For the record: Asheville Primary Twitter coverage via #avlelect hashtag (UPDATED)

Xpressville Tweets tagged with #avlelect, as they appeared on’s moderated feed :

fobes:RT @asheville: AVL city primary turnout at record low: A yr after soaring amid excitement of a presidential.. Oct. 8, 8:39 am

fobes:RT @ashevilleallie: for those in asheville who were disappointed from the low turnout yesterday: Oct. 7, 12:53 pm

fobes:RT @ThunderPig: Initial analysis from AVL election last night…Mannheimer will likely be the one to unseat Mumpower in Nov Oct. 7, 12:52 pm

Fobes_news:RT @Ashevegas: …who’s for who in local elections: Freeborn for Manheimer. Sitnick for Bothwell. Jones for Smith. forces aligning Oct. 7, 12:51 pm

fobes:RT @buncombeGov: Election Results Oct. 7, 12:51 pm

ThunderPig:Winners in Asheville Determined by GOTV Efforts of Progressive Campaigns #ConsNC Oct. 7, 12:27 pm

edgymama:Congrats to Gordon Smith, Cecil Bothwell and Esther Manheimer for upsetting the incumbents in yesterday’s primary. Oct. 7, 10:04 am

fobes:RT @asheville: #news #asheville Bellamy, Bothwell, 6 others advance in city primary ..   Oct. 7, 8:31 am

fobes:RT @asheville: Different reasons attract Asheville voters: In a race with no defining issue…   Oct. 7, 8:31 am

fobes:RT@drewreisinger: “It’s pretty evident that voters of strongr liberl persuasn came out insteadof more conservative voters”—Mumpower   Oct. 7, 8:24 am

fobes:RT @gordondsmith: Hey AVL Twitterati – Thanks.  Oct. 7, 8:22 am

fobes:RT @POTUFSS: For the record: AVL Primary Twitter coverage via   hashtag (Mountain Xpress)|Xpressville Tweets.. Oct. 7, 8:21 am

jensaylor:Also overheard “Its not about money anymore. It’s about the people. It’s about the people!”  Oct. 7, 12:43 am

jensaylor:Westville Pub scene pretty magical tonight. Overheard “Grassroots organizing has come of age in Asheville”  Oct. 7, 12:42 am

ThunderPig:Progressive Landslide (Leslee Kulba recognizes that tonight was bad for conservatives)  #ConsNC Oct. 7, 12:34 am

ThunderPig:The BCGOP spins the results of tonight’s election in #avl   #ConsNC Oct. 7, 12:25 am

fobes: RT @shadmarsh: thanks to the 283 of you who deserve it. Here’s hoping the rest of you develop some strange disease of the genitals   Oct. 6, 11:26 pm

fobes:RT @WLOS_ABC13: Newcomers Lead In Asheville Primary: Mayor Bellamy Cruises into November general election w..   Oct. 6, 11:24 pm

DavidForbes:Manheimer on low turnout: “It’s like nobody cared.. It’s our job to reach out to people, get them to polls by any means possible.”  Oct. 6, 11:08 pm

DavidForbes:Manheimer declined to endorse any other council candidates, but “I’ve got great respect for all of them. I wish them well.”  Oct. 6, 11:06 pm

DavidForbes:Esther Manheimer: “We’ve got a lot of hard work ahead of us. I’m very pleased with the results tonight.”  Oct. 6, 11:04 pm

fobes:RT @ThunderPig:@DavidForbes It didn’t help that Mumpower didn’t even try 2 get votes.If he wants 2 keep his seat,he’ll have 2 work   Oct. 6, 10:38 pm

h0zae:RT @ThunderPig: Asheville Election Results (All Precincts Reporting)   #nc #ConsNC #ncgop Oct. 6, 10:31 pm

ThunderPig:Asheville Election Results (All Precincts Reporting)   #nc #ConsNC #ncgop Oct. 6, 10:26 pm

DavidForbes:Bothwell said campaign will re-think mobilization efforts in wake of low turnout, expected higher based on early voting numbers.  Oct. 6, 10:23 pm

