broad. However ZH never bothered to oppose the zoning laws in advance that they ended up getting hit with, so in that sense they deserved it.
    As for taxes, they support schools and daycare, thus undermining incentives for contraceptives and destroying the environment.

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