DavidForbes:When asked, Bothwell wouldn’t endorse other candidates as well. Yet. “I’ll be able to answer that better in about 3 days.”  Oct. 6, 10:21 pm

DavidForbes:Bothwell: “I think there’s a lot of people in Asheville tired of the way big money has run this city.”  Oct. 6, 10:21 pm

DavidForbes:Bothwell on win: “This really establishes what grass roots politics is all about. We had the largest org. and it worked.”  Oct. 6, 10:20 pm

fobes:RT @asheville: Bellamy, Bothwell have strong primary showings; Bellamy cruised in the first test of her re-e..   Oct. 6, 10:17 pm

fobes:RT @stephen_eggett: Low voter turnout today. “The cost of apathy toward public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.” …  Oct. 6, 10:16 pm

fobes:.@ThunderPig I think Cape isn’t a write-in candidate until the general elections   Oct. 6, 10:12 pm

DavidForbes:So far, not a friendly year for council incumbents, with Kelly Miller and Carl Mumpower both finishing behind the top 3.  Oct. 6, 10:12 pm

DavidForbes:Council results continued: Jackson 6.7% 1,270 Croft 5.4% 1,034 Bowen 2.9% 540 Romero 2.1% 405 Chastain 1.7% 314   Oct. 6, 10:11 pm

fobes:RT @zenSutherland: True Dat! RT @ThunderPig: @zenSutherland The best way to look at it is that the people who truly cared, voted..  Oct. 6, 10:09 pm

DavidForbes:Results for council: Bothwell 19.6% 3,718 Smith 18.9% 3,573 Manheimer 17.2% 3,275 Miller 13.1% 2,479 Mumpower 12.3% 2,330   Oct. 6, 10:09 pm

fobes:RT @dmmayeux: Three cheers for democracy, local politics & engaged citizenship!  Oct. 6, 10:09 pm

fobes:RT @dmmayeux:Drinking toasts 2 all candidates; special congrats 2 Bothwell,Jackson,Manheimer,Miller,Mumpower,Smith,Bellamy&Edwards   Oct. 6, 10:08 pm

DavidForbes:Results for Mayor: Bellamy 76.2% 5,150 Edwards 17.1% 1,157 Marsh 4.2% 283 Pendleton 2.5% 167   Oct. 6, 10:07 pm

DavidForbes:Voter turnout an all-time low at 11.10%, 7,113 ballots cast.  Oct. 6, 10:05 pm

DavidForbes:Cecil Bothwell, Gordon Smith, Esther Manheimer, Kelly Miller, Carl Mumpower and J. Neal Jackson will vie for the 3 council seats.  Oct. 6, 10:05 pm

bpostelle:Robin Cape meet and greet wrapping up at the Wedge.  Oct. 6, 10:04 pm

DavidForbes:Asheville primary winners, ALL precincts reporting. Mayor: Incumbent Terry Bellamy will face Robert Edwards.  Oct. 6, 10:03 pm

mountainxpress:it is blues night at the westville, but gordon smith couldnt be happier.  Oct. 6, 10:01 pm

ThunderPig:Question: Robin Cape was running as a write-in candidate. When will the results on her numbers be in?  Oct. 6, 9:56 pm

mountainxpress:gordon smith just thanked his supporters gathered at the westville.  Oct. 6, 9:55 pm

mountainxpress:gordon smith just took a congratulatory call from cecil bothwell.  Oct. 6, 9:54 pm

bpostelle:Volunteer chant in crowd at Smith party: “We’re number two!”  Oct. 6, 9:50 pm

bpostelle:Smith on stage at Westville Pub cheering supporters and pitching sustaiability, affordable housing, multi-mode transportation.  Oct. 6, 9:48 pm

ThunderPig:@DavidForbes No big issues on the burner locally.  Oct. 6, 9:46 pm

ThunderPig:Raising a separate beer to @shadmarsh, the single bright spot in an otherwise dull primary season.  Oct. 6, 9:45 pm

DavidForbes:In 2003, 16% of Asheville voted in the primary, in 2005 16.9%, in 2007 13%. Tonight, maybe 12%. Why the decline?  Oct. 6, 9:45 pm

ThunderPig:Raising a very rare beer to Cecil Bothwell, Gordon Smith, Esther Manheimer, Kelly Miller, Carl Mumpower & J. Neal Jackson.  Oct. 6, 9:44 pm

itswendylou:@DavidForbes drinking at home :)  Oct. 6, 9:42 pm

itswendylou:RT @DavidForbes While waiting for that last precinct, where’ll you voters be raising a drink in victory (or consolation) tonight?  Oct. 6, 9:42 pm

DavidForbes:While we’re waiting for that last precinct, where will you voters be raising a drink in victory (or consolation) tonight?  Oct. 6, 9:41 pm

bpostelle:Gordon Smith prepares to take Westville stage as soon as last precincts in. Says won’t affect Bothwell, Smith, Manheimer ranks.  Oct. 6, 9:36 pm

fobes:RT @arratik: 35/37 precincts reporting, 10.74% turnout. sigh.  #fb Oct. 6, 9:35 pm

DavidForbes:Results as of 9:29 pm. 7,113 ballots counted. One precinct to go…  Oct. 6, 9:35 pm

fobes:RT @dmmayeux: My precinct, 2.1 (Montford) in #Asheville voted for Bothwell, Smith and Manheimer; Bellamy and Marsh.  Oct. 6, 9:35 pm

fobes:RT @ashevillein: less than 1 in 10 people voted. amazing.  Oct. 6, 9:35 pm

DavidForbes:Council results, % so far: Bothwell 19 Smith 19 Manheimer 17 Miller 13 Mumpower 12 Jackson 7 Croft 5 Bowen 3 Romero 2 Chastain 2   Oct. 6, 9:34 pm

DavidForbes:New   results, with 36 of 37 precincts in. Mayor: Bellamy 76 Edwards 17 Marsh 4 Pendleton 2 Oct. 6, 9:33 pm

DavidForbes:The last council primary, in 2007, saw 13% turnout. That was the lowest since Asheville moved to nonpartisan elections in 1994.  Oct. 6, 9:32 pm

DavidForbes:Voter turnout is at 10.74% This could be a record low turnout for a city primary.  Oct. 6, 9:30 pm

DavidForbes:Those results are of 9:20 pm, with only 2 precincts to go. 6,879 ballots casts.  Oct. 6, 9:29 pm

ThunderPig:Check the NC State Board of Elections Page for latest results   Last report 9.20 Oct. 6, 9:28 pm

DavidForbes:Council results, % so far: Bothwell 19 Smith 19 Manheimer 17 Miller 13 Mumpower 12 Jackson 7 Croft 6 Bowen 3 Romero 2 Chastain 2   Oct. 6, 9:28 pm

DavidForbes:New   results, with 35 of 37 precincts in. Mayor: Bellamy 76 Edwards 17 Marsh 4 Pendleton 2 Oct. 6, 9:26 pm

ThunderPig:#AVL City Council: Bothwell 19.5 Smith 18.8 Manheimer 17.3 Miller 13.3 Mumpower 12.3 Jackson 6.7 (on the bubble) Croft 5.4   Oct. 6, 9:24 pm

DavidForbes:Only four precincts to go in   Oct. 6, 9:19 pm

DavidForbes:Results as of 9:13 pm, 6,740 ballots counted.  Oct. 6, 9:18 pm

bpostelle:Westville Pub selling “Gordon Smith Wings.” $1.50 goes to Smith’s campaign.  Oct. 6, 9:18 pm

DavidForbes:Council results, % so far: Bothwell 20 Smith 19 Manheimer 17 Miller 13 Mumpower 12 Jackson 7 Croft 5 Bowen 3 Romero 2 Chastain 2   Oct. 6, 9:17 pm

DavidForbes:New   results by %, with 33 of 37 precincts in. Mayor: Bellamy 77 Edwards 17 Marsh 4 Pendleton 2 Oct. 6, 9:16 pm

bpostelle:Still waiting on last 10 districts? Us too.  Oct. 6, 9:14 pm

mountainxpress:a bouyant cecil bothwell is leading the vote count and congratulating his supporters.  Oct. 6, 9:12 pm

fobes:RT Xpress: kelly miller says he’s happy to be among the top six tonight.  Oct. 6, 9:00 pm

fobes:RT @BrentN: Asheville City Council Election results map:   Oct. 6, 8:49 pm

mountainxpress:kelly miller’s party is not subdued, but i think he’d be happier w a stronger finish.  Oct. 6, 8:49 pm

fobes:RT @jenbowen: 3% of the vote for a gal who had to drop out isn’t too bad – thanks #Asheville!  Oct. 6, 8:49 pm

ThunderPig:RT @BrentN Asheville City Council Election results map:   Oct. 6, 8:48 pm

bpostelle:Miller: primary turnout “disappointing” but “thanks to everyone who did vote.”  Oct. 6, 8:41 pm

DavidForbes:Results as of 8:30 pm, with 6,042 ballots counted.  Oct. 6, 8:34 pm

DavidForbes:Council results, % so far: Bothwell 20 Smith 20 Manheimer 17 Miller 13 Mumpower 12 Jackson 7 Croft 5 Bowen 3 Romero 2 Chastain 2   Oct. 6, 8:33 pm

DavidForbes:New   results by %, with 27 of 37 precincts in. Mayor: Bellamy 77 Edwards 16 Marsh 4 Pendleton 2 Oct. 6, 8:32 pm

DavidForbes:Those results are as of 8:16 pm, 5,587 ballots so far.  Oct. 6, 8:23 pm

DavidForbes:Council results, % so far: Bothwell 20 Smith 20 Manheimer 17 Miller 13 Mumpower 12 Jackson 6 Croft 5 Bowen 3 Romero 2 Chastain 2   Oct. 6, 8:21 pm

DavidForbes:New   results by %, with 23 of 37 precincts in. Mayor: Bellamy 77 Edwards 16 Marsh 4 Pendleton 2 Oct. 6, 8:20 pm

DavidForbes:Those are the results as of 8:10 pm with 18 of 37 precincts reporting. 4,635 ballots cast.  Oct. 6, 8:16 pm

bpostelle:Crowded around computer reading incoming results at Bothwell headquarters ie: Early Girl.  Oct. 6, 8:16 pm

DavidForbes:Council results, % so far: Bothwell 21 Smith 20 Manheimer 18 Miller 13 Mumpower 11 Jackson 6 Croft 5 Bowen 3 Romero 2 Chastain 2   Oct. 6, 8:15 pm

fobes:RT @gordondsmith: 18 of 37 reporting: Cecil 20.75%, Gordon 19.76% 1st and 2nd place.  Oct. 6, 8:15 pm

DavidForbes:New   numbers, by %. Mayor: Bellamy 77 Edwards 16 Marsh 4 Pendleton 3 Oct. 6, 8:13 pm

fobes:RT @dmmayeux: The amount of info Buncombe Co. Board of Elections is/will be providing online is amazing Oct. 6, 8:12 pm

fobes:RT @dmmayeux:Excellent, BuncombeCo Gov. now tweets. @bucombegov Also,watch for Primary updates as they come in   Oct. 6, 8:12 pm

DavidForbes:So far, w/ 8 precincts counted, 2,828 ballots cast.  Oct. 6, 8:08 pm

mountainxpress:at usual suspects, esther manheimer is watcing for results w/ group of about 10 family and friends.  Oct. 6, 8:08 pm

DavidForbes:Council results by % so far: Bothwell 21 Smith 19 Manheimer 18 Miller 14 Mumpower 10 Jackson 5 Croft 4 Bowen 3 Romero 2 Chastain 1   Oct. 6, 8:06 pm

mountainxpress:more than half the primary voters voted early, according to word i’m getting.  Oct. 6, 8:06 pm

DavidForbes:Results update, w/8 precincts reporting. Mayor: Bellamy 78% Edwards 14% Marsh 5% Pendleton 2%  Oct. 6, 8:02 pm

DavidForbes:Last board of elections report from 7:47 pm. Too early to tell results, only 1 or 2 (or 0) votes counted in many precincts.  Oct. 6, 8:00 pm

DavidForbes:So far only a tiny # of votes, 23 votes for mayor, 66 for council counted. More coming soon.  Oct. 6, 7:51 pm

edgymama:It’s OK. You’re not a soccer mom. We always vote. RT @bruisinales: Feeling non-voter guilt for not participating in primaries of . Oct. 6, 7:51 pm

DavidForbes:Follow Asheville City Council and Mayoral primary results as they roll in. #mxnow   Oct. 6, 7:50 pm

fobes:RT @bruisinales: Feeling non-voter guilt for not participating in primaries of   . Just too exhausted & decided not to go out today. Oct. 6, 7:24 pm

itswendylou:thinking about heading down to the Wedge for a beer + some election news #asheville   Oct. 6, 6:58 pm

fobes:RT @lindseyrocket: 1.5 hrs left to vote!! …  Oct. 6, 6:06 pm

fobes:View up to the minute election results at Board of Elections site   Oct. 6, 5:29 pm

fobes:RT @marlamilling:voted   Surprised that my call for recommndatns netted 1 tweet.Looks like few social media savvy council contenders Oct. 6, 3:41 pm

fobes:RT @S_MichaelWilson: RT @AvlArtsCenter: hopes all you arts supporters in Asheville voted for city council today! Please RT.  Oct. 6, 3:40 pm

fobes:RT @Agnes_Cheek: Note to candidates. I can’t vote for you… Don’t annex me unless you will help to pay my more than doubled taxes   Oct. 6, 2:47 pm

fobes:RT @Agnes_Cheek: C’mon folks! Let’s see more than 11% turnout for Primaries this time around! There r 64,061 of u eligible to vote   Oct. 6, 2:47 pm

fobes:2:10pm RT @brainshrub: 45 people have voted at Reid Center as of this post.  Oct. 6, 2:46 pm

fobes:RT @drewreisinger: Shad Marsh reminds voters why it is imp to vote for him. VIDEO:   Best video award this elctn Oct. 6, 1:44 pm

fobes:RT @drewreisinger: There’ll be a great Post-Election AfterParty @ Westville Pub in support of Gordon Smith for Council. 7:30 til ?  Oct. 6, 1:43 pm

fobes:RT @Agnes_Cheek: who are people voting for in avl primaries on today frm 3-6   Oct. 6, 1:07 pm

fobes:RT @Agnes_Cheek: man on the street intrviews for avl election! find out wat people are thinking @3pm   Oct. 6, 1:07 pm

fobes:RT @WLOS_ABC13: Asheville Primary:   Oct. 6, 12:41 pm

fobes:RT @jenbowen: Cause everyone needs to enjoy this Mad Tea Party classic 2day: Baby Its Time to Vote!   Oct. 6, 12:40 pm

h0zae:rt @DavidForbes: Ashevilleans, here’s a handy tool for finding your polling place quickly and easily.   Oct. 6, 12:35 pm

fobes:11:50am RT @drewreisinger: 64 voters have voted at the W Avl Library. … 74 at Vance Elementary.  Oct. 6, 12:28 pm

fobes:RT @gordondsmith:It would be great if all u social media folks would go thru yr phones, call AVL residents & get them to the polls   Oct. 6, 12:27 pm

fobes:noon RT @drewreisinger: WLOS just reported there are few if any polls who had more than 100 turn out so far.  Oct. 6, 12:26 pm

fobes:RT @TheDanielsGroup: I was the only person at my polling place (Pres. church on Edgewood) at 11:30.  Oct. 6, 12:25 pm

edgymama:Primary day in Asheville. I voted, have you?  Oct. 6, 12:22 pm

DavidForbes:Ashevilleans, here’s a handy tool for finding your polling place quickly and easily.   Oct. 6, 12:20 pm

fobes:RT @drewreisinger: UNCA is marching to the Polls at 12:30 [pm] Meet in front of the caf. Then vote for Gordon Smith!  Oct. 6, 11:47 am

fobes:RT @drewreisinger: Forgot where you vote? Type your name in at NC BOE & it will tell u your polling location:   Oct. 6, 11:41 am

fobes:11:35am RT @asheville: Voting is slow so far in Asheville primary election …   Oct. 6, 11:36 am

fobes:RT @Ashevegas: Who is behind Progressive Research Group, which is attacking 3 AVL Council candidates?   Oct. 6, 11:20 am

fobes:9:52am RT @brainshrub: About 16 people have voted at Reid Center as of this post. (I’m handing out fliers here for Gordon Smith.)  Oct. 6, 11:12 am

fobes:Ashvegas says it’s hard to get excited about election because results r obvious. Prediction here:   Oct. 6, 11:07 am

fobes:RT @Ashevegas: at 9:35 am, there have been 9 voters to vote at my polling place, Eliada Homes. dismal.  Oct. 6, 11:04 am

ThunderPig:RT @ashevegas who is behind the Progressive Research Group?   (dunno, but I got the email too) Oct. 6, 10:33 am

itswendylou:Just voted at Kenilworth presbytarian   Oct. 6, 10:30 am

jonelliston:I was voter 20 at a quiet precinct 1   Oct. 6, 9:42 am

jensaylor:  From Kelly Miller: Republican in the voting booth, Democrat on the ticket? Oct. 6, 9:16 am

jensaylor: painfully slanted but interesting site on candidates & developers: Oct. 6, 9:15 am

fobes:8:47am RT @ashevillein: wife and I were voters 10 and 11 at Distrct 26.1   Oct. 6, 9:13 am

fobes:RT @bkorzeniewski: Thanks to Karen Brinson for the reminder: City of AVL Primary Today… polls open from 6:30 AM to 7:30 PM   Oct. 6, 9:09 am

fobes:RT @asheville: Asheville voters double early turnout: Despite a race that some say lacks a defining issue…   Oct. 6, 9:04 am

fobes:mon 10pm RT @h0zae: just enabled   on (mobile ) #mxnow Oct. 6, 8:55 am

itswendylou:Progressives, when you’re led by noserings to vote straight ticket, consider   (via @arratik) Oct. 6, 8:31 am

h0zae:voting in Asheville today – starts at 630 a.m.  Oct. 6, 7:37 am

topfloorstudio:RT @Jerimee: @gordondsmith: – Bicycle Brigade has a pick for AVL City Council.  Oct. 6, 1:58 am

h0zae:@itswendylou ha :) thanks – quick night of something for the   since I cant vote… Oct. 5, 10:48 pm

topfloorstudio:Go, @h0zae, go! is now election centered.  Oct. 5, 10:47 pm

itswendylou:RT @h0zae: just enabled   on (mobile ) @fobes @mountainxpress Oct. 5, 10:13 pm

h0zae:just enabled   on (mobile ) @fobes @mountainxpress Oct. 5, 10:11 pm

itswendylou:I’m voting tomorrow, who’s going with me?  Oct. 5, 10:11 pm

jensaylor:RT @fobes Follow & contribute to Asheville election coverage using the hashtag . This feed will also appear on Oct. 5, 10:08 pm

itswendylou:RT @fobes Follow & contribute to Asheville election coverage using the hashtag . This feed will also appear on #mxnow Oct. 5, 9:23 pm

fobes:Follow & contribute to Asheville election coverage on twitter using hashtag   Feed will also appear on #mxnow Oct. 5, 4:14 pm

h0zae:RT @juneallison: I wish owning a business within #avl city limits qualified you for voting for city council.  Oct. 5, 4:11 pm

mountainxpress:where are the other parties? RT @gordondsmith: Election Night Party at Westville Pub – Oct. 6th, 7:30 – ?  – Oct. 5, 4:08 pm

mountainxpress:RT @WLOS_ABC13: Asheville PrimaryVoters in Asheville head to the polls tomorrow. Oct. 5, 4:04 pm

mountainxpress:@h0zae would you be interested in turning over to   for Tuesday? Oct. 5, 4:03 pm

mountainxpress:we plan to prominently display   tweets on the main page Oct. 5, 4:02 pm

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